Tuesday will bring us our usual 15-game big slate. Keep in mind, DFS NFL is right around the corner. What you guys will notice is that the level of research from your fellow players will tend to be much less thorough than you’ve seen throughout the season. 

This can lead to some HUGE opportunities. September was my biggest month of the season in 2015 and I’m looking forward to topping that in 2016.

Of course, with Fantasy Alarm’s DFS Playbook Pro, luckily, it only costs you $9.99/month to get over five hours of my own research roughly five days a week.

As for tonight’s weather, I am glad to say that for the second night in a row, we won’t have anything to worry about when it comes to weather.

Jonathan LucroyTEXRCINDan Straily 391115205764395.294.870.220.324.36723.1%36.2%88.2%$3,500$4,500$4,700
Welington CastilloARIRATLRob Whalen31687123447232.275.775.174.347.32924.6%38.6%83.9%$3,000$3,800$4,300
Gary SanchezNYYRSEAHisashi Iwakuma65258131551.3851.259.446.405.51814.0%42.0%84.3%$2,800$4,300$4,700
Evan Gattis HOURPITIvan Nova33781193949272.240.762.220.276.32016.9%31.7%83.4%$2,800$3,300$4,200
Tony WoltersCOLLMILChase Anderson1624432428204.272.778.154.342.33422.2%20.6%87.2%$2,800$3,200$4,500

Jonathan Lucroy has an impressive 1.056 OPS since being traded to the Rangers at the trade deadline. He tends to have low ownership thanks to a relatively high price tag even though the matchups tend to be favorable. 

Welington Castillo now has an 8-game hitting streak where he has gone 15-for-31 (.484 AVG) with a homer, four doubles, four walks, six runs, and 10 RBIs. 

Gary Sanchez, for those who don’t know, is a freak of nature and you’ve probably lost money if you haven’t been rostering him. That is all. Still wayyyyy too cheap on FanDuel and is practically a must play in cash games. 

Evan Gattis has homered off of Ivan Nova in the past, and is coming off of a good series against the O’s where he went 7-for-16 (.438 AVG) with a homer, double, six runs, and a couple RBIs. 

Tony Wolters is getting sporadic starts but if he’s in the lineup tonight, he must be in consideration. Over his last four starts, he has gone 10-for-16 (.625 AVG) with two homers, four doubles, six runs, and six RBIs. It should be noted that I love his matchup against Chase Anderson

FIRST BASE                      
Edwin EncarnacionTORRLAATyler Skaggs4631243577101602.268.910.287.277.38120.2%36.2%86.2%$4,000$4,900$5,400
David OrtizBOSLTBChris Archer410132296097662.3221.050.315.320.43023.4%45.6%90.9%$3,900$4,800$5,350
Freddie FreemanATLLARIArchie Bradley460134267361644.291.943.265.354.39128.8%42.9%78.6%$3,800$5,400$5,000
Jose AbreuCHWRPHIJacob Thompson474134164767320.283.785.165.322.33419.3%32.6%88.4%$3,500$4,300$4,850
Eric HosmerKCLMIAAndrew Cashner473131176173415.277.772.161.318.33116.1%35.4%87.1%$3,100$4,000$4,900

Edwin Encarnacion matches up better against Tyler Skaggs than any other Blue Jay hitter, and happens to have five multi-hit games and four home runs over his last nine. 

David Ortiz just flat out crushes Chris Archer, batting .382/.447/.765 with three homers, four doubles, and 16 RBIs against the Rays ace throughout his career. 

Freddie Freeman just can’t stop producing. Not only did he extend his now 11-game hitting streak, but he hit two homers to go with a double while driving in three and scoring three last night at Chase Field. 

Jose Abreu is batting .377/.415/.639 with four homers over his last 15 games. 

Eric Hosmer is in the middle of a 6-game hitting streak where he has gone 9-for-23 (.391 AVG) with two homers, two doubles, six runs, and seven RBIs. 

SECOND BASE                      
Daniel MurphyWSHLBALKevin Gausman438152237590303.3471.001.263.347.41421.0%38.7%95.2%$4,200$5,200$5,350
Jose AltuveHOURPITIvan Nova4921792090825126.3641.001.211.376.42027.0%34.5%91.3%$4,000$5,500$5,500
Jonathan SchoopBALRWSHReynaldo Lopez468133206665161.284.798.199.323.33920.8%27.8%83.8%$3,200$4,400$4,650
Cesar HernandezPHISCHWCarlos Rodon414122449303913.295.751.101.366.32623.5%24.9%88.7%$3,000$3,400$4,400
Jose PerazaCINRTEXDerek Holland1033121511210.301.712.078.333.31225.3%23.6%93.4%$2,700$4,100$3,750

Daniel Murphy is expensive, but he’s oh so steady, and arguably has one of the highest floors of anyone you can roster in DFS MLB. His power stands out and he matches up well against Kevin Gausman, but his plate discipline is also outstanding, especially considering he has walks in each of his last five games. 

