While the rest of the world is now neck-deep in NFL and fantasy football, we know many of you out there are looking to finish the DFS MLB season strong. We’re going to continue bringing you the pitching coach each day, however, Sunday’s are now reserved for football and there will be no Playbooks or Coaching articles. We understand that this might be inconvenient for you, but we always want to focus on putting our best foot forward and that means we have to make certain sacrifices somewhere.

We’ll still be available for any and all of your questions, so keep them coming whether it’s in our forums or through email or Twitter. We’re still here to help. Now let’s get on with the data and starting pitcher recommendations.

                 vs Lvs R   
Carlos CarrascoCLERACWS142.29.331.961.26.23213.5%$10700$12200$7600
David PriceBOSLHBAL197.$10,600$10,700$7,900
Kyle HendricksCHIRASTL165.07.912.070.76.20610.6%2.073.610.9950.9%30.1%1.690.2750.245$9900$11400$7550
Gerrit ColePITRAPHI114.07.502.290.47.2859.1%3.554.121.4048.0%26.3%1.830.3560.291$9000$7700$6900
Jake OdorizziTBRATOR165.28.042.551.36.24610.8%3.864.211.2336.9%42.0%0.880.2670.347$8100$7800$6450
Jeff SamardzijaSFRHSD177.26.942.231.11.2479.7%$8100$10600$6800
Ervin SantanaMINRADET158.17.102.440.97.25210.7%3.584.111.2444.5%31.9%1.400.2950.313$7700$7900$6800
Jose De LeonLARANYY6.013.500.001.50.23819.8%4.501.640.8357.1%35.7%1.600.2860.221$7700$7400$5500
Michael FoltynewiczATLRHMIA114.27.852.351.41.25610.6%$7300$9600$5950
Francisco LirianoTORLHTB137.$7200$8300$7250
Mike LeakeSTLRHCHI156.16.391.381.04.2877.8%4.613.831.3055.4%23.9%2.320.3210.331$7200$6600$6400
Doug FisterHOURHTEX165.15.662.941.14.2676.2%4.144.741.3746.4%33.1%1.400.3880.279$7000$4900$6350
Jeremy HellicksonPHIRHPIT166.07.482.111.30.25211.8%3.904.011.1942.4%32.0%1.320.3480.294$7000$6800$6300
Martin PerezTEXLAHOU175.24.613.540.82.2728.5%4.254.891.4354.9%24.4%2.250.2550.344$6800$6100$5750
Ricky NolascoLAARHSEA170.26.712.001.32.2879.7%$6800$7600$5350
Andrew CashnerMIARAATL116.37.613.691.15.2648.0%4.774.433.0150.6%29.3%1.730.3640.343$6700$6300$5900
Daniel NorrisDETLHMIN45.27.882.961.18.2909.7%3.944.191.5143.4%33.6%1.290.3830.340$6600$7000$6350
Wade MileyBALLABOS146.08.472.771.48.3199.4%$6600$5400$5600
Shelby MillerARIRHCOL79.26.213.621.47.3198.4%6.895.001.7546.2%27.4%1.680.4200.348$6600$4800$5750
Tyler AndersonCOLLAARI96.27.822.051.02.25611.6%3.353.521.2055.0%26.3%2.100.2560.322$6500$8600$6300
Wily PeraltaMILRACIN103.26.513.211.65.3128.9%5.474.471.5951.9%25.7%2.020.4000.376$6400$6400$6200
Ariel MirandaSEALALAA35.218.003.791.77.3647.6%13.504.873.3436.4%40.2%0.910.4090.335$6300$4100$5700
Ross DetwilerOAKLAKC36.25.793.440.98.1887.9%5.794.942.9743.0%33.1%1.300.2810.346$6300$4400$5500
Mat LatosWSHRHNYM62.24.773.451.58.2707.8%4.625.172.7545.7%34.6%1.320.3350.350$6300$4800$6850
Miguel GonzalezCWSRHCLE108.26.802.650.83.2609.3%3.814.361.3144.8%32.3%1.390.3080.311$6300$5600$6200
Rafael MonteroNYMRAWSH11.27.718.490.77.2336.6%4.635.921.8042.4%27.3%1.560.4180.301$5900$4600$5000
Bryan MitchellNYYRHLA5.03.603.600.00.2356.3%0.004.541.2066.7%20.0%3.330.0000.333$5600$4300$5300
Dillon GeeKCRHOAK112.06.912.251.77.2899.3%4.344.481.4442.4%37.7%1.120.3540.266$5600$5900$6550
Paul ClemensSDRASF49.27.264.892.17.3006.7%$5000$4000$5800
Keyvius SampsonCINRHMIL32.19.195.571.95.23410.4%3.904.881.5540.9%38.7%1.060.3210.361$4500$4000$5200

