Bettor Hockey Now is your weekly home for NHL News,  fantasy hockey, and NHL betting talk. Adam Bernard, Anthony Rivera & Christopher Morais go through all the big stories in the NHL over the past week, including Patrick Roy taking over behind the Islanders bench, and the Oilers winning streak rolling along for another week. Plus Fantasy Focus discusses Sean Monahan and Logan O’Connor, and  “Sweater Whether” is a face-off between the two most notorious Sabres sweaters!

  • Intro: 00:00 
  • Miro Heiskanen Return: 07:00
  • Patrick Roy Takes Over As Islanders Head Coach: 09:00 
  • NHL Expansion To Salt Lake City: 20:00
  • Fantasy Focus: 31:45 
  • Edmonton Oilers Team Focus: 46:00 
  • Sweater Whether - Sabres Franchise Edition: 57:00

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