Jose Altuve has a 7-game hitting streak where he has gone 12-for-31 (.387 AVG) with a homer, four doubles, four runs, and nine RBIs. 

Jonathan Schoop has homers in back-to-back games and is working on a 6-game hitting streak. I can see him doing some damage against Reynaldo Lopez, but I’m not exactly a fan of him batting so low in the lineup.

Cesar Hernandez happens to be a pretty good value tonight throughout the industry even though he gets a good matchup against a southpaw in Carlos Rodon. Hernandez is batting an outstanding .339/.387/.391 against lefties in 2016. 

Jose Peraza had a breakout series against the Dodgers where he went 9-for-15 (.600 AVG) with two homers, two doubles, six runs, and five RBIs. 

THIRD BASE                      
Kris BryantCHCRSDChristian Friedrich4721413210084578.299.958.269.342.40323.9%41.6%80.9%$4,300$5,500$5,650
Nolan ArenadoCOLRMILChase Anderson4741343290104552.283.911.274.268.37816.1%36.7%91.3%$4,000$4,500$5,500
Alex BregmanHOURPITIvan Nova109254151490.229.689.174.273.29626.3%32.1%84.7%$3,200$3,900$4,450
Eugenio SuarezCINRTEXDerek Holland437110196159358.252.747.181.304.32222.0%34.6%85.0%$3,100$5,000$4,450
Jedd GyorkoSTLRNYMJon Niese27267204044250.246.805.250.242.34019.2%34.1%88.7%$2,900$4,200$4,450

Kris Bryant has now gone a disgusting 12-for-25 (.480 AVG) with four homers, a double, eight runs, and 11 RBIs over his last five starts. 

Nolan Arenado is 6-for-8 (.667 AVG) with two homers, a double, and six RBIs over this last two games and gets a great matchup against Chase Anderson who he has homered against three times over 20 career at-bats. 

Alex Bregman has homered four times over his last seven games. Not surprisingly, he has done a lot of his damage against the fastball, which according to PITCHf/x, has him as the best against the two-seamer on the Astros roster. 

Eugenio Suarez is batting .339/.381/.542 over his last 15 games, and is an outstanding hitter against lefties. He’ll get the returning Derek Holland who will be making his first start June 20th against the Orioles. 

Jedd Gyorko has quietly hit five homers over his last seven starts. Pretty good value throughout the industry in a good matchup against Jon Niese

Brad MillerTBLBOSClay Buchholz414109255960336.263.843.261.291.35518.5%34.1%82.7%$3,500$5,200$4,900
Francisco LindorCLESOAKSean Manaea4791501483643815.313.813.140.334.34722.3%25.1%90.8%$3,500$3,700$5,250
Xander BogaertsBOSRTBChris Archer5041571589714013.312.818.141.351.35419.1%30.5%90.6%$3,300$3,600$5,000
Javier BaezCHCRSDChristian Friedrich319891338471311.279.767.169.339.32718.6%29.1%81.9%$2,700$4,500$4,450
Alexei RamirezSDRCHCJake Arrieta4049853341176.243.615.094.268.26520.8%23.3%91.9%$2,600$2,000$3,850

Brad Miller is batting .309/.397/.673 with five homers and 16 RBIs over his last 15 games. 

Francisco Lindor is batting .361/.381/.459 over his last 15 games and gets an outstanding matchup against a southpaw, Sean Manaea of the A’s. 

Xander Bogaerts happens to be a very good value throughout the industry tonight. He is batting a solid .368/.400/.421, lifetime, against Chris Archer, and hit a big two-run homer last night. 

Javier Baez will continue to get starts against lefties considering he is batting .309/.385/.495 with four homers in just 97 at bats against them in 2016. 

Alexei Ramirez once again is a respectable punt play tonight given his great value. He is 6-for-16 (.375 AVG) in his previous meetings with Jake Arrieta of the Cubs. 

