The trade deadline will happen in the middle of this week and will certainly change some lineups on the surface of them but it won’t affect the schedules or stats just yet and therefore, the Weekly Planner is once again your one-stop-shop for seeing the match-ups on tap this week.

Team Schedules

Team# of Games# at Home# AwayOpponents
NL East
Braves743@WAS (3), vs. CIN (4)
Marlins742vs. ARI (1), vs. MIN (3), @TB (2)
Mets606@CWS (3), @PIT (3)
Phillies660vs. SF (3), vs. CWS (3)
Nationals633vs. ATL (3), @ARI (3)
NL Central
Cubs633@STL (3), vs. MIL (3)
Reds734vs PIT (3), @ATL (4)
Brewers606@OAK (3), @CHC (3)
Pirates633@CIN (3), vs. NYM (3)
Cardinals532vs. CHC (3), @OAK (2)
NL West
Diamondbacks633@MIA (1), @NYY (2), vs. WAS (3)
Rockies660vs. LAD (3), vs. SF (3)
Dodgers743@COL (3), vs. SD (4)
Padres624vs. BAL (2), @LAD (4)
Giants606@PHI (3), @COL (3)
Team# of Games# at Home# AwayOpponents
AL East
Orioles642@SD (2), vs. TOR (4)
Red Sox734vs. TB (3), @NYY (4)
Yankees660vs. ARI (2), vs. BOS (4)
Rays523@BOS (3), vs. MIA (2)
Blue Jays707@KC (3), @BAL (4)
AL Central
White Sox633vs. NYM (3), @PHI (3)
Indians660vs. HOU (3), vs. LAA (3)
Tigers606@LAA (3), @TEX (3)
Royals633vs. TOR (3), @MIN (3)
Twins633@MIA (3), vs. KC (3)
AL West
Astros633@CLE (3), vs. SEA (3)
Angels633vs. DET (3), @CLE (3)
Athletics550vs.MIL (3), vs. STL (2)
Mariners505@TEX (2), @HOU (3)
Rangers550vs. SEA (2), vs. DET (3)

Interleague Schedule

Away TeamHome TeamGamesDH?Player(s) Impacted
TwinsMarlins3NoNelson Cruz
MarlinsRays2YesGarrett Cooper , Neil Walker
MetsWhite Sox3YesJ.D. Davis , Todd Frazier
White SoxPhillies3NoAJ Reed , Eloy Jiménez
BrewersAthletics3YesEric Thames , Ryan Braun , Jesús Aguilar
CardinalsAthletics2YesJairo Munoz, José Martínez
DiamondbacksYankees2YesAdam Jones , Christian Walker , Jake Lamb
OriolesPadres2NoRenato Núñez , Dwight Smith Jr. , Chris Davis

Who’s Hot

AverageOBPSLG Hit Streaks
1Freddie Freeman 0.5001Freddie Freeman 0.6251Nelson Cruz 1.143  PlayerLengthAVGAt Bats
2Yuli Gurriel 0.4782Jose Altuve 0.5382Paul Goldschmidt 1.125 1Keston Hiura 150.45859
3Jose Altuve 0.4553Renato Núñez 0.5293José Ramírez 0.967 2Yuli Gurriel 150.42661
4Mike Tauchman 0.4444Nelson Cruz 0.4854Eugenio Suárez 0.952 3Christian Yelich 150.40759
5José Ramírez 0.4335Mike Tauchman 0.4835Keston Hiura 0.895 4Bubba Starling110.34144
wOBAwRC+ISO 5Francisco Lindor 90.43244
1Nelson Cruz 0.6231Nelson Cruz 3011Nelson Cruz 0.750 6Bryan Holaday 90.35531
2Paul Goldschmidt 0.6022Paul Goldschmidt 2832Paul Goldschmidt 0.750 7Rafael Devers 80.40537
3José Ramírez 0.5613Jose Altuve 2583Eugenio Suárez 0.619 8Freddie Freeman 80.41429
4Jose Altuve 0.5504José Ramírez 2574Paul DeJong 0.565 9Niko Goodrum 70.33327
5Yuli Gurriel 0.5405Yuli Gurriel 2515José Ramírez 0.533 10Joc Pederson 70.33324

Nelson Cruz , DH MIN – The white-hot Twins offense was powered by Cruz this past week. In seven games and 34 plate appearances, the DH slashed .393/.485/1.143 with seven home runs, 11 RBI, and nine runs and an incredible .750 ISO mark. The Twins are hanging onto a lead in the AL Central and it’ll be sheer power that gets them to the playoffs if they can’t get an arm or two at the deadline and Cruz will be the heart of that lineup and power.

