The ability to harness fire.

The creation of a spoken language.

The invention of the internet. 

Three of the greatest moments in human history. At Fantasy Alarm we're ready to add a fourth bullet point to that epic list of human achievements...


You've waited all offseason, through fantasy football, past a drunken new year...

Your wait is over.

The 2015 Guide is ready for purchase. Currently at 180 pages - more will be added as we approach the start of the regular season - the breadth of the Guide is immense. 

We've got articles on sleepers & busts. 
We've got a review of the top rookies for 2015.
We've got a detailed accounting of last year's rookies. 
We'll talk about players coming back from injury (including Tommy John surgery). 
We will hit on the names you need to know about in the bullpens. 
We'll predict who the breakout stars are for 2015. 
We'll lay out 30 Proven Fantasy Strategies to help you dominate the draft and in-season.

For those of you interested in playing Daily Fantasy Baseball there are a handful of articles discussing strategies and options for the daily game highlighted by Jeff Mans' DFS Playbook that literally propelled Fantasy Alarm followers to winnings of more than $1 million dollars in 2014.

The Guide is also brimming with rankings. We will have Mixed, AL and NL rankings including dollar amounts for auction (the online version will have 10, 12 and 15 team dollar rankings). At the heart of the online version are daily updates of the rankings right up until the first official pitch is thrown.


There are three options to consider.

(1) For $19.99 you get access to everything you see above including daily updates to the rankings as well as continued article writing as we head to Opening Day.

(2) You can purchase the Double-Play package. This package includes the Draft Guide ($19.99) and our premium in season content ($39.99). Purchase the DP package and you get both for the price of $49.99.

If neither of those two options tickle your fancy... what about getting the Guide for FREE?

There is a way to get the 2015 FantasyAlarm Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide FREE.

(3) We have a special deal worked out with FANTASY ACES.  Simply create a new account with a deposit of AT LEAST $10 and we here at Fantasy Alarm will send you a copy of the Draft Guide - FREE. 

We can't wait to share our hard work with all of you. The Guide looks amazing, the content is excellent, and we truly believe that if you take the time to absorb everything we have to offer that you will be well on your way to dominating the competition in 2015. 


I won the NFBC Online Championship for the first time with only one entry. In preparation for the 2014 season I did a significant amount of research including listening to the advice of experts like Ray Flowers. I now have $75,000 reasons to be glad I listened to Ray's advice.
- Joe Reagor