Mike TroutLAARTORR.A. Dickey4281322394778520.308.971.236.361.40922.2%40.9%85.7%$4,100$5,200$5,300
J.D. MartinezDETRMINKyle Gibson320102185050331.319.966.263.378.40420.8%41.3%85.2%$3,800$5,000$4,800
Stephen PiscottySTLRNYMJon Niese446123186868415.276.820.195.314.35319.4%33.5%86.2%$3,700$5,300$4,900
David DahlCOLLMILChase Anderson104354261593.337.947.221.443.40127.0%29.7%82.9%$3,500$4,500$4,700
Lorenzo CainKCRMIAAndrew Cashner366107850512410.292.748.120.350.32123.0%30.6%88.3%$3,400$4,100$4,750
Adam DuvallCINRTEXDerek Holland413101286882294.245.822.281.273.34219.7%37.3%86.2%$3,300$4,500$4,800
Christian YelichMIALKCYordano Ventura446140156572496.314.881.184.380.37725.3%39.2%88.5%$3,200$4,500$5,100
Ender InciarteATLLARIArchie Bradley370101354213111.273.695.089.302.30224.1%22.4%95.1%$3,200$4,500$4,000
Yasmany TomasARIRATLRob Whalen402107266059252.266.830.254.293.34719.5%43.1%82.5%$3,100$4,500$4,750
Michael SaundersTORLLAATyler Skaggs407107206249501.263.840.229.335.35723.4%37.9%84.3%$3,100$3,200$4,900
Brett Gardner NYYLSEAHisashi Iwakuma412106761295213.257.716.112.308.31720.5%25.8%91.4%$3,100$3,500$4,750
Corey DickersonTBLBOSClay Buchholz36583174148280.227.728.219.260.30315.5%32.5%78.1%$3,100$3,500$4,400
Justin UptonDETRMINKyle Gibson442102155552318.231.674.158.304.28820.3%37.5%78.6%$3,000$3,000$4,700
Andrew BenintendiBOSLTBChris Archer62191101041.306.821.161.391.35032.6%36.2%86.3%$3,000$2,800$4,100
Enrique HernandezLADRSFMadison Bumgarner1583162014201.196.635.152.225.27817.1%29.9%83.5%$2,300$2,800$3,900

Mike Trout is an outstanding hitter against the knuckleball and has batted .545/.615/.909 over 13 career plate appearances against R.A. Dickey.

J.D. Martinez can’t possibly be much hotter right now, but he still gets a dream matchup against Kyle Gibson, who he has gone 8-for-19 (.421 AVG) with two homers against in their previous meetings. 

Stephen Piscotty has a 1.431 OPS and .594 wOBA over nine career plate appearances against Jon Niese

David Dahl’s bat is keeping him in the lineup and will likely help him remain in the lineup even when Charlie Blackmon comes back from his injury, still, Dahl was able to show off his legs last night, stealing two bases after getting on base twice. 

Lorenzo Cain has an outstanding matchup against Andrew Cashner, and is super hot, maintaining an 8-game hitting streak while going 16-for-30 (.533 AVG) at the plate and driving in eight runs. 

Adam Duvall went 4-for-13 (.308 AVG) with a homer, triple, double, and single to go with four runs and six RBIs in his last series against the Dodgers. He matches up well against Derek Holland of the Rangers. 

Christian Yelich is a great value on FanDuel at just $3200 and has homered in three of his last six games. 

Ender Inciarte has gone 11-for-31 (.355 AVG) with a homer, triple, four doubles, seven runs, and four RBIs over his last seven starts. A little too expensive for my taste on DraftKings but he’s a fine value on FanDuel. 

Yasmany Tomas hit yet another home run last night in the D-Backs’ victory against the Braves. He generally doesn’t get much attention unless he faces a lefty, but I like his matchup against Rob Whalen tonight and I like his price point on FanDuel. 

Michael Saunders will be one of my GPP plays tonight. Obviously, it’s a lefty-versus-lefty situation against Tyler Skaggs, but most people don’t realize that he has some huge reverse splits, and has been a much better hitter against lefties, who he has a .410 wOBA against with a .323 ISO. 

Brett Gardner has gone 6-for-14 (.429 AVG), lifetime, against Hisashi Iwakuma of the Mariners. 

Corey Dickerson has gone 7-for-20 (.350 AVG) with two homers, three doubles, seven runs, and five RBIs over his last six starts. 

Justin Upton will be coming off one of his best games of the season where he homered twice and drove in six. Just a measly $3000 on both DraftKings and FanDuel tonight in a decent matchup against Kyle Gibson of the Twins. 

Andrew Benintendi continues to produce and is still under $3k on DraftKings, making him an outright steal. Would love if he could bat higher in the lineup, but he is still getting four plate appearances every night thanks to the consistency of the Red Sox bats. 

Enrique Hernandez owns Madison Bumgarner’s soul. He is 10-for-16 (.625 AVG) with three homers and four doubles, lifetime, against MadBum. 

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