This week, just like every other week, has proven that there is no “downtime” when it comes to NFL news and rumors, NFL Training Camp hype, and updating our fantasy football rankings. It doesn’t matter if there are OTAs or NFL training camps up and running. Someone will find a way to make news during the NFL offseason (and usually it’s Tyreek Hill). For NFL fans and fantasy football managers alike, we always need to be on top of the trending topics so that we can keep our fantasy football rankings fully updated and stay ahead of the fantasy football waiver wire. First, we’ll hit on the big NFL news and headlines that affect general football fans across the board, like Tyreek Hill and Deion Sanders. Then, we'll touch on some Training Camp news that could impact fantasy football ADP and fantasy football draft strategy this offseason. Are you wondering, “When does NFL training camp start?” Well, the earliest training camp doesn’t start until Sunday, July 23rd – so we have a bit of a wait. Still, we have plenty of NFL storylines to digest as you take part in fantasy football best ball drafts or update dynasty fantasy football rankings this summer. If you haven't already, go get Fantasy Alarm's Fantasy Football Draft Guide as you prepare for the 2023 NFL season and your own fantasy football drafts. Now, lucky for you, I took a quick moment to round up the latest NFL news and fantasy football hype players from the past week.


Latest NFL Fantasy Football News 

Miami Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill Allegedly Commits Assault

It was originally reported that the victim would not press charges but the most recent reports indicate that he will. Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill allegedly boarded a boat that wasn’t his, smacked the owner of said boat, then claimed he could “buy him and the boat” while saying he was “number 10 on the Dolphins." You should not commit assault but, if you do, definitely don’t follow that up by saying “I’m rich, here is where you can reach me." This is definitely a situation to monitor as we wait to see if any suspension is coming for the Dolphins wide receiver. 

New England Patriots CB Jack Jones Arrested at Logan Airport with Loaded Guns

Quinnen Williams was arrested last year at Logan Airport near Boston with an unloaded gun in his checked back. He had a license for the gun, it simply wasn’t in a hard case. The Jack Jones case is a little different. He had two loaded guns with large-capacity magazines in his carry-on bag without an ID card. In his home state of Arizona, the magazines are legal and you don’t need to register them, but that’s not the case in Massachusetts – and certainly not in the airport. We'll see what the punishment will be, if any, for the New England Patriots cornerback.

Deion Sanders Has Emergency Surgery for a Blood Clot

The Hall of Fame player and current Colorado University head coach has been dealing with blood flow issues to his left foot that already led to him having two toes amputated. It was reported that, if the condition doesn’t improve, there is a chance Deion Sanders might need to have his left foot amputated. It’s now being reported that Sanders is having emergency surgery today for a blood clot in his groin. 

Detroit Lions Reveal New Alternate Helmet

The Lions have revealed a new alternate helmet for the 2023 season. And it is amazing.

Buffalo Bills Ex-Punter Matt Araiza Intends to Counter Sue

After being falsely accused of rape during his time at San Diego State, former Bills punter Matt Araiza plans to sue for defamation charges. He was let go by the Bills based on the allegations and has yet to sign with another team despite the San Diego District Attorney’s office declining to file charges following the investigation.



There is no offseason for degenerates like us. Let's review some of the latest NFL Training Camp news, injuries, and player hype as you update fantasy football rankings.


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