Paul Goldschmidt , 1B STL – St. Louis has been waiting all year to see this kind of Goldy come out and it’s happening just at the right time as they are in a three-way battle for the lead in the NL Central. In seven games and 26 plate appearances, Goldschmidt slashed .375/.423/1.125 with six homers, 13 RBI, and nine runs and all of those bombs came in consecutive games. If the Cardinals are going to stay in the thick of it in the NL Central battle and the wide-open NL Wild Card chase they will need this kind of performance from Goldschmidt the rest of the way.

Travis d’Arnaud, 1B TB – The Rays are the kings of making small moves and having them pay off and that’s what’s happening with d’Arnaud. The former catcher turned first baseman slashed .318/.444/.773 in six games last week with three home runs, 12 RBI, and five runs as the Rays continue to fight it out for the AL Wild Card spots. He also had an impressive 18.5-percent walk rate which if he can keep the patience at the plate up he will continue to find playing time even with Nate Lowe and some others eligible to play first as well in Tampa.

Jonathan Villar , 2B BAL – Villar has been a sneaky name on the trade market over the last week or so since he’s still controllable next year and plenty of teams need middle infield help for the playoff run and he only bolstered his value this week. Villar slashed .281/.361/.563 with three home runs, 10 runs, four RBI, and four steals in the last seven games and 36 plate appearances. The Orioles are clearly only battling for the first overall pick, again, next year and Villar doesn’t really fit into their plans so expect some teams to seek his speed in the coming days.

Who’s Not

Khris Davis , DH OAK – The injury has continued to hurt Davis’ performance and this week was absolutely terrible. He slashed .043/.080/.043 with one run and one RBI in six games. That’s it from a guy that was supposed to be a big power threat in the heart of a good A’s lineup. The injury is costing him and his owner's valuable stats at this point and if this keeps up, he won’t be able to be playable.

Brandon Belt , 1B SF – Belt apparently missed the memo about the Giants heating up given his .083/.185/.083 slash line and no counting stats. The Giants offense wasn’t supposed to be good and isn’t by any means, but the recent hot streak left Belt behind even more and lacking major fantasy value at this point in the season.

Juan Soto , OF WAS – The Nationals are charging for the division and are just 5.5 back of the Braves at this point and will need Soto to be Juan Soto to keep the push up. This week wasn’t his friend with a .160/.290/.200 slash line with two RBI, one run, and one steal in seven games. He did continue to draw walks with his helping keep his value through weeks like this, especially in OBP leagues, but if the counting stats aren’t there it’s hard for the Nationals offense to make up much ground on the Braves.

Match-Up Breakdowns

The teams on the left are showing stats for road games this year and the teams on the right are showing stats for home games this year.

Weekend Match-Ups (Thursday/Friday - Sunday)

