Welcome to our Sleeper MLB Fantasy picks for today, March 29th! As the baseball season kicks off with excitement and anticipation, our expert analysts have meticulously curated a selection of picks to guide you through the day's matchups. 

Whether you're a seasoned player or a casual fan looking to add some excitement to your viewing experience, our insights and predictions are tailored to help you navigate the opening day action with confidence.

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Sleeper MLB Fantasy Picks Today: Friday, 3/29

Jake Burger DFS Plays: Miami Marlins

To begin, let's focus on the matchup between Jake Burger and Martin Perez of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Burger, renowned for his impressive hitting power, is poised to take advantage of this particular confrontation. In the past two seasons, Burger has showcased a remarkable .320 ISO against left-handed pitchers. 

With his exceptional ability to hit the ball into the gaps and even send it over the fence, Burger stands a great chance of exceeding the 1.5 Hits+Runs+RBI mark. Anticipate his impactful presence right from the start of the game, as he actively contributes to his team's offensive endeavors.

Mookie Betts DFS Plays: Los Angeles Dodgers

Following that, our focus shifts to Mookie Betts as he goes up against Zack Thompson and the St. Louis Cardinals. Betts, a consistent All-Star player, hit a home run yesterday and will be facing a left-handed pitcher in Thompson today. 

In matchups against left-handed pitchers last season, Betts recorded a .373 ISO and a .673 slugging percentage. Given his impressive blend of speed, power, and accuracy at the plate, Betts is expected to accumulate a significant number of total bases against Thompson.




Merrill Kelly DFS Plays: Arizona Diamondbacks

Merrill Kelly is well-prepared to deliver an impressive performance against the Colorado Rockies on the pitching front. In his previous spring outing, Kelly showcased his skills by throwing 76 pitches, indicating his readiness to pitch deep into the game tonight. Kelly's reputation for durability and command on the mound makes him the ideal candidate to neutralize the Rockies' struggling lineup, which was limited to just four hits by Zac Gallen

With his ability to induce ground balls and generate strikeouts, Kelly possesses the capability to effectively shut down the Rockies and keep them below the projected 4.5 hits. Furthermore, Kelly demonstrated his dominance at home last season, including an exceptional outing against the Rockies where he only allowed four hits over seven innings of work.

Kyle Tucker DFS Plays: Houston Astros

In a thrilling showdown, Kyle Tucker will be up against Carlos Rodon and the New York Yankees. The matchup between the two left-handed players doesn't concern me when it comes to Tucker, as the Astros outfielder boasted a .372 wOBA and a .517 slugging percentage against left-handed pitchers last season. 

Rodon hasn't performed well since joining the Yankees, and the Astros lineup is notorious for excelling against left-handed pitching. Given Tucker's knack for getting on base and bringing in runs, he has a strong possibility of exceeding the 1.5 hits+runs+RBI threshold.




Corbin Carroll DFS Plays: Arizona Diamondbacks

In their first game, the Diamondbacks scored 16 runs, but Carroll had a disappointing performance, going 0-for-3 with two walks and two runs scored. However, the upcoming matchup against Cal Quantrill presents an opportunity for him to redeem himself. 

Left-handed batters had great success against Quantrill last season, with a .369 wOBA and a .472 slugging percentage. Since Quantrill is not known for his strikeouts, Carroll should be aggressive at the plate and take advantage of the pitches thrown in the strike zone by this less formidable starting pitcher.