There are some classic stereotypical characters in every league when it comes to trading.  For instance, everyone knows “4-for-1 Guy”. He’s the guy who offers you four dudes from his bench for Christian McCaffrey because, hey, four is more than one right?  You’re getting a steal!

And what about the even more annoying “Veto Corleone”, who demands that every single deal that he’s not involved in be democratically reversed by the rest of the league?  I mean, he clearly knows what’s best for everyone’s team. And no unfair deal gets passed “The Tradefather”.   

We’ve all played with them. And there’s a bunch more stereotypical trade guys out there from the “Trade Scientist”, who needs trades to fit a highly specific value formula before accepting, to the “Only Trades If He’s Getting the Best Player in the Deal Guy” because he read that on Twitter once.  It’s honestly a plague in today’s fantasy landscape.  

What we’re here to do today is share...