Milwaukee at Chicago Miami at Tampa Bay Boston at New York
4.74Runs / Gm4.91 3.5Runs / Gm4.44 5.86Runs / Gm5.28
8.32Hits / Gm8.22 8.06Hits / Gm8.5 9.95Hits / Gm8.58
1.58HR / Gm1.37 0.9HR / Gm1.11 1.61HR / Gm1.65
9.66K / Gm8.69 9.12K / Gm9.78 8.57K / Gm8.65
0.236Batting Avg.0.254 0.235Batting Avg.0.25 0.272Batting Avg.0.263
0.742OPS0.785 0.651OPS0.738 0.802OPS0.796
0.190ISO0.192 0.127ISO0.163 0.188ISO0.199
24.30%K %23.50% 24.40%K %25.80% 20.90%K %23.60%
8.50%XBH %8.80% 6.80%XBH %8.30% 8.60%XBH %8.40%
4.6ER against / Gm3.43 4.16ER against / Gm3.72 4.66ER against / Gm3.37
8.38K/9 (pitchers)8.71 8.91K/9 (pitchers)9.59 9.86K/9 (pitchers)9.91
1.26HR/9 (pitchers)1.12 1.5HR/9 (pitchers)1.07 1.53HR/9 (pitchers)1.32
4.83R/game allowed3.8 4.4R/game allowed3.94 5.04R/game allowed3.72
9.26H/game allowed7.93 7.82H/game allowed7.83 8.91H/game allowed7.93
1.25HR/game allowed1.15 1.44HR/game allowed1.11 1.52HR/game allowed1.32
8.26Opp. K / Gm8.89 8.54Opp. K / Gm9.93 9.8Opp. K / Gm9.89
0.27Opponent Avg.0.233 0.24Opponent Avg.0.228 0.255Opponent Avg.0.233
Chicago at Philadelphia New York at Pittsbugh Toronto at Baltimore
4.06Runs / Gm5.09 4.62Runs / Gm5 4.77Runs / Gm4.38
8.55Hits / Gm8.19 9.03Hits / Gm9.64 8.6Hits / Gm8.46
1.04HR / Gm1.47 1.37HR / Gm1 1.32HR / Gm1.38
9.8K / Gm8.44 9.25K / Gm7.34 9.3K / Gm8.5
0.249Batting Avg.0.249 0.25Batting Avg.0.276 0.248Batting Avg.0.249
0.691OPS0.775 0.737OPS0.778 0.73OPS0.739
0.141ISO0.196 0.171ISO0.167 0.166ISO0.180
26.30%K %22.60% 23.10%K %18.90% 24.10%K %22.70%
7.20%XBH %9.00% 8.20%XBH %9.30% 7.90%XBH %8.30%
4.49ER against / Gm4.61 4.57ER against / Gm5.3 4.32ER against / Gm6.08
8.02K/9 (pitchers)8.53 8.84K/9 (pitchers)8.63 8.04K/9 (pitchers)7.55
1.25HR/9 (pitchers)1.72 1.41HR/9 (pitchers)1.53 1.09HR/9 (pitchers)2.27
4.84R/game allowed5 5.02R/game allowed5.74 4.63R/game allowed6.71
8.75H/game allowed9.26 9.13H/game allowed9.58 8.81H/game allowed10.08
1.16HR/game allowed1.74 1.4HR/game allowed1.58 1.04HR/game allowed2.29
7.43Opp. K / Gm8.61 8.75Opp. K / Gm8.9 7.6Opp. K / Gm7.62
0.27Opponent Avg.0.264 0.262Opponent Avg.0.264 0.265Opponent Avg.0.278
Seattle at Houston Kansas City at Minnesota Los Angeles at Cleveland
5.04Runs / Gm5.17 4.13Runs / Gm5.37 4.96Runs / Gm4.54
8.66Hits / Gm9.17 8.21Hits / Gm9.12 9.05Hits / Gm7.79
1.75HR / Gm1.58 1.06HR / Gm1.71 1.36HR / Gm1.32
9.42K / Gm7.21 9.68K / Gm7.79 6.89K / Gm8.09
0.247Batting Avg.0.275 0.239Batting Avg.0.264 0.259Batting Avg.0.242
0.782OPS0.827 0.701OPS0.824 0.762OPS0.734
0.215ISO0.202 0.158ISO0.219 0.173ISO0.176
23.90%K %19.00% 25.50%K %20.00% 17.50%K %22.30%
9.60%XBH %9.10% 8.00%XBH %10.20% 8.20%XBH %8.20%
