May 20, 2024 Update - Guess what's back? Back again? Goblin's back. Tell a friend. 

The “Stacking Goblins” PrizePicks promo is back! Build a perfect all-Goblin lineup from 5/20 to 5/21 and you'll earn a $20 Free Lineup. Details are below, but click here to Green Out With The Gobbies now. New customers can sign up with PrizePicks promo code ALARM to score an instant $100 deposit match you can use on your All-Goblin entries.




This PrizePicks promotion has ran twice in the past, so these All-Goblin bonuses appear to be becoming a regular offer. The following dates are from past instances of this promo, but all of the same info applies and you'll receive all of the same fantastic bonuses if you win with an All-Goblins lineup between May 20, 2024 and May 21, 2024.  

Play now. If you're registering for the first time, use PrizePicks bonus code ALARM for a $100 instant match, the best PrizePicks sign-up bonus available.



May 9, 2024 Update - PrizePicks is once again running this All-Goblins promotion! Build a lineup today - Thursday, 5/9 - using ONLY Goblins. If it wins, a free lineup worth $20 will be added to your account by noon tomorrow! 

New customers should sign up with PrizePicks promo code ALARM and bank an INSTANT $100 deposit bonus you can build your All-Goblins lineup with. Existing customers can't use this bonus code, but you can participate in the PrizePicks promo with an All-Goblin win.

You'll find your favorite little green friends on the NBA, MLB, and NHL boards. Play now!


This is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times of the sports calendar, with different high-stakes events taking place each and every day. The NBA Playoffs and NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are in full swing, and MLB is settling into its season-long groove.

PrizePicks, is stepping up its promotions for this stretch of sports, too! On top of its standard signup bonus - an INSTANT deposit match worth up to $100 with PrizePicks promo code: ALARM - the DFS leader is delivering yet ANOTHER offer for new and existing customers alike.




Today only - May 9, 2024 - both new and existing users are able to win a free entry by playing in the in the “Stacked Goblins” PrizePicks promo.

For those of you who haven't joined this DFS giant yet, click here to sign up and register with PrizePicks promo code ALARM to score an INSTANT $100 signup bonus on top of the “Stacked Goblins” goodies you'll get if you win any all-goblins entry today.

PrizePicks Promo Today, 5/20: Stack Goblins, Get A Free Entry

For today and today only, if you place a winning entry that consists of ONLY Green Goblins, then you'll receive a free bonus entry tomorrow.

This can be as small as a 2-pick Power Play, or as big as a 6-pick max entry. But so long as each selection is a Goblin, and so long as an all-goblin entry wins today, you'll receive a free entry tomorrow on top of your cash winnings.



Sign up here to start stacking your Goblins now! Join using PrizePicks promo code ALARM and you'll receive an INSTANT 100% match on your first deposit, up to $100, on top of your Goblins games. In fact, you can use your bonus credits to place your entries into the "Stacking Goblins" PrizePicks promo!

If your all-goblins entry winds up winning today, you’ll be issued a free entry by Noon ET tomorrow, Tuesday, March 19!

No additional opt-in is required - you simply need to play. Your Stacked Goblins entry can be placed with promo and bonus funds too, so this is a big chance to boost your bankroll - and have a lot of fun along the way!

There are loads of Goblins live on today’s NBA and NHL Boards, so what are you waiting for? Head to PrizePicks now and play for your free entry, and if you’re a new member, be sure to join using PrizePicks promo code ALARM to earn an additional $100 instant bonus.




Get A $100 Bonus To Back Your Stacked Goblins

Since you’re also allowed to use PrizePicks bonus funds on your Goblin entry today, you've officially run out of reasons to not sign up for a new account.

Here's how to join and claim your $100 instant signup boost before using your bonus on your all-goblins entry::

  1. Sign up and create your PrizePicks account
  2. If prompted, enter PrizePicks bonus code: ALARM
  3. Make an initial deposit of $10 up to the $100 max
  4. Watch as your account balance is 2x'd with bonus credits

You'll be signed up and your new account will have double the amount of playable funds as what you deposited from your own wallet. You can then go tor Board and play any games you'd like - including your Goblin entry for today.

If an all-Goblins entry wins - it doesn't matter the amount, so long as it wins - then you'll receive a  free entry that can win up to $250 tomorrow!

This is a LOT of promos that can add up to a LOT of bonus credits. The Stacked Goblins promotions ends TODAY though, so stop wasting time and claim your bonuses now.




How To Play At PrizePicks

Creating an entry is the first step to playing at PrizePicks. After you create your account (using PrizePicks promo code ALARM, of course) head to the Board. You'll see dozens of Sports and Leagues that you can choose from laid out at the top of the Board. 

Once you find some selections you desire, tap on them and choose ‘More’ or ‘Less’ to add each pick to your entry. For the purpose of this Stacked Goblins PrizePicks promo, you’ll want to ONLY add selections that are labeled with Goblins. 

Once you’re comfortable with your picks, place your entry and root for your picks to come through! If your Goblin-only entry wins today, you’ll be treated to a free entry tomorrow that can win you an additional $250!




Where Is PrizePicks Legal?

PrizePicks currently operates in the following states:

  • 19+ in AK, AR, CA, DC, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MN, NE, NM, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VT, VA, and WI, and 21+ in AZ

There are a few other states in which they offer free-to-play games and a mode labeled ‘Pick ’Em Arena’. However, residents in the states listed above are all able to play traditional pick ’em games at PrizePicks. 



PrizePicks Promo Terms & Conditions

We figured it’d make the most sense to lay out the terms and conditions of this PrizePicks promo in a new and orderly list. 

We’ve done so for not only the Goblins promotion, but the $100 signup bonus as well:

Stacking Goblins

  • Available to both new and existing PrizePicks members.
  • Make and win an entry TODAY (5/9 by 11:59 PM ET) with ONLY Goblins.
  • Get a free entry to win up to $250.
  • Winners will be awarded on 5/10.
  • Pick 'Em states only (Goblins not currently available for Arena or Free-to-Play Members).
  • Can be a 2-pick Goblin entry but it must win. Doesn’t matter how big the entry is, just needs to be all Goblins and win. If you 2/3 on a Flex Play of Goblins, that still counts as a win.
  • Promo and credit funds are allowed, free entries are not.
  • No opt-in needed.
  • Entries containing standard projections or Demons (red icon) will not qualify.

Signup Bonus

  • Must register here to be eligible.
  • PrizePicks promo code ALARM needed at signup.
  • Min. deposit bonus: $10.
  • Max deposit bonus: $100.




Green Out With The Gobbies & Get Hundreds In PrizePicks Bonuses!

Existing members: Head on over to PrizePicks and place your all-goblin entry to get rewarded with a free entry tomorrow.

New members: You'll want to join PrizePicks ASAP  and use PrizePicks promo code ALARM to get your first deposit INSTANTLY matched up to $100. You can then use your bonus funds on your all-goblin entry.

Green out with the gobbies, good luck and enjoy tonight’s action!