The 2024 NFL Draft has been a wonderful oasis for us in the lonely off-season desert. But we want more. Sure, you can fill the void with your dynasty rookie drafts or by drafting copious amounts of best ball fantasy football teams (and you can use the rankings in our 2024 Best Ball Cheat Sheet to do it). But we yearn for REAL football activity. Give us training camp, give us preseason games - heck, at least just give us the schedule! ANYTHING to help get us through the offseason.

We can’t give you all of those things right now. But what we can do is tell us when they are coming (or in the case of the 2024 NFL schedule, we can give you our best approximation of when it will come). Here is basic idea of the NFL off-season schedule and important dates to guide us threw the barren off-season wasteland.


2024 NFL Schedule - Early May

  • We don’t have an exact date but, historically, the schedule has been released on an early Thursday in May. Since today is Thursday and it is not out, we suspect the NFL schedule will be released on Thursday, May 16th.

Rookie Minicamp and Development Program - Mid May

Organized Team Activities (OTAs) - Late May to Early June


Mandatory Minicamp - Early June

Franchise Tag Deadline - Mid July

  • Teams that franchise-tagged players have until July 17th to sign them to a multi-year deal. Otherwise they either need to play on the franchise tag or a negotiated one-year deal (like Josh Jacobs did last season). 

Training Camp - Late July

  • Training camp dates have not been released yet for 2024. In 2023, the earliest that rookies reported for camp for most teams was July 18th and the earliest any veterans reported was July 22nd. The two teams playing in the first preseason game last year, the Hall of Fame Game, were the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns and they had everyone report on July 19th. So we can assume training camp will once again be in late July. 

Hall of Fame Game, Joint Practices, and Preseason Games - August

The 2024 Hall of Fame Game is scheduled for August 1st in Canton, Ohio between the Chicago Bears and the Houston Texans. The rest of the preseason games have not been schedule but they will take place in August. Around half the teams last year also scheduled joint practices which began on August 8th.

First NFL Game of 2024 - September

The first NFL game will kick off on Thursday, September 5th with the reining champion Kansas City Chiefs traditionally hosting someone for that game (the lone exception in recent history being the 2013 Baltimore Ravens starting their season on the road after winning the Super Bowl due to a scheduling conflict with the Baltimore Orioles).