It never fails, does it? As soon as you start getting comfortable with the way your fantasy baseball team looks, that friggin’ Murphy’s Law comes right up and kicks you square in the fantasy groin. I mean, seriously. What’s a guy gotta do to catch a break here? Inuries abound, players getting benched, rookies not getting their due – it’s getting out of hand at the wrong time of year.

Here’s a look at some of the worst of the worst fantasy baseball owners are dealing with right now. Perhaps there are a few suggestions on how to make it through, but this might also just be a need to vent. I know I get to rant on-air at times, but there’s something cathartic about bitching in print too! Feel free to jump in as well. Let’s get put together the bitchiest, whiniest thread in the comments section and we’ll put it all together for a segment or two on the Fantasy Alarm Show on SiriusXM.

Pull no punches! There’s no censor here!

Bryce Harper hits the 10-day DL – Who doesn’t love it when their best player goes down? WTF? The video of that leg hyperextension is too gross to link and while he “escaped” with nothing more than a deep bone bruise, there’s absolutely no way the Nationals rush him back. With a cushy 14.5 game lead in the NL East, you can bet Harper will sit out until late-September to fully heal. They’ll give him like 10 games at the end to get his timing back for the playoffs, but fantasy owners are getting royally screwed here.

Brian Goodwin hits the 10-day DL – Might as well stick with the Nationals outfield here for continued screwing, right? In the midst of a five-game hit streak in which he was smacking doubles, killing it with runs scored and stealing some bases, Goodwin goes down with a groin injury. The guy has been a waiver wire hero for many this season and now you’re out looking for a replacement. The team is bringing up Alejandro De Aza, but he sucks balls.

James Paxton still in shutdown mode – Talent level is off the charts but every time he gets something going, he gets hurt. This guy is so friggin’ frail, it’s maddening. The numbers have been nothing short of spectacular this season when he’s healthy, but that’s now turning into the rarity and not the norm. Might as well stash his ass on your bench because when he does come back for those last two starts in September, hey…maybe they’ll mean something to you. Of course, if you were the Mariners, would you rush him back? Doh!

Devin Mesoraco – he’s the only guy more frail than Paxton.

Aroldis Chapman becomes the fifth best reliever on the Yankees – The numbers don’t lie, people. Take a real long, hard look. Now look away because they’re so damn gross! In his last three appearances, Chapman has allowed five earned runs (two home runs) in 3.1 innings and has just four strikeouts to four walks in that span. Only one blown save, but really…is that our concern? Meanwhile Dellin Betances finally remembered how to pitch, Chad Green looks solid and both White Sox imports, Tommy Kahnle and David Robertson, are pitching better than Chapman. You can probably even make a case for Adam Warren and Chasen Shreve. Now we’re hearing hamstring tightness for Chapman and your fantasy relief corps is about to go kerplooey.

Odubel Herrera hopes to avoid the DL – How many times did we crap on this guy in the first half of the season only to be slapped in the face with his ridiculously amazing level of play in the second half? I mean, seriously. The guy is hitting .383 with six home runs, 17 RBI, 19 runs scored and two stolen bases since the All Star break and you probably picked his ass up off the waiver wire at the end of July. It looked like we were gonna reap the benefits of some great play from a not-grewat player and now we’re looking at a hamstring issue. Of course we are. Good ol’ Odubel is at it again. Only this time he’s not doing it with an 0-for-5 and five strikeouts. He’s doing it to you with a soft tissue problem. Definite sad tissues and not happy tissues.

Eric Thames sucks in August – OK, let’s face it. He’s been pretty bad since April ended, but this second half is downright abusive. Not even a remote uptick in production. No late-season surge. Just a death-rattle for all who thought he could do something…anything…in the second half. Now he’s sitting in favor of Jesus Aguilar and might be riding the pine a whole lot more as the Brewers make a playoff push. Could be platoon-city moving forward and no one would be surprised.

Aaron Judge sucks too – Fine. Screw you. I’ll say it. Judge has been nothing short of a disaster here in the second half. Sure, we can blame the Home Run Derby curse here but I honestly didn’t think the drop-off would be THIS dramatic. I figured the batting average would decline, but the spike in strikeouts has been so dramatic, I don’t understand how or why the veterans and coaches haven’t rallied around him with some help/advice. Maybe they have. Maybe I’m just out of touch, blinded by my first-half love for the guy. But unless he kicks it back into high gear soon, we’re going to have an awfully tough time taking his 2018 ADP seriously.

I blew my friggin’ FAAB budget in the first half – I did it out of necessity given the rash of injuries my teams endured. But now I sit here and look at guys like Rhys Hoskins, Rafael Devers and Parker Bridwell and I’m just hating fantasy life as I don’t have the scratch to acquire any of them. When the Sepetmeber call-ups start rolling through, I’ll be sitting on the sidelines just waiting for my competition to pass me in the standings. Again, I blew my wad because of so many injuries, but lesson learned about holding more than just a little something back for the second half.

Bartolo Colon just needs to go – This guy is an absolute gas-can on the mound, but only when I don’t stack against him in DFS. Yes, I know this is a seasonal column, but I just can’t help it. Maybe I should just pick and choose one or two batters to face him because when I try to do a stack, the fat man pitches like he’s Cy friggin’ Young.

Brad Peacock is nothing more than a three-inning pitcher – That’s his wheelhouse. Three innings. That’s it. He goes longer than that, you can expect a pretty sucky pitching line. He’s got one quality start in his last four outings and he pitched past the fifth in just two of those appearances. That second time he was charged with seven earned runs in six innings. Listen, I don’t care what the strikeout rate is. The guy needs 90-plus pitches to complete five frames? That makes him pretty close to useless. He doesn’t qualify for wins and his ratios get blown up too easily. If you think you’re getting more than this over the next month and a half, you’re fooling yourself. Might as well just go all relievers.

Fantasy football coverage is stealing my fantasy baseball focus -- Hard to complain, given it's my job, but it sure makes things difficult this time of year.

Miguel Cabrera is toast.

Kyle Schwarber is useless.

I have zero shares of Giancarlo Stanton.

I didn't go back to New York for any of the Baker's Dozen.

Sigh. That’s it. I’m done. That’s my gripe session. I’m sure many of you share the same sentiments, so again, let it all fly here. Don’t let your feelings be squelched by the rise of fantasy football coverage. You need to be heard!