5.28ER against / Gm3.79 4.64ER against / Gm3.98 4.89ER against / Gm3.82
7.62K/9 (pitchers)10.49 8.17K/9 (pitchers)9.17 8.54K/9 (pitchers)9.89
1.79HR/9 (pitchers)1.65 1.5HR/9 (pitchers)1.07 1.58HR/9 (pitchers)1.47
5.89R/game allowed3.96 4.83R/game allowed4.4 5R/game allowed4.11
9.6H/game allowed7.62 8.92H/game allowed9.08 8.44H/game allowed8
1.7HR/game allowed1.7 1.42HR/game allowed1.12 1.51HR/game allowed1.46
7.25Opp. K / Gm10.77 7.7Opp. K / Gm9.58 8.16Opp. K / Gm9.88
0.279Opponent Avg.0.22 0.271Opponent Avg.0.251 0.254Opponent Avg.0.236
Cincinnati at Atlanta Detroit at Texas Washington at Arizona
4.41Runs / Gm5.5 3.91Runs / Gm5.63 4.94Runs / Gm4.51
8.19Hits / Gm9.3 8.15Hits / Gm8.8 8.48Hits / Gm8.37
1.28HR / Gm1.63 1.16HR / Gm1.54 1.17HR / Gm1.04
8.74K / Gm8.93 10.18K / Gm9.06 8.62K / Gm8.1
0.239Batting Avg.0.275 0.234Batting Avg.0.261 0.248Batting Avg.0.247
0.716OPS0.838 0.692OPS0.801 0.728OPS0.73
0.174ISO0.211 0.164ISO0.207 0.160ISO0.163
23.10%K %23.30% 26.60%K %24.00% 22.30%K %21.30%
8.20%XBH %9.60% 8.50%XBH %9.80% 7.70%XBH %8.30%
3.85ER against / Gm4.26 4.75ER against / Gm5.19 4ER against / Gm4.33
9.75K/9 (pitchers)8.5 8.78K/9 (pitchers)8.51 9.9K/9 (pitchers)9.38
1.32HR/9 (pitchers)1.28 1.39HR/9 (pitchers)1.5 1.11HR/9 (pitchers)1.27
4.04R/game allowed4.85 5.13R/game allowed5.57 4.35R/game allowed4.41
7.93H/game allowed9.04 8.93H/game allowed9.89 7.92H/game allowed8.47
1.26HR/game allowed1.28 1.33HR/game allowed1.54 1.06HR/game allowed1.31
9.31Opp. K / Gm8.52 8.38Opp. K / Gm8.72 9.4Opp. K / Gm9.67
0.244Opponent Avg.0.26 0.267Opponent Avg.0.274 0.242Opponent Avg.0.242
San Francisco at Colorado St. Louis at Oakland San Diego at Los Angeles
5.25Runs / Gm6.53 4.76Runs / Gm4.73 4.89Runs / Gm5.42
8.59Hits / Gm10.79 8.48Hits / Gm8.12 8.79Hits / Gm9.05
1.34HR / Gm1.43 1.57HR / Gm1.55 1.58HR / Gm1.76
8.57K / Gm8.28 9.28K / Gm7.07 10.15K / Gm7.42
0.247Batting Avg.0.304 0.245Batting Avg.0.245 0.253Batting Avg.0.273
0.745OPS0.884 0.749OPS0.77 0.767OPS0.837
0.183ISO0.214 0.189ISO0.201 0.194ISO0.215
22.20%K %20.90% 24.00%K %18.90% 26.10%K %19.60%
9.30%XBH %10.80% 8.50%XBH %9.20% 8.80%XBH %9.20%
4.66ER against / Gm6.77 4.61ER against / Gm3.7 4.83ER against / Gm2.65
8.41K/9 (pitchers)8.04 8.95K/9 (pitchers)7.77 9.28K/9 (pitchers)9.27
1.61HR/9 (pitchers)1.7 1.44HR/9 (pitchers)0.87 1.43HR/9 (pitchers)1.13
4.93R/game allowed7.17 4.94R/game allowed3.91 5.3R/game allowed3.24
8.62H/game allowed11.23 8.41H/game allowed8.21 9.13H/game allowed7.02
1.55HR/game allowed1.74 1.39HR/game allowed0.89 1.38HR/game allowed1.15
8.09Opp. K / Gm8.21 8.61Opp. K / Gm8.02 8.91Opp. K / Gm9.4
0.259Opponent Avg.0.301 0.256Opponent Avg.0.237 0.267Opponent Avg.0.209

