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In today's lineup, we're eyeing two standout players poised to make a significant impact on the diamond. Let's dive into our Underdog Fantasy MLB picks and why they're primed for success.




MLB Underdog Fantasy Picks Today: Friday, April 5th

Nick Castellanos DFS Plays: OF, Philadelphia Phillies

Our first pick for April 5th is Philadelphia Phillies' outfielder, Nick Castellanos. Facing Nationals' lefty Patrick Corbin, Castellanos holds the key to unlocking success in today's matchup. Last season, Castellanos boasted an impressive .237 ISO and a .393 wOBA against left-handed pitching, showcasing his ability to thrive in such scenarios. 

With a multiplier of 1.1x, he presents a tantalizing opportunity to accumulate points, particularly through his knack for generating total bases. As he steps into the batter's box against Corbin, Castellanos' track record and skill set position him as a formidable force. 




Curtis Mead DFS Plays: 3B, Tampa Bay Rays

Next up, we turn our attention to Tampa Bay Rays' third baseman, Curtis Mead. With a multiplier of 1.2x, Mead offers an enticing opportunity to rack up points, especially considering the favorable matchup against Rockies' lefty Auston Gomber.

What makes Mead particularly intriguing for today's game is the windy conditions at play. With gusts blowing at 25 MPH out to center field, the stage is set for a high-scoring affair. In such conditions, offense tends to thrive, and Mead stands to capitalize on this with a strong performance at the plate.




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