We’re back #FANation! The 2020 NASCAR season was a great one at FA and one filled with ever-changing plans and schedules and tracks, yet we had you covered every step of the way and it’s only going to get better in 2021!

We introduced some new content last year as well, and guess what folks? That’s coming back for 2021 and there are some great new changes coming as well. So what all are we talking about on a weekly basis? Funny you should ask.

Now while all of the content and tools we’re about to cover are great, remember that we will have our experts in live chat 12 hours a day and in the prime times leading up to lineup lock for all contests. We are also available on Twitter at @Theselzman (Matt Selz) and @RealDANlanta (Dan Malin) to answer questions you may have.

NASCAR starts with an exhibition race on the 9th of February and then goes nearly straight through until the Cup Series Championship on the second weekend of November. During that time there will be content flowing on a weekly basis for all of your needs for all three NASCAR series.

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Content Schedule








Track Breakdown Write-Up

Weekly Podcast

DFS Rankings

Race Projections


Core Plays

Best Bets

Race day updates to ALL content



Included in Pod


Core Plays

Race day updates





Core Plays

Race day Updates

*Based on standard race week. Races that happen a day earlier than normal will have content our a day earlier than normal.


The Cup content and some Truck and Xfinity content is done by our 2x award-winning NASCAR expert Matt Selz while our Truck series and Xfinity content will be done by expert in those series Dan Malin.

  • Track Breakdown - A coach’s style dashboard that combines all the stats you need for each driver in the field along with quick-hitting analysis from our NASCAR expert.

  • Weekly Podcast - Our NASCAR experts breakdown the strategies for building lineups for that week’s races in all three series and some early reads on how the races could go.

  • DFS Rankings - Matt Selz ranks the top-15 drivers for each contest type on each site for that week’s Cup race.

  • Race Projections - Our industry-leading projections, FANjections, debuted last season and immediately took the content to the next level. Weighting a wide range of stats each week, see who is projected to be the best and worst DFS drivers in each race.

  • Playbooks - The heart of the content each week for ALL series. Our experts breakdown the best plays for all formats for that week’s race and help to narrow down the driver pool for building lineups.

  • Core Plays - BRAND NEW FOR 2021!  In years past we’ve given you Example Lineups but those were never meant to be plug-and-play lineups and to bypass all of the expert analysis and tools we have. So to help you better decipher who the must-have drivers are to build around for that race, we are rolling out the NASCAR DFS Core Plays. Each week we will break down the strategy for roster construction based on how the driver have qualified and what the typical race at the track plays out and then we will provide the must-have couple of drivers at each price tier for each site. Combined with the Playbook, Track Breakdown, Podcast, and the Lineup Generator, building winning lineups should become second nature for you.

  • Best Bets - On Wager Alarm (separate subscription) each week our experts will give you the picks for the race winner as well as prop bets you can play. During a stretch from 2019 through the first several races of 2020, we successfully picked the race winner 26 of 35 races in the Cup series.

  • Race Day Updates - As race day news comes in such as inspection failures or changes to cars or drivers being sick, our experts will be in chat and updating the content so that you have the most up-to-date info as possible to build your lineups with.

Come join the #FAmily with our NASCAR Packages and enjoy the best DFS sweat out there!

This content schedule will hold from week-to-week for each week with a race with slight adjustments based on times of the races. If you’ve been here over the last couple of years, you’ll notice that there are no Practice Reports this year and that’s because there are only eight races with practice this year the results and notes will be covered for those races in the playbook but not in it’s own piece simply because there are so few occurrences of them.


Lineup Generator

This beast of a tool was unleashed last year and is back with new improvements for this year. It is an incredibly customizable tool for building lineups whether it be just one or up to 150 on either site. Customize the player pool, the settings, what factors should carry more weight, and even customize your own projections while using the FANjections as the base. Want to build using the drivers in the Playbook for that week? It’s as simple as clicking the Show Only Playbook option and bam, you’re only building with the expert's picks. A new locking mechanism also lets you choose exactly how many lineups you want a certain driver locked into.


Coach’s Dashboard

BRAND NEW for 2021!

We’re bringing the coach’s dashboard stats tool from other sports over to NASCAR this season which will show all of the needed stats for that week’s Cup race for each driver. Seeing the stats for the last four and eight races at a track, similar races, the last five races this season, season stats, DFS Values, and Consistency are all in one place in this brand new tool that will update for each race of the season.

Finally, if you ever have any questions throughout the season we are always around in chat to answer them as well as on Twitter @theselzman (Matt Selz) and @realDANlanta (Dan Malin) and if you have any issues and need support, you can always click the blue Support button in the bottom left of the page or email support@fantasyalarm.com and one of our founders will help answer your question(s).

Come join the #FAmily with our NASCAR Packages and enjoy the best DFS sweat out there!