July rolls on, and successful fantasy baseball owners will continue to tweak and adjust their fantasy baseball rotation(s) to employ the top tier starting pitchers as they pursue a fantasy baseball championship. Of course, keep an eye on the weather in the host MLB cities this coming scoring period, as this can have an effect on a pitcher’s dual-start eligibility, as well as shifting the streaming matchups potentially. A decent handful of options in the middle tier this week to aid with setting your fantasy baseball rotations, but if you drafted well, or employed your fantasy league’s waiver wire/free agent marketplace efficiently, you may have one or more starting pitchers from the upper tier to use for two starts this coming scoring period. Loads of bottom group arms, as ever, that you are suggested to avoid. Remember to keep a close eye on the MLB Injury Report, so as to be able to bob and weave accordingly. 

Please realize that these articles feature most recent rotation information available when the article is written, but that circumstances do change due to weather conditions, injuries and general craziness with managers. If a pitcher listed here as having two starts ends up with one (or perhaps none) in the upcoming week, apologies but this article is meant to provide analysis, it is up to the manager to set the lineups or rotations. Without further ado, here are this week’s two start pitchers…


Start 'em If You Own 'em


Starting Pitcher

1st Start/Opponent/Date

2nd Start/Opponent/Date

Aaron Nola@ STL @ MIA 
 PHIMiles MikolasTrevor Rogers
 Mon, 7/11, 7:15 PM Sat, 7/16, 4:10 PM 
Max Friedvs. NYM @ WAS 
 ATLMax ScherzerPaolo Espino
 Mon, 7/11, 7:20 PM Sat, 7/16, 4:05 PM 
Logan Webbvs. ARI vs. MIL 
 SFDallas KeuchelTBD
 Tue, 7/12, 9:45 PM Sun, 7/17, 4:05 PM
Luis Severinovs. CIN vs. BOS 
 NYYGraham AshcraftChris Sale
 Tue, 7/12, 7:05 PM Sun, 7/17, 1:35 PM 
Max Scherzer@ ATL @ CHC 
 NYMMax FriedDrew Smyly
 Mon, 7/11, 7:20 PM Sat, 7/16, 2:20 PM 
Miles Mikolasvs. PHI vs. CIN 
 STLAaron NolaNick Lodolo
 Mon, 7/11, 7:15 PM Sat, 7/16, 2:15 PM 
Merrill Kelly@ SF @ SD 
 ARIAlex CobbSean Manaea
 Mon, 7/11, 9:45 PM Sun, 7/17, 4:10 PM 
Josiah Grayvs. SEA vs. ATL 
 WASMarco GonzalesSpencer Strider
 Tue, 7/12, 7:05 PM Sun, 7/17, 1:35 PM 

This week has a lesser quantity of top-notch aces to populate your rotations with, and enjoy a pair of starts, to boot. These are the pitchers that you simply plug into the lineup for their two trips to the mound, and reap the benefits. There will be the occasional misstep among this tier’s denizens, but they comprise the best options this week.


Maybe Yes, Maybe No


Starting Pitcher

1st Start/Opponent/Date

2nd Start/Opponent/Date

Spencer Stridervs. NYM @ WAS 
 ATLDavid PetersonJosiah Gray
 Tue, 7/12, 7:20 PM Sun, 7/17, 1:35 PM 
David Peterson@ ATL @ CHC 
 NYMSpencer StriderAdrian Sampson
 Tue, 7/12, 7:20 PM Sun, 7/17, 2:20 PM 
Cal Quantrillvs. CHW vs. DET 
 CLELance LynnMichael Pineda
 Mon, 7/11, 7:10 PM Sat, 7/16, 4:10 PM 
Marco Gonzales@ WAS @ TEX 
 SEAJosiah GrayTBD
 Tue, 7/12, 7:05 PM Sun, 7/17, 2:35 PM
Alex Cobbvs. ARI vs. MIL 
 SFMerrill KellyEric Lauer
 Mon, 7/11, 9:45 PM Sat, 7/16, 7:15 PM 
Corey Klubervs. BOS vs. BAL 
 TBBrayan BelloAustin Voth
 Mon, 7/11, 7:10 PM Sat, 7/16, 4:10 PM 
Trevor Rogersvs. PIT vs. PHI 
 MIATBDAaron Nola
 Mon, 7/11, 6:40 PMSat, 7/16, 4:10 PM 
Michael Pineda@ KC @ CLE 
 DETBrad KellerCal Quantrill
 Mon, 7/11, 2:10 PM Sat, 7/16, 4:10 PM 
Adrian Sampsonvs. BAL vs. NYM 
 CHCJordan LylesDavid Peterson
 Tue, 7/12, 8:05 PM Sun, 7/17, 2:20 PM 

