Carlos Gonzalez could be dealt, but it sure seems like the Rockies have every intention of trying to keep him around as they are interested in signing him to an extension (due $20 million this season, CarGo becomes a free agent in 2018). Gonzalez doesn’t run anymore, just seven thefts the last three seasons after swiping 20 in 4-straight seasons (2010-13), but the guy can still hit. The last two seasons CarGo has averaged a .860 OPS, 33 homers, 99 RBI and 87 runs scored. He’s also, and here’s the kicker, appeared in 130 games in back-to-back seasons for the first time in his career. It’s better than that though as he’s actually appeared in 150 games in back-to-back years as a 31 year old.

Will that happen? Will Carlos sign a long-term deal with the Rockies or, as Jon Heyman believes, will he be dealt mid-season? Truth is that we don’t know right now, and that’s causing some concern in fantasy land.

The Rockies signed, out of nowhere, Ian Desmond to a 5-year $70 million deal. Ostensibly, Desmond is to be the first baseman for the Rockies. “I feel like I had a pretty successful time last year, with a ton of help,’ Desmond said of his change from shortstop to the outfield last season with the Rangers. “I believe through conversations with the Rockies that they are going to give me all the help I need to succeed there. I understand how important it is to a team to have a good first baseman.” Coming off his fourth 20/20 season in five years, everyone would be plenty happy if Ian played first base giving him dual position eligibility in 2017.

The concern amongst folks in the fantasy game is what happens in the outfield?

As of today, the team has four full-time options in the outfield in David Dahl, Charlie Blackmon, CarGo, and Gerardo Parra. I’ll repeat here what I’ve said in other spots, and that is that I envision one of two things happening. (1) The team deals Dahl, CarGo or Blackmon. (2) Parra becomes the 4th outfielder / backup first baseman. Regardless of what goes down, we know that Desmond/Gonzalez/Blackmon play every day. Therefore, that leaves Dahl to battle with Parra for a starting spot. I cannot envision a single scenario, unless Dahl is injured, in which he doesn’t play over Parra. Due $21.5 million the next three years (the final year is a $1.5 million buyout or $12 million club option), Parra is a strong defender but a moderate offensive talent at best (his OPS last year was a sickly .671). Dahl has nothing left to prove in the minors, and after hitting .315 with a .859 OPS in 63 games last season he’s already proven to be a more adept offensive performer than Parra. If Dahl is healthy and the Rockies don’t give him 500+ at-bats this season then they are making a serious mistake.

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Kelly Johnson might be back with the Braves, or it could be Jeff Francoeur, according to David O’Brien. There’s no truth that the Braves are looking to also hire Michael J. Fox.

Jordy Mercer is a fine defensive player who is capable with the bat. Sounds like the Pirates are considering extending a long-term deal to the infielder who is likely to see a significant raise this season through the arbitration process. Don’t want to pay him much mind unless you’re in an NL-only league after his 58 RBI, .256/.328/.374 slash line last season.

Manny Ramirez, who I wrote about in my HOF Ballot piece, just can’t quit baseball, his first love (here are two of the best discussing his HOF candidacy as well). The now 44 year old has signed a deal with the Kochi Fighting Dogs of the Shikoku Island League in Japan. When I think of Manny I’m reminded by the movie Eight Men Out where Shoeless Joe Jackson won’t quit playing the game he loves.


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