Welcome to the NFL Wild Card DFS Playbook!

This has been quite the 2022 NFL season with regard to daily fantasy football (NFL DFS) and while the fun never stops and the money continues to flow, the DFS slates are changing and we have to make a few adjustments here at Fantasy Alarm to ensure that we are providing you with all the coverage you need to win both cash games and GPP tournaments. The NFL DFS Playbook that you have here will cover all six of the NFL Playoff Wild Card games as both DraftKings and FanDuel are offering contests to run from Saturday through Monday. You will also get a set of NFL DFS Example Lineups for the full six-game slate.



But knowing that many of you also like to play the short slates on the individual weekend days, we will also be providing coverage to help you in that fashion. The NFL DFS Dart Board will be used to provide you with more of the deeper-dives you need to go after when playing GPP tournaments on the short slate. There will be one for Saturday's two-game slate and then another one for Sunday's three-game slate. I will probably splash in a few Monday Night Football players into the Sunday Dart Board to help with your full-weekend slate contests, but we will also provide a full DFS Showdown write-up for those who like playing single-game DFS contests. And yes, I will also have Saturday and Sunday-only DFS Example Lineups for you each day as well.

Clear as mud? Great. Allow me to sum up with a schedule of what you can expect:

Friday, January 13 (PM): 

  • NFL DFS Wild Card Weekend Playbook (6 games)
  • NFL DFS Saturday Dart Board (2 games)

Saturday, January 14 (AM): 

  • NFL DFS Sunday-Monday Dart Board (4 games)
  • NFL DFS Wild Card Weekend Example Lineups (6 games)
  • NFL DFS Saturday Only Example Lineups (2 games)

Sunday, January 15 (AM):

  • NFL DFS Sunday Only Example Lineups (3 games)

Monday, January 16 (AM):

  • NFL DFS Monday Night Football Showdown Write-Up

As always, be sure to check out the NFL Wild Card Weekly Match-Up Report and dive into all of our NFL tools, including our daily fantasy football projections, NFL DFS Ownership Projections, Lineup Generator/DFS Optimizer and, of course, our DFS Compare tool.

Good luck to everyone and I'll see you all in the money this weekend!



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