Strider, the Braves’ 23-year-old rookie righthander, is making his mark. Over his most recent three appearances, he has accumulated a superb 0.50 ERA and 0.61 WHIP over those 18.0 IP. The 30:3 K/BB ratio is spectacular as well, although he has only picked up one victory during this exceptional stretch. He has to take on the division leading Mets, albeit at home, in the upcoming scoring period, then gets a better matchup in the nation’s capital against the last-place Nationals.


Speaking of the Mets, Peterson did not look particularly sharp coming off his paternity list absence from active duty, but prior to that, he had dealt up a couple of quality starts (QS). He possesses useful ratio stats and despite having to pitch on the road for both his Week 14 starts, he has proven to be more of a road warrior this season than a SP that enjoys home cooking. 


Quantrill has had a couple of bad outings, both losses, among his most recent four outings, but overall has been a dominant performer on the hill for the Guardians. He has accumulated eight QS since April 23rd. These results are despite a sub-par K rate of 5.6 K/9 through 88.0 IP this season. He has a pair of home starts on tap, and he has been a better pitcher in Progressive Field than away from those friendly confines.


Gonzales managed to pitch a QS (his seventh out of his last eight starts) without collecting one K (or handing out a free pass, either), a rare feat indeed. He has been a solid SP this season, although the lack of strikeouts has been a perpetual problem, as witness by his sub-par 4.7 K/9 rate through 94.1 IP. He has two road starts this coming week, but he pitches equally well in Seattle as on the road this season, per usual.


Cobb is another SP with a pair of home starts to look forward to in Week 14. Over his last five trips to toe the rubber, he has posted a fine 2.84 ERA as a result of allowing just 8 earned runs over those 25.1 IP. His K production has been depressed of late, but his peripherals indicate no great cause to be concerned his luck will turn negative anytime soon.


Kluber is exhibiting superb control, as witnessed by his superb 1.11 WHIP through 82.0 IP in 2022. Since mid-May, he has only tossed a couple of sub-par efforts, and has consistently pitched 5.0+ innings as a general rule once he takes the ball to start the game. He also is benefitted with a pair of home appearances in Week 14.


Rogers biggest downside is the inability to pitch deep into games he starts, with a mere two efforts going past the fifth inning on this season to date. That limits his ability to provide victories and amplifies the effect of the earned runs he allows on his ERA, which currently sits at an unattractive 5.57. That is nearly a full run over his 4.65 FIP, so there is hope his stat line will adjust positively going forward. He has not been great at home, but then again, neither are the Pirates strong on the road, his first opponent this coming week.


Pineda is one of the Tiger pitchers who has been bitten by the injury bug this season, but he has returned and tossed two five inning efforts, allowing five earned tallies in the two contests. He continues to demonstrate good control (1.7 BB/9 on the season), but is not a great source if you are seeking Ks (4.7 K/9 through his limited 32.1 2022 IP). The Tigers has played better lately, and he gets to face off against a couple of not-overwhelming division foes this week, albeit on the road. 


Sampson gets to practice his art atop the hill twice at Wrigley in Week 14. The early week action against the Orioles feels like the better opportunity to insert him in your rotation, with the Mets visiting at the end of the scoring period and a potential time to sit a two-start option. Sampson has superb control in limited action (1.2 BB/9 over 21.2 IP) and also features a useful 7.9 K/9 rate this season. 


