Here are my personal example lineups for this weekend's tournament.  You will see lineups for DraftKings and Fanduel.  You will also need at least two pivot options in each of the lineups as well.  We encourage you to use these lineups and the playbook as a guide for building your own unique lineups for the Farmers Insurance Open.  

Make sure you read my full PGA DFS Playbook for the Farmers Insurance Open before using these example lineups.  You can also take a look at my Weekly Tournament Projections at any time.

This PGA Tour season in 2024 presents an optimal field, prompting my increased willingness to allocate a greater portion of my bankroll for this weekend's endeavors. Anticipated favorable conditions, particularly on the North course, are expected to result in elevated scoring. Even the South course could be susceptible to exploitation given the forecast of low winds and minimal rainfall.

In constructing lineups, it is advisable to trust one's instincts. Should there be reservations about a particular decision I have made, feel empowered to deviate. This autonomy holds particular significance in tournaments, where diverging strategies often lead to success. The Top 10 in nearly every tournament typically showcases a diverse array of skill sets and player profiles. Accordingly, a well-rounded lineup featuring various player types is recommended. Even during weeks emphasizing "bombers," a methodical player has the potential to contribute to a GPP-winning lineup. The dynamic nature of players' performances, with good players experiencing subpar rounds and vice versa, contributes to the engaging yet occasionally vexing nature of PGA DFS.

When approaching DraftKings, my preferred lineup foundation consists of: 1 player priced at 10K, 1 at 9K, 1 at 8K, 2 at 7K, and 1 at 6K. This serves as a fundamental structure for DraftKings lineups. However, for those aspiring to vie for substantial prizes in tournaments such as the Milly Maker, a more unconventional approach is warranted. As a general rule, the larger the prize pool, the more innovative and unconventional the lineup construction needs to be.

For any additional inquiries, please feel free to pose them in the chat or reach out to me on Twitter at @Drew_Phelps83.

Update: Adrian Meronk has withdrawn from this tournament due to illness.

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