Effectively Using NFL Tools on Fantasy Alarm

Creating tools for fantasy sports research that will save you time, make you money or are just fun is not easy.  Everyone copies everyone else and checks boxes in this industry.  We do not do that.  I have NEVER done that.  Was part of the team at PRODIGY in 1989 that published the first sortable stats making the headers sort columns.  Was part of the team at SportsLine, which became CBSSports.com, that created the first LIVE scoring for fantasy football.  All the teams I have been part of innovate.  We are in the process of creating the next generation of tools with a visionary and a small tech department that has created a system that allows innovation.  Want to make it clear, I did not invent these or any of those.  Every idea has ten fathers and an entire team to execute it.  No different here.  Total team effort.

Well, enough about the past.  Let’s get to the future because it is almost here.  Getting to all the tools is easy.  They are located at http://www.fantasyalarm.com/nfl/tools.  We created a Tools Hub that makes it easy for you to see the tools and if you roll over the cards, you will see the descriptions.  We will have over thirty tools here shortly including the ability to synchronize your seasonal teams to make waivers, lineups and other decisions easier.

Additionally, all tools have this toolbar on top to make it easy to go back and forth to different tools.


Almost all our tools have components to them that once you understand those, it makes them 10x more powerful and frankly more fun.  Finding the information that you need fast is important.  To be honest with you, I have committed myself to using only the tools on our site and when I broadcast on the radio, I need information fast, so these filters/components help me find things fast.

Here is what all the numbers mean to you and using our tools.

  1. Position Selector: Your standard positional links that filter players by their position. 
  2. Period Selector: Your week selector for NFL (day selector for other sports)
  3. Report Selector: Select the type of numbers you want to see below.  SNAPS will be added to this after the season starts.

4.Game Selector: Clicking on the game will lock that team in for the report below only.  A second game selected will add that game.  Clicking on the game again, will remove it.

5.Scoring Selector: The daily scoring systems are listed here since this is a daily report.  The seasonal scoring systems will be listed.

6.Search: This is native search.  What that means is any characters placed in there will show the rows that have those characters.  So you can place in 8500 and it will show all players with that salary.  You can put in NYG and it will show all Giants and all their opponents.  I will show you an example below of how effective this will be in a couple weeks when we finish the personalization/syncing of your leagues.  It can also be effective to save you a ton of time.

  1. Exporting: Each tool has capabilities to move things to business tools like EXCEL.

Well, I realize that I used up a lot more time than I should have, but two more quick things about usage of our tools.  As many of you know, I use the SMART system which is a running back heavy system.  When the personalization is launched in a couple of weeks, the entire site will tell me about my players.  Here is the running back projections for Week 1 with my teams loaded.

As you can see, I am heavily invested in the best backs.  Now if I wantg to see only my FSTA league, I can type in the Search box FST to see those. 


Now, I hope you can imagine the power of this throughout our entire site and how this search and personalization will save you time which will make you more money because you will make better decisions.  Now, isn’t that FUN!

Thanks for listening – Rick Wolf. President