Game 1 was an absolute beat down by the Boston Celtics. All but seven minutes of the third quarter was completely dominated by Boston as they put a demonstration on how lethal three point field goals, and having the best sixth man in the match can be.

Boston made nine more three point field goals, and Kristaps Porzingis delivered off the bench with 21 points in 20 minutes, including a flurry to close out the second quarter. He also contributed six rebounds, and it appears he will be a positional mismatch in this series.

Boston also had more field goals made, despite having less field goal attempts. The Celtics made more free throws, out rebounded the Mavericks, had 14 more assists, and recorded eight more blocks than Dallas. Give credit to Joe Mazzulla, he has gotten the best out of every player on his team (one could debate if Jrue Holiday was a better player in Milwaukee), and has the Celtics set up for a historical championship season.




NBA Picks & Predictions, 6/9: Mavericks vs. Celtics Game 2

The truth is all the data from game 1 amounts to a handful of beans, because today is game 2 and the stats could flip-flop. The Celtics have only lost two 2024 playoff games, and both of those games were at TD Garden, and in game 2.

Could that be the case today? Who knows, but Fantasy Alarm NBA Best Bets will look to capitalize on lines that appear a bit off, including going back to a familiar bet from game 1. 




Mavericks vs. Celtics Prediction: Dereck Lively II O6.5 Rebounds (-110 on Bet365) - 2.0 UNITS

‘...One real damaging possibility is nerves and the moment getting to (Dereck) Lively II… getting in foul trouble could limit his minutes.’ That was a direct quote from our best bets mentioned for Game 1. 

As your personal betting guide, that was a danger I was aware of but thought it to be too good of an angle. Alas, the foul trouble was an issue and you could see/sense the excitement when he was on the court. In doing so Dereck Lively II only played 18 minutes, yet still earned five rebounds and had he played his normal minutes would have obtained the required eight.

Tonight the books have foolishly moved his rebounding line down to 6.5, and it was at plus odds yesterday. The sharks moved in and so should you. That is why this bet is a double unit hammer for game 2, as a big bounce back game is expected from the rookie.

Daniel Gafford only played 14 minutes in Game 1, forcing Maxi Kleber to play 19 minutes on his first game back from injury. Despite leading all Mavericks’ centers in playing time he scored just two points, had one assist, and 0 rebounds… ZERO! The Mavericks gave up several first half offensive rebounds, and the coaching staff knows they must correct it.

This should put Lively II around 30 minutes of on court time tonight. If that happens he will cover his rebounding line easily, and our double unit hammer will bring back just under two units. Which would make today another profitable day regardless of the same game parlay outcome.

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Mavericks vs Celtics SGP: Jayson Tatum Under 25.5 Points, Maxi Kleber Under 0.5 Three Pointers made, Kyrie Irving 25+ Points - (+550 on Bet365); 0.5 Unit

Today’s same game parlay is built on three player props. The Dallas Mavericks are currently +6.5 on the spread, the Celtics are -250 on their moneyline, and the total is currently 214.5. All three of those could happen either way, the straight bet market seems highly volatile and one we are staying away from.

The player props are more or less straight forward. This column has stacked several units betting on Jayson Tatum’s under point total, and it could be another night for it to be successful. He has not needed to be the leading scorer for the Celtics most of the year, and he finished with 16 points in game 1. He will likely score more than that tonight, but he is truly the third scoring option on most nights, do not look for that to change.

The first leg is one the #FAmily is well aware of, the second leg is one I’ve never mentioned. In fact Maxi Kleber’s name has only been mentioned once all season… in the bet above. Yet here we are in uncharted territory during the NBA Finals, speaking about a backup center.

Kleber is a veteran known for his three point ability. He is one of the best big men able to score from behind the arc. Yet he passed two wide open looks in game 1, likely due to the horrific landing on his shoulder in the previous series. It is difficult to imagine it is full healed or has it’s prior strength.

Yes he has had time to recover, but it did not look like it was 100%, and he did not display any confidence in his ability to even attempt a three point field goal. It is always risky betting for a player not to make a single basket, but his playing time should be cut in half for game 2. He has attempted just four threes in the last month, and made just one. Add it to the parlay.

Kyrie Irving had a terrible Game 1 performance, but it was not all due to him. After reviewing the ‘tape’, he was oftentimes unguarded, but Luka Doncic would be doubled or blinded by the screen. Boston’s defensive help was rolling to the centers (hence why Gafford, Kleber, Lively all had bad games), leaving the ‘weak’ or opposing side less contested. This is where Kyrie was located.

Irving also had a few give and go opportunities not given back to him when he was wide open in the lane. Those are almost always successful baskets for one of the greatest finishers this sport has ever seen.  Any opportunity he was guarded by Al Horford he was easily getting to his spots. He finished as the Mavericks fourth leading scorer and you can bet your bottom dollar that won’t happen in Game 2.

His point line is currently 22.5, but has been teased up for this parlay. If the Mavericks are going to have a chance to win he must score much more than 12 points in 36 minutes. He is an all-time NBA champion guard, and he will step up his play tonight. This is why his line has been teased up two points, which is one field goal or two free throws… easily achieved. 

Bet365 has a 50% boost for a three-fold same game parlay in tonight’s action! It is highly recommended you utilize it. It caps off at $30.00, but if you want to place a full wager, or the suggested wager of half a unit,, utilize the boost and deduct the $30 from your unit. Then place the remaining amount on the bet again. 

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