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PrizePicks MLB Picks Today: Friday, 3/28

Jake Burger DFS Projections: Miami Marlins

Starting off, let's hone in on the showdown between Jake Burger and Martin Perez from the Pittsburgh Pirates. Burger, known for his outstanding hitting prowess, is ready to capitalize on this specific matchup. Over the last two seasons, Burger has displayed an impressive .320 ISO against southpaw pitchers.

With his remarkable knack for finding the gaps and hitting home runs, Burger is well-positioned to surpass the 1.5 Hits+Runs+RBI threshold. Expect his significant impact right from the beginning of the game, as he plays a key role in his team's offensive efforts.

Mookie Betts DFS Projections: Los Angeles Dodgers

After that, we turn our attention to Mookie Betts as he prepares to face Zack Thompson and the St. Louis Cardinals. Betts, a reliable All-Star athlete, showcased his skills by hitting a home run yesterday and now he's up against the left-handed pitcher, Thompson.

In his previous encounters with left-handed pitchers last year, Betts displayed an outstanding .373 ISO and a .673 slugging percentage. With his remarkable combination of speed, power, and precision at the plate, it is anticipated that Betts will amass a substantial number of total bases against Thompson.




Merrill Kelly DFS Projections: Arizona Diamondbacks

Merrill Kelly is fully prepared to deliver an outstanding performance against the Colorado Rockies in terms of pitching. In his previous spring appearance, Kelly displayed his skills by throwing 76 pitches, indicating his readiness to pitch deep into tonight's game. Kelly's reputation for durability and command on the mound makes him the perfect candidate to neutralize the struggling lineup of the Rockies, who were limited to just four hits by Zac Gallen.

With his ability to induce ground balls and generate strikeouts, Kelly has the capability to effectively shut down the Rockies and keep them below the projected 4.5 hits. Additionally, Kelly showcased his dominance at home last season, including an exceptional performance against the Rockies where he only allowed four hits over seven innings of work.

Kyle Tucker DFS Projections: Houston Astros

With the exciting face-off between Kyle Tucker and Carlos Rodon, along with the New York Yankees, I am not worried about Tucker's performance against left-handed players. Last season, the Astros outfielder showcased an impressive .372 wOBA and a .517 slugging percentage against left-handed pitchers. 

Considering Rodon's struggles since joining the Yankees and the Astros' proficiency against left-handed pitching, Tucker has a great chance of surpassing the 1.5 hits+runs+RBI threshold with his ability to get on base and drive in runs.