Not On My Roster


Starting Pitcher

1st Start/Opponent/Date

2nd Start/Opponent/Date

Chris Sale@ TB @ NYY 
 BOSTBDLuis Severino
 Tue, 7/12, 7:10 PMSun, 7/17, 1:35 PM 
Jordan Lyles@ CHC @ TB 
 BALAdrian SampsonTBD
 Tue, 7/12, 8:05 PM Sun, 7/17, 1:40 PM
Sean Manaea@ COL vs. ARI 
 SDJosé UreñaMerrill Kelly
 Mon, 7/11, 8:40 PM Sun, 7/17, 4:10 PM 
Lance Lynn@ CLE @ MIN 
 CHWCal QuantrillDylan Bundy
 Mon, 7/11, 7:10 PM Sat, 7/16, 2:10 PM 
José Berríosvs. PHI vs. KC 
 TORBailey FalterTBD
 Tue, 7/12, 7:07 PM Sun, 7/17, 12:05 PM
Matthew Liberatorevs. LAD vs. CIN 
 STLMitch WhiteGraham Ashcraft
 Tue, 7/12, 7:45 PM Sun, 7/17, 2:15 PM 
Beau Brieske@ KC @ CLE 
 DETKris BubicTBD
 Tue, 7/12, 8:10 PM Sun, 7/17, 1:40 PM
Daniel Castanovs. PIT vs. PHI 
 MIARoansy ContrerasBailey Falter
 Tue, 7/12, 6:40 PM Sun, 7/17, 1:40 PM 
Josh Windervs. MIL vs. CHW 
 Tue, 7/12, 7:40 PMSun, 7/17, 2:10 PM
Adrian Martinez@ TEX @ HOU 
 OAKGlenn OttoJake Odorizzi
 Mon, 7/11, 8:05 PM Sun, 7/17, 2:10 PM 
Bailey Falter@ TOR @ MIA 
 PHIJosé BerríosDaniel Castano
 Tue, 7/12, 7:07 PM Sun, 7/17, 1:40 PM 
Brayan Bello@ TB @ NYY 
 BOSCorey KluberJameson Taillon
 Mon, 7/11, 7:10 PM Sat, 7/16, 7:15 PM 
Graham Ashcraft@ NYY @ STL 
 CINLuis SeverinoMatthew Liberatore
 Tue, 7/12, 7:05 PM Sun, 7/17, 2:15 PM 
Roansy Contreras@ MIA @ COL 
 PITDaniel CastanoTBD
 Tue, 7/12, 6:40 PM Sun, 7/17, 3:10 PM
Brad Kellervs. DET @ TOR 
 KCMichael PinedaTBD
 Mon, 7/11, 2:10 PM Sat, 7/16, 3:07 PM
Glenn Ottovs. OAK vs. SEA 
 TEXAdrian MartinezTBD
 Mon, 7/11, 8:05 PM Sat, 7/16, 4:05 PM

There are plenty of two-start starting pitchers that reside in the bottom tier this week, as is the usual state of affairs, and it Is strongly suggested that these arms not form any part of your fantasy rotations during the current scoring period. The temptation to employ one or more of these hurlers, especially where the opponent is of the bottom-dwelling sort (think Oakland or Kansas City in this group), may tempt you to insert one of them into your lineup, but the potential damage to your ratios with the lack of counting stat production suggest against that plan. There will be the occasional good to great start from one of these pitchers, but the risk is not worth pursuing an elusive reward. Note that Chris Sale is back in the Boston rotation after his rehab stint wound down, but he is likely on a restricted pitch count early on in his return to action, having been limited to four innings max during his four rehab starts. Plus, he is undoubtedly rusty after having missed the first half of the season with his rib cage problem, thus his place in the bottom tier.

