Full slate tonight starting at 7pm ET so plenty of time to get those lineups in. Unfortunately, the number of pitchers you’re going to want to use is pretty darn low. In fact, this looks more like a GPP day than it does a cash game day. All the soft match-ups are lined up for softer pitchers and that’s just not a direction I like for cash. Here’s a look at what the data looks like today:

                 vs Lvs R   
Corey KluberCLERHHOU183.$10800$12600$7800
Gio GonzalezWSHLHATL154.18.512.970.99.24810.5%4.143.911.2849.5%28.2%1.760.2550.325$8700$9300$6750
Jason HammelCHIRAMIL146.07.522.901.17.22410.5%$8700$7500$7250
Aaron SanchezTORRANYY162.17.432.720.61.2298.8%2.883.691.1658.4%22.0%2.650.3050.249$8600$9600$6700
Jake OdorizziTBRHBAL161.28.132.451.28.24410.9%3.564.101.2137.5%41.5%0.900.2530.348$8600$9800$6450
Ervin SantanaMINRHKC152.17.032.360.95.25610.5%3.554.081.2545.0%31.6%1.430.2890.321$7800$9100$6800
Brandon FinneganCINLHNYM154.27.394.131.57.23210.2%4.194.721.3241.3%36.5%1.130.2730.343$7200$8800$6400
Jeff SamardzijaSFRACOL170.26.752.271.16.2509.6%$7200$6300$6800
Luke WeaverSTLRAPIT21.$7100$4700$6550
James PaxtonSEALHTEX91.28.061.770.69.28812.6%3.833.601.3650.5%29.0%1.740.3130.319$7000$7700$6500
Ross StriplingLARHARI82.16.232.510.77.2558.4%$6900$4900$5900
Shelby MillerARIRALA75.16.343.821.55.3078.7%6.814.981.7046.9%28.6%1.640.4190.340$6900$5100$5750
Ricky NolascoLAARAOAK163.26.711.981.37.2879.7%$6800$8100$5350
Ryan VogelsongPITRHSTL55.26.793.721.13.2397.3%3.564.611.3348.8%31.5%1.550.3710.288$6800$5900$6000
Martin PerezTEXLASEA169.24.623.550.80.2738.5%4.304.881.4354.9%24.3%2.260.2410.347$6700$6000$5750
Matt BoydDETLACWS78.27.672.971.49.2429.6%4.004.341.2641.5%41.9%0.990.2560.331$6500$7200$6450
Tyler AndersonCOLLHSF89.$6500$7100$6300
Luis CessaNYYRHTOR36.25.642.212.21.22310.9%4.174.491.0947.9%34.2%1.400.3110.326$6200$4200$6050
Wily PeraltaMILRHCHI96.06.473.381.50.3208.9%5.534.531.6552.6%24.0%2.190.3920.389$6200$5600$6200
Miguel GonzalezCWSRHDET102.16.862.810.88.2619.3%4.054.361.3345.5%31.9%1.420.3110.317$6100$6500$6200
Clay BuchholzBOSRASD110.25.863.581.46.2589.8%5.214.981.3743.3%39.8%1.090.3740.300$6000$7900$6350
Rafael MonteroNYMRACIN7.17.368.590.00.2596.1%3.686.191.9138.1%23.8%1.600.4290.272$6000$4400$5000
Williams PerezATLRAWSH48.$5900$4100$7300
Jose UrenaMIARHPHI60.06.152.701.05.2629.8%5.404.861.4048.2%27.2%1.770.3560.297$5800$5400$6250
Dillon GeeKCRAMIN106.07.132.381.61.2879.6%4.334.441.4442.9%36.8%1.170.3510.340$5700$6900$6550
Adam MorganPHILAMIA87.07.451.862.17.30711.3%6.214.421.5238.6%36.6%1.060.3160.407$5500$5500$5600
Yovani GallardoBALRATB97.25.994.611.29.2817.1%5.625.241.6245.0%32.9%1.370.3670.350$5500$4300$5100
Paul ClemensSDRHBOS45.27.324.731.97.2776.7%4.545.143.4444.1%39.3%1.120.3160.424$5200$4000$5800
Zach NealOAKRHLAA49.03.120.551.47.2969.8%5.334.471.2753.0%28.2%1.880.3390.345$4900$4000$5500
Brad PeacockHOURACLE7.09.003.862.57.16010.8%3.864.181.0033.3%55.6%0.600.4260.218$4800$5600$5500

Corey Kluber, CLE – Kluber’s wOBA splits are the best of the bunch today and that will lead me to him in my cash games. Path of least resistance, I suppose. The Astros have been swining the bats well as of late, but they still have just a .319 wOBA against righties and that comes with a 24-percent strikeout rate.

Gio Gonzalez, WAS – Trusting Gio always seems to be a tall order, but when you’re digging through scraps, sometimes you have to settle for the least ugly of the ugliness. The Braves rank 28th in the league with a .286 wOBA against southpaws and the .103 ISO shows they’re not generating any power against them either.

Jason Hammel, CHC – This might be where I live most with regard to all my lineups. The Brewers have posted just a .302 wOBA with a 25.2-percent strikeout rate over the past week and for the year against right-handed pitching, it’s a .309 wOBA and the strikeout rate actually jumps to 25.7-percent.

Aaron Sanchez, TOR – The Yankees just don’t look good at all right now. Their .257 wOBA and .288 slugging percentage over the last seven days have been atrocious and the .072 ISO doesn’t exactly offer brighter skies on the horizon. The only thing they really have going for them right now is that they don’t strike out as much as most of the other teams hitting this poorly but the rate is still over 20-percent.

Luke Weaver, STL – If he can get through some of the lefty bats like Gregory Polanco and Matt Joyce unscathed, then Weaver could help extend the Pirates’ losing streak to eight-straight games tonight. The Buccos are sitting on a .303 wOBA over the last seven days and that comes with a below-average .1332 ISO mark. If their struggles against right-handed pitching stay intact, this could help Weaver with a nice return value.

Ross Stripling, LAD – His numbers against the D-Backs are pretty mediocre, so the hope is really that he goes five or six innings, minimizes the damage and escapes with the win. Arizona isn’t striking out very much, but the .110 ISO and .300 wOBA over the past week aren’t exactly numbers that scream offensive production. Well, maybe it’s a little offensive.

Ricky Nolasco, LAA – Just like with J.A. Happ, a little piece of me dies every time I recommend Nolasco. But this match-up with Oakland, a team that has averaged fewer than three runs per game over their last eight, is too good to not throw a little GPP action onto. The A’s have a .242 wOBA over the past week along with a .103 ISO and a 21.6-percent strikeout rate.

Clay Buchholz, BOS – Been a long time since this name has come across my desk, but against the Padres, almost everyone deserves a look. They’ve posted a .257 wOBA over the past seven days and that comes with a mammoth 31-percent strikeout rate. And let’s not forget that they still rank dead last in the league with a .289 wOBA against right-handed pitching for the year.

Jose Urena, MIA – Well if you’re going to pick on the Padres, you also have to pick on the Phillies right now and try to exploit that .237 wOBA and 28.1-percent strikeout rate over the last week. For a buck or two in a GPP, I’ll take some Coors exposure here.