My apologies, friends. I filed late this week but hopefully you’ll forgive me since I don’t get to see many live sporting events doing what I do so I couldn’t pass up the chance to catch the Thursday night game with a couple of friends in town for the weekend. I do most of my data gathering on Thursday.

Anyway, before getting to the players identified as best for cash game action, let’s first review a couple of terms that appear frequently in this space. Chances are you’re familiar with the notion of a player’s floor and ceiling but it never hurts to make sure we’re on the same page – plus, I know at least one of you would appreciate the explanation since you asked for it. Hi Rog.

Floor is the minimum reasonably expected from a player while ceiling is plausible upside potential. The key words are "reasonable" and "plausible." Someone wanting to debate me on this will contend everyone’s floor is zero with infinity as a ceiling. Let’s use some common sense and frame expectations accordingly.

Maybe the best way to explain floor and ceiling is to make up a couple strings of points per game.

Player A: 13, 15, 12, 14, 12, 16, 11, 17

Player B: 17, 14, 8, 23, 14, 20, 14, 10

Player A averages 13.5 PPG while Player B averages 15 PPG. Even though Player A averages a few less points, his higher floor makes him a better cash play – assuming comparable salaries.

Player A’s floor is about 12 points with a ceiling in the high teens while Player B’s floor is high single digits with a ceiling in the low 20s. In cash, give me the consistency and reliability of Player A.

Without attaching names which could serve to bias your understanding, Player A could be a running back that gets consistent volume regardless of game flow and may score an occasional TD whereas Player B is pass-catching back that could play more if their team is behind or a back that is capable of a big play but needs that to be productive. If these are wide receivers, Player A could be a possession guy, working underneath to move the chains while Player B is more of a downfield threat and perhaps red zone target. In both instances, Player B is better for tournaments than cash game action.

And now for the players most likely to populate my cash game rosters. Next step for me is finishing research with the Fantasy Alarm DFS Playbook. Good luck with your squads.


ARPAverage Ranking by Position
StDevStandard Deviation from ARP
RankRank from ARP
DFS RankRank from DFS Salary


QuarterbackARPStDevRankDFS RankSalaryComment
Philip Rivers1.60.9138500Nothing wrong with chalk in cash.
Carson Palmer4.64.835.58100John Brown makes him even better.
Cam Newton3.62.327.58000Should bounce back vs. Colts D.
Matt Ryan5.22.547.58000Needs healthy Julio and Roddy.
Drew Brees6.43.36.597900Yards there. Passing TDs will come.
Eli Manning10.61.81014.57300Shootout with Brees likely.
Running BackARPStDevRankDFS RankSalaryComment
Devonta Freeman1.80.4119100TD machine.
Todd Gurley2.21.3268100Price up but still worth it.
Chris Johnson7.61.56.5107300Getting volume in a productive offense.
Justin Forsett6.21.9511.56900Touches galore in a high-scoring affair.
Darren McFadden15.42.815186400GPP play too but cash-worthy with no Randle.
Danny Woodhead16.63.616246100Lock him in then do the rest.
Wide ReceiverARPStDevRankDFS RankSalaryComment
Julio Jones10119200Target monster, should get back in end zone too.
DeAndre Hopkins2.60.548229000No Foster could mean even more targets.
Antonio Brown4.82.588348400Welcome back, Big Ben.
Keenan Allen5.62.702488000Apparently is in best shape of career.
Mike Evans8.64.98910.57800Height helpful fending off double coverage.
Larry Fitzgerald9.23.70110.5137700If Brown plays that opens up underneath for Fitz.
Steve Smith16.61.9491519.56700So resilient.
Eric Decker17.83.4211621.56400Solid floor at bargain price.
Tight EndARPStDevRankDFS RankSalaryComment
Greg Olsen1.40.5116400Top option on main slate.
Tyler Eifert2.21.3226000Showing hype was warranted.
Delanie Walker6.61.567.55400Always productive, not always healthy.
Crockett Gillmore13.63.012.514.55000Top GPP play but low price good cash punt.
Kyle Rudolph14.82.814184900Developing rapport with Teddy.
Clive Walford26.84.62536.54500Gaining Carr's trust at minimal salary.



QuarterbackARPStDevRankDFS RankSalaryComment
Carson Palmer4.64.8347000John Brown makes him even better.
Cam Newton3.62.3256800Should bounce back vs. Colts D.
Philip Rivers1.60.9186600Nothing wrong with chalk in cash.
Andy Dalton6.41.76.5126000Matchup-proof. So many weapons.
Ryan Fitzpatrick13.82.313.5175200Some risk if Ivory is productive but cheap.
Running BackARPStDevRankDFS RankSalaryComment
Devonta Freeman1.80.4128000TD machine.
Todd Gurley2.21.3276300Price up but still worth it.
Justin Forsett6.21.9596100Touches galore in a high-scoring affair.
Chris Johnson7.61.56.516.54600Getting volume in a productive offense.
Danny Woodhead16.63.616184500Lock him in then do the rest.
Darren McFadden15.42.815283800GPP play, too, but cash-worthy with no Randle.
Antonio Andrews26.41.525.5383300More volume impending at basement salary.
Wide ReceiverARPStDevRankDFS RankSalaryComment
Antonio Brown4.82.588357800Welcome back, Big Ben.
Keenan Allen5.62.702477700Apparently is in best shape of career.
A.J. Green6.82.2869.57600Still top dog on talented team.
Mike Evans8.64.989146800Height helpful fending off double coverage.
Steve Smith Sr.16.61.94915176100So resilient.
Eric Decker17.83.42116225300Solid floor at bargain price.
Nate Washington31.86.383140.53600Better GPP play but price is cash friendly.
Michael Floyd32.43.6473243.53500Better if Brown out.
Stevie Johnson35.22.68336483200Ravens generous to both WR1 and WR2.
Tight EndARPStDevRankDFS RankSalaryComment
Greg Olsen1.40.5116500Top option on main slate.
Tyler Eifert2.21.3225300Showing hype was warranted.
Gary Barnidge4.01.4464700Better value play that Olsen and Eifert.
Delanie Walker6.61.5674100Always productive, not always healthy.
Ladarius Green8.41.58113000If no Gates makes this near no-brainer.
Crockett Gillmore13.63.012.5362500Top GPP play but low price good cash punt.