Early Week Match-Ups (Monday – Wednesday/Thursday)

Baltimore at San Diego San Francisco at Philadelphia Atlanta at Washington
4.36Runs / Gm3.79 5.35Runs / Gm5.02 5.17Runs / Gm4.88
8.43Hits / Gm7.48 8.48Hits / Gm8.06 8.85Hits / Gm8.81
1.19HR / Gm1.38 1.35HR / Gm1.43 1.44HR / Gm1.48
9.77K / Gm9.13 8.54K / Gm8.45 8.62K / Gm8.06
0.241Batting Avg.0.232 0.244Batting Avg.0.246 0.25Batting Avg.0.264
0.691OPS0.702 0.74OPS0.768 0.752OPS0.802
0.150ISO0.171 0.185ISO0.193 0.178ISO0.196
25.40%K %25.60% 22.10%K %22.60% 21.80%K %21.30%
7.20%XBH %7.40% 9.40%XBH %8.90% 8.20%XBH %9.10%
5.0ER against / Gm4.13 4.67ER against / Gm4.74 4.12ER against / Gm4.44
8.16K/9 (pitchers)8.58 8.48K/9 (pitchers)8.44 8.75K/9 (pitchers)9.4
1.62HR/9 (pitchers)1.35 1.62HR/9 (pitchers)1.72 1.19HR/9 (pitchers)1.17
5.57R/game allowed4.33 4.9R/game allowed5.13 4.58R/game allowed4.69
8.66H/game allowed8.12 8.62H/game allowed9.36 8.33H/game allowed8.92
1.57HR/game allowed1.37 1.56HR/game allowed1.74 1.17HR/game allowed1.19
7.89Opp. K / Gm8.71 8.17Opp. K / Gm8.53 8.62Opp. K / Gm9.54
0.255Opponent Avg.0.235 0.259Opponent Avg.0.265 0.247Opponent Avg.0.253
Arizona at New York Minnesota at Miami Tampa Bay at Boston
5.73Runs / Gm5.31 6.04Runs / Gm3.6 4.7Runs / Gm5.84
9.75Hits / Gm8.65 10.08Hits / Gm8.02 8.96Hits / Gm9.8
1.7HR / Gm1.65 2.15HR / Gm0.71 1.43HR / Gm1.44
8.68K / Gm8.62 8.21K / Gm8.83 8.98K / Gm8.1
0.269Batting Avg.0.265 0.277Batting Avg.0.24 0.252Batting Avg.0.282
0.808OPS0.8 0.849OPS0.656 0.759OPS0.848
0.208ISO0.199 0.238ISO0.117 0.183ISO0.212
21.50%K %23.50% 20.50%K %24.10% 22.70%K %20.70%
9.70%XBH %8.30% 10.60%XBH %6.40% 8.70%XBH %11.00%
4.21ER against / Gm3.35 4.23ER against / Gm4.46 3.4ER against / Gm4.68
8.22K/9 (pitchers)10.07 8.14K/9 (pitchers)8.64 9.59K/9 (pitchers)10.27
1.24HR/9 (pitchers)1.31 1.45HR/9 (pitchers)1.04 1.03HR/9 (pitchers)1.06
4.57R/game allowed3.69 4.79R/game allowed4.77 3.7R/game allowed5.12
8.46H/game allowed7.85 8.44H/game allowed8.4 7.47H/game allowed8.7
1.21HR/game allowed1.31 1.4HR/game allowed1.06 1.02HR/game allowed1.08
8.05Opp. K / Gm10.05 7.87Opp. K / Gm8.81 9.45Opp. K / Gm10.48
0.253Opponent Avg.0.232 0.252Opponent Avg.0.243 0.225Opponent Avg.0.249
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati Houston at Cleveland Seattle at Texas
4.24Runs / Gm4.45 5.28Runs / Gm4.58 4.94Runs / Gm5.58
9.07Hits / Gm8.18 9.32Hits / Gm7.87 8.53Hits / Gm8.56
1.04HR / Gm1.45 1.66HR / Gm1.32 1.75HR / Gm1.54
8.22K / Gm8.69 7.11K / Gm8.06 9.37K / Gm9.15
0.259Batting Avg.0.251 0.265Batting Avg.0.244 0.245Batting Avg.0.256
0.72OPS0.756 0.814OPS0.74 0.778OPS0.793
0.150ISO0.181 0.209ISO0.175 0.215ISO0.208
21.50%K %23.70% 17.80%K %22.10% 23.90%K %24.30%
