Bettor Hockey Now is your weekly home for NHL News, fantasy hockey, and betting discussion. In the first episode of the new year, Adam Bernard, Anthony Rivera & Christopher Morais talk about the frequency of NHL Outdoor Games and whether the Minnesota Wild’s season is on life support or not. They’ll also provide some waiver adds for this week, and “Sweater Whether” is a cross-state battle of outdoor jerseys from yesteryear!

Intro: 00:00 

2024 Winter Classic Recap: 03:30

World Juniors Discussion: 13:00 

Fantasy Focus - Nico Daws: 19:15 

Fantasy Focus - Adam Fantilli: 25:30

Fantasy Focus - Eeli Tolvanen: 29:15 

Fantasy Focus - Dennis Hildeby: 34:00 

Minnesota Wild Team Focus: 38:30 

Sweater Whether - 2019 Outdoor Edition: 50:00 

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