Potential Streaming Options for Week 

There is no promise that each game day will provide a streaming option. First of all, the pitcher must be available in at least 50% of leagues to be a viable candidate to snag off the wire. Then, the pitchers discussed above are not included as they have a different sort of value, even though some might be available as free agents in your league. Plus, some days the matchups and/or venues just do not figure as positive enough factors to favor plugging the arm into your rotation, even for one start. That all being said, here are this week’s best streaming candidates:

Tuesday, July 12. 2022


Mitch White LAD @ STL Michael Liberatore

Injuries to Walker Buehler and Andrew Heaney has cemented the 27-year-old righthander in the Dodger rotation for the nonce, and he is taking advantage of that situation. He has accumulated a useful set of ratio stats as indicated above, and is striking out nearly a batter per frame. The 15 walks through his 40.0 IP are a concern, but he has been effective in not allowing many round trippers, and has been slightly better on the road so far this campaign.

Wednesday, July 13. 2022


Chad Kuhl COL vs SD Joe Musgrove

The Rockie veteran righthander has been a better option on the hill at home this season again, reflecting his career trend he is carrying over from his days as a Pirate. He is an average streaming option, but the sole choice mid-week.

Thursday, July 14. 2022


J.T. Brubaker PIT @ MIA Braxton Garrett


Braxton Garrett MIA vs J.T. Brubaker

Either of these pitchers opening this contest are worthy of consideration as a streaming option. Brubaker has two QS among his last three trips to the mound, with 17 Ks over those 18.0 IP. Garrett gets a home start against an opponent that has struggled mightily away from their home park. Brubaker is the better K producer, but Garrett’s numbers are based on a limited MLB-action sample size.

Friday, July 15. 2022


Devin Smeltzer MIN vs CHW Michael Koepech

Six of the Minnesota 26-year-old southpaw’s last eight starts have been QS, and this matchup takes place at Target Field, where he has enjoyed considerable success in his limited action as a starter this season. He relies on his control, as he is not much of a K-producer with his below 90 MPH fastball. His peripherals indicate some negative regression is on the horizon, so get him while he is dealing but be prepared to cut him loose once (if) his luck changes.


Patrick Corbin WAS vs ATL Ian Anderson

Corbin is another pitcher who should be used while he has a hot hand. His last two outings in addition to qualifying as QS, were also lengthy stints on the bump, where he went eight then seven innings. With an 8.0 K/9 rate on the season, he is a good source of strikeouts. He sports an inflated set of ratio stats due to his general struggles this season, so is likely available to be snatched off the wire for mid-season pitching help.

Saturday, July 16. 2022


Nick Lodolo CIN @ StL Miles Mikolas

Lodolo was sidelined with a back injury since the first month of the season, and was limited in his return to action to the extent of 89 pitches. Still, he notched eight Ks over his 4.2 IP, while holding the Mets scoreless on three hits and three walks. It would be a fine idea to snatch him off the market to see if his K prowess can help him contribute as a back of the fantasy rotation SP.


José Quintana PIT @ COL TBD

The veteran lefthander has been an effective SP for the Pirates, although pitching for Pittsburgh is not conducive to amassing an attractive win-loss record, as evidenced by his 2-4 tally on the season to date. He is possessed of a sub-4.00 ERA and has been pushing down his WHIP to a more palatable 1.28 after his last outing. He tossed a pair of QS leading into his last outing, a victory over the visiting Yankees. 

Sunday, July 17. 2022


Jake Odorizzi HOU vs OAK Adrian Martinez

Odorizzi’s return to the Houston rotation was far from a rousing success, as he allowed the visiting Royals to tally five earned runs on nine hits and a free pass. It could be rust, as he had been on the IL with a leg issue, and he had been effective in his four starts from April 26 through May 16 this season. He has a home matchup against a lackluster Oakland team that certainly does not play well on the road (to be honest, the A’s are not great at home, either). 

Feel free also to send any starting pitching or other fantasy baseball questions to ia@fantasyalarm.com for a private response to your specific issue. The more detail you can provide about your team and league, including settings (H2H vs roto, points or categories, weekly or daily moves, roster size, league size, etc.) the better the response will be suited to your individual situation. As ever, good luck and Godspeed in all your fantasy endeavors.


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