Full slate of games today and some real nice options. In truth, I’m less inclined to throwing some darts today. Sure, you can give a look to guys like Anthony Ranaudo, Jake Thompson and even Andrew Cashner based on how their respective opponents have played lately, but given some of the random offensive outbursts we’ve seen lately, I’m just not that into their match-ups. Maybe a $1 GPP on Fan Duel but it’s not like there’s any Coors exposure to have here. I do have a couple of darts though, just not as cheap as many would like.

This is how it all looks for me:

                 vs Lvs R   
Madison BumgarnerSFLALA175.29.992.360.97.20612.4%2.253.321.0241.2%38.9%1.060.2160.278$11000$13100$7750
Jake ArrietaCHIRASD153.28.903.400.64.18711.3%2.753.601.0654.3%27.0%2.010.2560.251$11000$12500$7900
Chris ArcherTBRHBOS157.010.673.211.32.24213.3%4.193.301.2847.6%30.5%1.560.3050.320$9800$8900$7150
Danny SalazarCLERAOAK118.110.193.880.99.22212.0%3.583.581.2849.5%31.7%1.560.2810.307$9600$7700$7150
Kenta MaedaLARHSF136.$8600$9000$7600
Kevin GausmanBALRHWSH127.09.142.551.63.26612.3%4.113.631.3245.6%33.5%1.360.2950.370$8400$7800$6450
Jaime GarciaSTLLHNYM142.17.342.781.01.2599.4%4.113.861.3259.2%23.5%2.520.3080.320$8300$9100$6550
Jon GrayCOLRAMIL126.29.382.911.07.24312.5%4.693.751.2547.2%30.7%1.540.3120.313$8300$7400$6400
Yordano VenturaKCRAMIA139.16.983.681.29.2429.6%4.464.461.3451.4%29.6%1.740.3210.314$8300$8100$6700
R.A. DickeyTORRHLAA147.26.643.411.58.25411.6%4.514.651.3544.4%34.1%1.300.3470.345$7200$6500$6150
Dan StrailyCINRHTEX145.17.313.031.24.21710.8%3.724.601.1434.9%42.7%0.820.3060.286$7100$7900$6550
CC SabathiaNYYLASEA130.17.603.451.04.25910.7%4.494.291.4051.5%32.1%1.610.3100.325$7000$7300$6200
Reynaldo LopezWSHRABAL22.210.323.970.79.26111.8%4.373.891.4640.6%34.4%1.180.2590.412$7000$5800$6450
Taijuan WalkerSEARHNYY90.08.001.801.90.24910.3%4.103.791.1945.7%34.6%1.320.3050.341$7000$6100$6850
Anibal SanchezDETRAMIN119.28.273.531.73.28510.4%5.944.341.5141.4%39.2%1.060.3550.369$6900$6900$6850
Kyle GibsonMINRHDET101.06.332.851.25.29210.3%4.904.481.5151.1%25.4%2.010.3940.301$6800$6200$5650
Derek HollandTEXLACIN72.25.332.971.24.2727.5%$6700$4000$6050
Ivan NovaPITRHHOU113.26.941.901.66.2769.9%4.903.982.6453.1%26.6%2.000.3670.347$6700$6700$6400
Joe MusgroveHOURAPIT23.28.751.141.52.25610.1%$6500$7500$6000
Rob WhalenATLRAARI22.09.413.271.64.22011.1%5.733.941.1846.8%35.5%1.320.3040.352$6500$6600$5850
Sean ManaeaOAKLHCLE110.17.512.201.47.27213.1%4.734.081.3144.0%33.0%1.330.2340.360$6300$5900$6250
Chase AndersonMILRHCOL114.07.183.321.74.2699.1%4.974.721.4138.1%37.5%1.020.2990.409$6300$4500$5600
Tyler SkaggsLAALATOR26.09.343.121.04.3027.8%$6200$8400$6000
Archie BradleyARIRHATL100.08.464.231.26.2668.3%5.044.391.5548.8%29.2%1.670.4190.275$6100$6000$5800
Christian FriedrichSDLHCHI94.06.713.350.96.2729.1%4.694.621.4647.3%33.3%1.420.3360.320$6000$5100$5900
Jon NieseNYMLASTL120.$6000$4700$5800
Andrew CashnerMIARHKC100.27.613.401.34.2647.7%4.774.533.1249.7%31.0%1.600.3690.354$5900$4100$6300
Jake ThompsonPHIRACWS14.16.905.651.88.2509.2%8.795.191.6155.3%21.3%2.600.3870.324$5,900$4,300$5450
Anthony RanaudoCWSRHPHI13.$5700$4700$5500
Clay BuchholzBOSRATB101.15.513.551.51.2599.6%5.425.091.3842.5%40.9%1.040.3780.301$5500$4000$6350

Madison Bumgarner, SF – He hasn’t faced the Dodgers since back-to-back outings in April, so whether he got hit hard in one of those games is not factoring in for me. What is factoring in is that the Dodgers rank 29th in the league with a .288 wOBA against left-handed pitching and that comes with a below-average .130 ISO and a strikeout rate nearing 21-percent.

Jake Arrieta, CHC – If the Padres’ .30th-ranked .292 wOBA and 24.6-percent strikeout rate against righties doesn’t convince you that Arrieta is the top play of the day, then maybe their .293 wOBA, 30-percent K-rate and .116 ISO over the past seven days will.

Danny Salazar, CLE – He was lifted after just one inning upon his return from the DL, but not because of injury. It was because he looked erratic up there, walking three batters and allowing three runs. The Tribe is putting that behind him and I am as well. The A’s clubhouse is in complete disarray and they’ve posted just a .295 wOBA with a very uncharacteristic 26.5-percent strikeout rate. If Salazar is on early, he should post a solid outing for you.

Jon Gray, COL – I’m willing to give him a look outside of Colorado and facing a Brewers team that strikes out 25.4-percent of the time and mashes the ball in the dirt 48.3-percent of the time they make contact plays right into the young hurler’s game.

Yordano Ventura, KC – The Marlins continue to struggle when it comes to consistent work at the plate and they’ve started to become a bit of a DFS follow here for studying pitchers. The Fish have just a .294 wOBA with a 20.3-percent strikeout rate over the past week and they have a ground ball rate north of 48-percent to match up with Ventuara’s solid 51.4-percent ground ball rate.

Anibal Sanchez, DET – I hate using Sanchez, but you folks like your GPP darts. The veteran hurler has had his flashes of greatness so you know he’s capable of turning out a strong start. The Twins have posted just a .285 wOBA with an unbelievably sad .095 ISO and 22.1-percent strikeout rate over the past week.

Kyle Gibson, MIN – Well, if you don’t like Sanchez, maybe go the other way in this game and give Gibson a look as the Tigers have looked even worse than the Twins at the plate lately. They’ve posted a .275 wOBA with a 23-percent K-rate over the past week and the heavy right-handed lineup actually tilts the scales in favor of the Twins pitcher.

Joe Musgrove, HOU – Hey Joe. Where you going with that gun in your hand? I’m going down to shoot some Pirates, is what he’s saying. The youngster gets an automatic look from me as the Buccos have been atrocious at the plate recently. Their .268 wOBA over the past week ranks dead last in the league and the fact that it comes with a .116 ISO and 22.4-percent strikeout rate makes me smile at all the big bats I’m going to add to this lineup.