So you're building some NFL Week 10 DFS lineups for GPP tournaments and you can't figure out how to get all the big boys into one lineup? Christian McCaffrey is crazy expensive and from there we're still looking at guys like CeeDee Lamb and Keenan Allen while also making sure we leave money available for a decent tight end and the Dallas Cowboys defense. It ain't easy, is it? Remember, you don't always HAVE to use pay-downs, especially if you build a more balanced lineup, but sometimes you just need a little something extra in savings. That's why I've been diligently sifting through all the latest NFL injury news, studied the match-ups and built you a DFS Dart Board that should provide you with enough DFS bargains to work into some of your lineups.



If you're new to Fantasy Alarm, the DFS Dart Board is an add-on to the Playbook that I started several years ago. It came about when I was building GPP lineups and realized I needed more salary relief. As I dug through my notes to see who stood out the most among those players at a more affordable price, it hit me. When I put players in the Playbook, I am thinking primarily about cash lineup plays -- guys with a high floor who I could conceivably put into my core-group and build a lineup around. After those players, I would mix in a handful of guys who had boatloads of upside and were in soft match-ups, but I wasn’t paying as much attention to their salary as I should have. And that's where the Dart Board came into play.

Occasionally you may see a min-priced QB or TE in here, but more often than not, this space is reserved for running backs and wide receivers who are below $6,000 on FanDuel or $5,000 or lower on DraftKings. Also, while we call this a Dart Board, keep in mind that every player has been carefully researched. We're not up here picking players all willy-nilly, desperately hoping they hit. We're looking for the cheapest bargains possible who still have the strongest potential to give you at least a 3-5x return on what you pay.

All set? Great. Let's get to it and while you do, maybe give a listen to this week's NFL DFS Show with me & Jon Impemba!


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