We are reaching the nervous hours of the Conference Semifinals in this Stanley Cup Playoff, and while there aren’t many surprises at this point, expect the drama to turn the dial to 11 for the next few days. 

Betting lines are going to be tight and lacking value because of this, so be careful with your bank roll. We built it up nicely all season long, don’t blow it on a couple of games!




NHL Picks, Predictions & Best Bets Today, 5/16

In today’s NHL predictions, I have one sole wager on the moneyline for you to consider, including some picks for tomorrow’s action as well to help you stay in the action every single day this postseason! If you agree with the rationale, feel free to tail and enjoy the games!

Let's now jump into today's expert NHL Best Bets!

  • Playoffs Record: 20-10-0
  • Bankroll: +6.1 Units

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Oilers vs. Canucks Prediction Today, May 16th

Another day of Stanley Cup Playoff action and another day I am daydreaming about the Oilers hoisting the Cup! It is well known that my picks for the final were these Oilers against the Hurricanes and while they are fighting for their lives again tonight, I am looking instead to this pivotal Game 5 as Connor McDavid and the boys hit the road against Vancouver. 

The basis for the wager on Edmonton is simple: they are the better team and have dominated this series analytically, and it's only a close series due to the play of goaltender Arturs Silovs in net for the Canucks. He has really stood on his head saving 3 goals above expected in just 7 games. The switch to Calvin Pickard helped even the playing field for the Oilers in Game 4 though, as he allowed just 2 goals on 21 shots. That isn’t great, but it’s an upgrade from the rest of the series. 

In front of the goaltending, the Oilers dominated on offense and possession once again and have now dwarfed Vancouver in xGF over the past 4 games at a total sum of 14.73 compared to just 9.27 on the Canucks side. These numbers will continue to correct themselves and I am fully aboard the Oilers express. Let’s watch them win tonight and make some money in the process! 




NHL Picks For Friday, 5/17




NHL Games Today: Thursday, 5/16

After providing our Oilers vs. Canucks prediction, let's take a look at today's NHL schedule and game times, which includes a total of 2 games:

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