Welcome to our PrizePicks MLB picks for today, April 12th! As baseball enthusiasts gear up for another thrilling day of action on the diamond, PrizePicks offers an exciting opportunity to engage with the games in a unique and rewarding way. 

PrizePicks MLB Picks Today: Friday, 4/12

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Let's dive into the top PrizePicks MLB picks for today's matchups and analyze the potential outcomes.




Luis Severino DFS Picks: New York Mets 

The New York Mets' Luis Severino faces off against the Kansas City Royals, led by promising rookie Bobby Witt Severino, known for his formidable pitching arsenal, enters the game with high expectations. However, facing a talented Royals lineup, including the likes of Witt Jr., presents a significant challenge.

Witt Jr. has demonstrated his ability to make solid contact and drive in runs early in the season, posing a threat to Severino's command on the mound. With the potential for some early-game jitters or lapses in control, it's plausible that Severino could concede more than 2.5 earned runs in this matchup.




Trevor Rogers DFS Picks: Miami Marlins 

Trevor Rogers of the Miami Marlins squares off against Ronald Acuna and the Atlanta Braves in what promises to be an electrifying showdown. Rogers, known for his lively fastball and deceptive off-speed pitches, faces a formidable challenge in containing Acuna and the Braves' potent offense that hammers left-handed pitching.

Acuna, one of the most dynamic players in the league, possesses the ability to change the course of a game with his speed, power, and plate discipline. Rogers must tread carefully to avoid leaving pitches over the heart of the plate, as Acuna has shown a propensity for capitalizing on mistakes.

Given the caliber of the Braves' lineup and Rogers' occasional struggles with command, it's conceivable that he could surrender more than 2.5 earned runs in this contest.

Andrew Abbott DFS Picks: Cincinnati Reds

Andrew Abbott of the Cincinnati Reds takes the mound against a depleted Chicago White Sox lineup missing key offensive contributors due to injury. Without the presence of Luis Robert, Eloy Jimenez, and Yoan Moncada, the White Sox find themselves at a disadvantage offensively.

Abbott, a promising young hurler with an arsenal of pitches at his disposal, has an opportunity to capitalize on the White Sox's depleted roster. With the potential to exploit favorable matchups and maintain control on the mound, Abbott could deliver a stellar performance and limit the White Sox to fewer than 2.5 earned runs.




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