7.80%XBH %7.90% 9.60%XBH %8.10% 9.60%XBH %9.70%
4.54ER against / Gm4.04 3.77ER against / Gm3.79 5.24ER against / Gm5.13
9.16K/9 (pitchers)9.77 9.75K/9 (pitchers)10.06 7.65K/9 (pitchers)8.44
1.46HR/9 (pitchers)1.21 1.3HR/9 (pitchers)1.47 1.79HR/9 (pitchers)1.48
4.91R/game allowed4.37 4.19R/game allowed4.09 5.84R/game allowed5.5
8.52H/game allowed8 7.19H/game allowed7.96 9.39H/game allowed9.81
1.39HR/game allowed1.22 1.26HR/game allowed1.47 1.71HR/game allowed1.52
8.7Opp. K / Gm9.88 9.49Opp. K / Gm10.04 7.27Opp. K / Gm8.65
0.258Opponent Avg.0.236 0.219Opponent Avg.0.235 0.274Opponent Avg.0.273
New York at Chicago Chicago at St. Louis Toronto at Kansas City
4.63Runs / Gm4.33 5.08Runs / Gm4.44 4.55Runs / Gm4.47
9.05Hits / Gm8.59 8.84Hits / Gm7.88 8.42Hits / Gm8.66
1.39HR / Gm1.25 1.78HR / Gm1 1.21HR / Gm0.85
9.28K / Gm9.04 9.78K / Gm7.64 9.38K / Gm7.49
0.251Batting Avg.0.259 0.251Batting Avg.0.242 0.245Batting Avg.0.257
0.741OPS0.733 0.779OPS0.702 0.714OPS0.724
0.174ISO0.159 0.204ISO0.140 0.157ISO0.147
23.20%K %24.80% 24.60%K %20.70% 24.50%K %20.00%
8.40%XBH %7.50% 8.90%XBH %6.70% 7.60%XBH %7.90%
4.75ER against / Gm5.2 4.66ER against / Gm3.5 4.51ER against / Gm5.09
8.67K/9 (pitchers)8.18 8.38K/9 (pitchers)8.49 8.2K/9 (pitchers)7.56
1.48HR/9 (pitchers)1.75 1.39HR/9 (pitchers)1.18 1.14HR/9 (pitchers)1.11
5.21R/game allowed5.57 5R/game allowed3.78 4.83R/game allowed5.42
9.3H/game allowed9.02 8.84H/game allowed7.8 8.96H/game allowed9.72
1.46HR/game allowed1.75 1.34HR/game allowed1.2 1.08HR/game allowed1.13
8.54Opp. K / Gm8.18 8.08Opp. K / Gm8.6 7.72Opp. K / Gm7.7
0.266Opponent Avg.0.261 0.265Opponent Avg.0.231 0.269Opponent Avg.0.271
Los Angeles at Colorado Milwaukee at Oakland Detroit at Los Angeles
5.5Runs / Gm6.64 4.84Runs / Gm4.79 3.84Runs / Gm5.35
8.81Hits / Gm10.9 8.36Hits / Gm8.17 8.14Hits / Gm8.67
1.54HR / Gm1.5 1.64HR / Gm1.58 1.14HR / Gm1.57
8.87K / Gm8.36 9.7K / Gm7 10.31K / Gm7.41
0.252Batting Avg.0.307 0.237Batting Avg.0.246 0.234Batting Avg.0.256
0.791OPS0.893 0.75OPS0.77 0.692OPS0.791
0.199ISO0.217 0.195ISO0.202 0.163ISO0.198
22.00%K %21.00% 24.30%K %18.80% 27.00%K %19.30%
9.10%XBH %10.80% 8.70%XBH %9.20% 8.50%XBH %8.90%
4ER against / Gm6.9 4.62ER against / Gm3.71 4.92ER against / Gm4.9
9.09K/9 (pitchers)7.9 8.37K/9 (pitchers)7.7 8.73K/9 (pitchers)9.42
1.24HR/9 (pitchers)1.68 1.26HR/9 (pitchers)0.86 1.42HR/9 (pitchers)1.59
4.4R/game allowed7.3 4.92R/game allowed3.94 5.29R/game allowed5.16
7.88H/game allowed11.48 9.42H/game allowed8.25 9.08H/game allowed8.82
1.19HR/game allowed1.72 1.24HR/game allowed0.88 1.35HR/game allowed1.63
8.77Opp. K / Gm8.08 8.26Opp. K / Gm7.94 8.31Opp. K / Gm9.67
0.239Opponent Avg.0.306 0.273Opponent Avg.0.238 0.271Opponent Avg.0.249