Injuries are an unfortunate reality of this game. But not all injuries are created equally. Some you hope the guy comes back in a week or two, some you hope they come back next year, and some you simply hope they can play again at all. For those that saw the video of the injury to Nick Chubb, you know that this one falls into that third category. Initial reactions are that it is likely ACL/MCL and could involve the PCL/LCL as well but we are all waiting on information to confirm. First and foremost, we are sending positive thoughts to the Nick Chubb, his family, and Browns nation. But it’s also our job to navigate this landscape for our fantasy football waiver wire adds and our weekly rankings. So we have to discuss the impact of this injury and the potential aftermath from that context. 


Nick Chubb Injury Fantasy Football Replacements 


Jerome Ford

The obvious answer right away is Jerome Ford. He was already involved before the injury and he scored the touchdown almost immediately after it happened. Given what Kevin Stefanski wants to do and the quality of this offensive line with folks like Joel Bitonio, Jerome Ford needs to a be a priority waiver add in any league where he’s available. This is that “handcuff plus” situation that our own Britt Flinn was harping on all offseason and we have now entered plus territory.

Pierre Strong

The Browns were already incredibly thin on the depth chart with basically just Chubb and Ford so they traded for Pierre Strong The Patriots had Rhamondre Stevenson and signed Ezekiel Elliott which made the fourth round pick expendable. This is a player who ran a 4.37 forty yard dash at the combine which is literally 99th percentile speed per Player Profiler which makes him an ingtriging option. 

Kareem Hunt

This is simple. He’s been in Cleveland before. He knows the system. He’s a free agent. It would make all the sense in the world for them to bring him back and give him the role that he had wanted all along. Given his ability in the passing game, we would likely see a split with Jerome Ford in the early down role and Kareem Hunt in his typical pass down role. I highly doubt that Hunt would sign with the Browns if he was not going to be involved. 

Leonard Fournette

Kareem Hunt didn’t exactly leave on the best terms after demanding a trade and being phased out of the offense in 2022. Sometimes there’s bad blood when things end that way so Kareem Hunt might not be an option at all. Fournette is the next best option out there in free agency. 

Cam Akers

Cam Akers was a healthy scratch this week - there was talk of him having a bad week of practice and being on the trade block. Well, the Browns very likely will be perusing the trade block this week. It almost makes too much sense so maybe don’t drop Cam Akers just yet if that was your plan.