Look, not everyone has time to sit around and see every NFL news story or rumor as you prep for 2023 fantasy football drafts. Not even me. It’s hard enough for us to keep track of the important stuff, like the NFL Sunday Ticket deal on YouTube TV expiring in four days on June 6th (we’re not affiliated with them at all, I just don’t want you to miss out). The good news is you’ve got me here to look out for you by going back through the week to find any stories from NFL OTAs or any fantasy football rumors, roster cuts, NFL trades, contracts – you name it! What we’re going to do here is first cover the overarching stories that all NFL fans will care about, like Jimmy Garoppolo, Aaron Rodgers, and DeAndre Hopkins dominating the latest NFL headlines. Then at the bottom, we’ll take a closer look at NFL OTA updates for the fantasy football folks so that you can obsess over every little detail and ruin your dynasty fantasy football rankings. Or, overreact to the latest NFL news updates in your fantasy football best ball drafts on Underdog Fantasy (we are affiliated with them - use promo code FANTASYALARM and they will match 100% of your deposit up to $100). Fantasy football ADP is always changing and these recent NFL news items could impact the 2023 season. So you can relax all summer then just pop into this article every Friday to see what you missed (here’s last week’s)! 


Latest NFL Fantasy Football News 

DeAndre Hopkins Visits with Former Team and Former Teammate

Hopkins was released by the Arizona Cardinals last week and multiple sources have now reported that one of his first stops in free agency was to his former team - the Houston Texans. Considering his bad blood was with former coach and current Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O’Brian, it’s not out of the realm of possibility for him to return. There's also a lot of smoke that he could reunite with former teammate Deshaun Watson with the Cleveland Browns.

New Information Revealed Regarding Jimmy Garoppolo Raiders Contract

When it was announced Jimmy Garoppolo was signed, the original press conference was pushed back a couple of days which didn’t seem like a big deal. Well, as it turns out, it might have been a bigger deal than we thought. As the tweet below lays out, a failed physical led the guaranteed portion of his contract to be removed.

Fire Brian Gutenkunst or Trade Aaron Rodgers?

source close to the situation is reporting that Aaron Rodgers’ agent requested Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy either fire the GM or trade Aaron Rodgers. It’s no secret that Rodgers wanted to be more involved with personnel decisions but this is the first we are hearing of an ultimatum. Rodgers has of course been traded to the New York Jets where he’s seemingly bringing along the personnel he likes - like OC Nathaniel Hackett and wide receivers Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb.

NFL Gambling Saga Continues

In last week’s rendition of our weekly round up, we mentioned rumors that there were more investigations into potential gambling by NFL players. We don’t know for sure if other teams are involved but it has since been clarified that there is a potential fifth player on the Lions being investigated.  

Minnesota Vikings Pay Off Stadium Early

It’s easy to complain about major sports teams using public funds to build extravagant stadiums but, at least in this case, we can give credit where it is due. The Minnesota Vikings have reportedly paid off their stadium loans early which will save taxpayers $226 million in interest.


NFLPA owed $41.8M following Crypto Collapse

It’s no secret that cryptocurrency can be volatile and the NFL Players Association found that out the hard way. It seems the NFLPA had an agreement in place with a company using the technology that should have paid out north of $40 million but has been unable to collect the debt from the company, OneTeam Partners, LLC. 

Los Angeles Rams DC Raheem Morris Saves Drowning Child

Raheem Morris acted quickly when he saw a three year old boy drowning in the pool at the Encore Las Vegas hotel - his actions likely saved the boy’s life. The boy reportedly had no pulse when Morris pulled him out and brought him to lifeguards. He then ran to get an automatic external defibrillator (AED) which the doctors on seen were able to use on the child. Add “hero” to Raheem Morris’s resume next offseason when he could be in the running for a head coaching gig. 

Kenny Pickett Has Car Stolen During Radio Interview

Be careful where you park your 2023 Genesis SUV in Monroeville. Pickett was participating in an interview with 93.7 The Fan when someone jacked his wheels. The vehicle was later recovered and an arrest was made. 

2023 Fantasy Football Camp Hype

You wouldn’t let a couple of unpadded practices in late May affect your fantasy football rankings, would you? Of course not, me neither. 


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