Looks like it’s another day to pay up for pitching here as the top options you normally like to trust all have soft match-ups, comparatively speaking. If you were hoping for a little Coors exposure, you may have to set your sites a little lower, but that’s what GPPs are for, right? There might be a few darts to help you land the Arenados and the Donaldsons though, so keep reading…

                 vs Lvs R   
Jon LesterCHILACIN98.$11100$11700$6750
Corey KluberCLERAATL102.29.031.930.70.21513.2%3.593.151.0152.0%31.4%1.660.2820.248$10800$13400$7300
Zack GreinkeARIRHPHI107.17.461.761.01.24811.8%3.613.621.1549.4%29.8%1.660.3110.289$10600$10600$7100
Cole HamelsTEXLANYY96.28.853.441.40.22613.5%2.793.851.2252.9%27.4%1.930.2780.316$10000$11300$6600
Chris ArcherTBRHBOS92.010.573.821.57.25612.5%4.703.621.4445.5%30.4%1.500.3330.340$9000$7300$6100
Jose QuintanaCWSLHMIN97.$8800$10400$6250
Hisashi IwakumaSEARHPIT95.06.821.891.61.2859.4%4.454.321.3541.8%36.4%1.150.3740.322$8700$6800$6150
Rick PorcelloBOSRATB94.07.761.721.24.2457.8%3.933.861.1348.0%32.6%1.470.2780.349$8400$10300$5850
Adam ConleyMIALADET83.$8300$7900$6050
Matt HarveyNYMRAWSH85.$8300$6500$6600
Jerad EickhoffPHIRAARI91.07.612.081.09.25610.1%3.363.881.2046.1%32.5%1.420.3280.296$8200$8600$5950
Julio UriasLALAMIL27.011.663.001.33.28411.7%4.333.141.4841.7%33.3%1.250.2780.381$8,100$7,400$6300
Yordano VenturaKCRHSTL79.16.704.081.13.2508.5%4.544.801.4247.6%35.1%1.360.3270.315$7900$6900$6250
Michael WachaSTLRAKC87.27.702.770.72.2609.0%4.414.201.3646.4%26.6%1.740.3110.316$7700$7600$6000
CC SabathiaNYYLHTEX69.27.623.750.39.23510.0%2.714.391.2949.0%33.7%1.450.3550.280$7600$7500$6000
J.A. HappTORLACOL94.26.272.851.14.2379.6%3.424.411.1946.6%33.8%1.380.2900.312$7600$6100$5900
Albert SuarezSFRHOAK36.25.641.960.74.2419.8%3.684.371.1252.6%26.3%2.000.3710.265$7400$6300$5700
Tim LincecumLAARHHOU9.$7300$6200$5850
Jon NiesePITLASEA87.26.472.981.85.2848.3%4.934.291.4857.0%22.4%2.550.3180.391$6700$4700$5850
Matt WislerATLRHCLE89.26.122.311.30.2429.2%4.224.651.2239.6%40.4%0.980.3290.280$6700$5400$5900
Chase AndersonMILRHLA73.27.332.571.95.2589.1%5.134.371.2840.8%37.2%1.100.2800.418$6600$5700$5700
Ubaldo JimenezBALRASD71.$6600$4800$5800
Kendall GravemanOAKRASF75.$6400$5000$5550
Scott FeldmanHOURALAA44.06.542.051.02.2727.8%3.074.311.3652.1%29.9%1.740.3930.280$5800$4000$5750
John LambCINLHCHI52.25.814.101.37.2767.8%4.795.031.5047.7%29.7%1.610.3410.355$5700$4500$5700
Kyle GibsonMINRACWS38.25.123.491.16.2969.7%$5600$5600$5700
Mike PelfreyDETRHMIA80.24.463.461.34.3288.3%4.915.171.7051.2%24.0%2.130.3980.362$5600$4000$5600
Erik JohnsonSDRHBAL11.28.494.633.86.3048.2%6.944.561.7144.4%41.7%1.070.3890.575$5500$5900$5500
Eddie ButlerCOLRHTOR51.06.001.941.94.3199.2%6.714.441.5347.7%30.2%1.580.4120.387$4600$4000$5400

Jon Lester, CHC – Despite the fact that the Reds bats have awakened and put the hurting on Jake Arrieta yesterday, facing a southpaw like Lester is a little different. They have a just a .311 wOBA with a 22.2-percent strikeout rate against lefties, but more importantly, they own a 48.7-percent ground ball rate and very little hard contact to match up with his 1.66 GB/FB.

Corey Kluber, CLE – Despite the fact that the Braves have done a lot to help improve their overall strikeout rate, they still aren’t producing much in the way of offense. Their .286 wOBA against righties this season is uninspiring, their .107 ISO is just sad and those numbers drop to .279 and .093 if you look at their overall home splits.

Zack Greinke, ARI – The Phillies have been swinging the bats well over the past week, but they still own just a .292 wOBA against right-handers this year and that comes with a 21.4-percent strikeout rate. Greinke had a mediocre outing during his last start, but that was in Colorado. Look more to the fact that he allowed just three runs over his previous 31 innings (four starts) before that.

Cole Hamels, TEX – The Yankees bats may not be striking out at a rapid rate, but they aren’t making a world of quality contact either. They’ve got a 26th-ranked .304 wOBA against southpaws this season and have just a .403 slugging with a below-average .131 ISO over the last seven days.

Jose Quintana, CHW – With a 24.5-percent strikeout rate and just a .304 wOBA against southpaws this season, the Twins aren’t scaring any lefty who takes the hill opposite them. Quintana has faced them twice now this season and has allowed just two earned runs over 13 innings while posting a 10:4 K:BB and limiting them to a .213 batting average.

Rick Porcello, BOS – The Rays can hit lefties with the best of them, but righties…? Not so much. They have a 24th-ranked .304 wOBA against them and are sitting on a 25-0percent strikeout rate. Porcello’s reverse splits do give me a little pause, but as a second pitcher on Draft Kings or Fantasy Aces, he should be good.

Lucas Giolito, WAS – Let the hype machine begin, folks! Giolito is up and everyone is ready to roll out the red carpet. It’s a nice debut to make as the Mets rank last in the majors with a .289 wOBA over the last seven days and they’re doing it with a 21-percent strikeout rate and a dismal .116 ISO.

Chase Anderson, MIL – I’ll admit I’m a bit skeptical of the Anderson dart here due to the reverse splits, but the Dodgers are struggling with a .295 wOBA over the past week and a woeful .381 slugging percentage in that span. Careful though. This is for GPPs on two-pitcher sites, not FanDuel. Unless you’re super brave, of course.

Ubaldo Jimenez, BAL – The Padres have been hovering around league-average offensive numbers over the past week, but they still rank dead last with a .281 wOBA against righties this year. They’re doing it with a 24-percent strikeout rate and just a .136 ISO, so Ubaldo could make for a decent dart here.