Here are my personal example lineups for this weekend's tournament.  You will see lineups for DraftKings and Fanduel posted.  You will also see at least two pivot options in each of the lineups as well.  We encourage you to use these lineups and the playbook as a guide for building your own unique lineups for the Sony Open.          

Make sure you read my full PGA DFS Playbook for the Sony Open before using these example lineups.  You can also take a look at my Weekly Tournament Projections at any time.

Hey, this is our first big event of 2024, and the course is usually a breeze for the pros when the wind is calm. It's expected to be pretty chill, so scores might be low, and DFS points high. I'd say, go for some bold moves in your lineups, especially if you're into tournaments.

When I talk about taking risks, I mean stepping away from the usual players I usually recommend. My picks are all about stats like Strokes Gained, but everyone's using those stats these days, so you end up with a lot of folks picking the same players. Don't be afraid to mix it up and go against the grain. That's how you hit the jackpot in these big tournaments.

For this weekend, I'm thinking of going with a stars-and-scrubs strategy. Gonna try to squeeze in as many top-tier players as possible on this course. And there are some interesting low-priced players at the bottom of the list. Get a bit creative this weekend, and I'll throw in some examples in the lineups. Cheers!

Pos Player Team Opponent Salary Proj. Draft%
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