Carlos Carrasco, CLE – His overall numbers against the White Sox this season haven’t been all that outstanding. He’s had a few ups and downs. However, he does have 17 strikeouts in 14 innings against them and they’re still posting just a .307 wOBA with only a .710 OPS against righties this season. The Sox haven’t been hitting for much power lately (.097 ISO over last seven days), so with that and the strikeout upside, I’ll play Carrasco in cash games.

David Price, BOS – He’s being moved up a day to give fellow hurler Drew Pomeranz some extra time off, so there’s always a bit of hesitation with that. However, while the Orioles have been hitting well lately, they still have just a .297 wOBA against southpaws this year, as well as a 21.6-percent strikeout rate against them. Last time he faced the Orioles, Price held them to just one run over six innings.

Gerrit Cole, PIT – He’s making his return from another elbow issue so you not only have to be wary of that, but also of his pitch count. The Pirates are not going to let him go too deep into this game if it’s not necessary. The good news, though, is that he’s facing the Phillies who have a .282 wOBA and 28-percent strikeout rate over the past week. If they remain impatient at the plate, Cole just may be able to keep the pitch count low and the strikeout rate high.

Jeff Samardzija, SF – Seems like every day we’re picking on the Padres and, for the most part, we are completely justified. They’ve posted a .278 wOBA with a 23.2-percent strikeout rate over the past week and continue to rank dead-last in the majors with a .290 wOBA against right-handers this year.

Ervin Santana, MIN – There’s no denying that the Tigers are always dangerous, but their .288 wOBA and 23.6-percent strikeout rate over the last week make me look a little deeper into the match-up. While they have been consistently strong against righties all year, I’m willing to try and take advantage of this current slump and hope that Santana can replicate his seven innings of one-run ball performance he had against them back in late July.

Michael Foltynewicz, ATL – In truth, Folty is not a guy I would use and his prices are, in my opinion, absolutely insane. Never would I pay so much for such a shlub, but some of you GPP nuts might take a flyer on him due to the match-up. The Marlins are sitting on a 30th-ranked .256 wOBA over the last seven days and that comes with a 22.1-percent strikeout rate and a nightmarish .330 slugging percentage. Again, I won’t use him, but that match-up is still pretty tempting.

Francisco Liriano, TOR – The only reason to use Liriano is the strikeout upside. His 9.19 K/9 versus the Rays’ 26.3-percent strikeout rate over the last week (25.3-percent against southpaws on the season) might be interesting as a second starter in a Draft Kings or Fantasy Aces GPP, but the walks and the runs could get in the way.

Mike Leake, STL – His overall numbers against the Cubbies aren’t all that great, but he has thrown three quality starts in his last four outings and one of them was against the boys from the North Side. The Cubs’ .276 wOBA and 22.4-percent strikeout rate over the past week also help when making your decisions. It’s a GPP move only but not a terrible one.

Dillon Gee, KC – How about a nice dart here with Gee? I certainly don’t love him, but against an Oakland team that has a .296 woBA and .116 ISO over the last week certainly piques my interest. The fact that they also have just a .299 wOBA against righties certainly helps as well.