UPDATED: Tuesday, March 26 at 10:17pm ET

The 2023 MLB season was capped off with the Texas Rangers beating the Arizona Diamondbacks in the World Series. It's no coincidence that the Rangers were anchored by key free agent signings from their past two off-seasons, including Nathan Eovaldi and World Series MVP Corey Seager.

As all 30 teams begin their respective journeys to win the 2024 World Series, free agent signings will again make all the difference. Our 2024 MLB Free Agent Tracker will cover everything from breaking news, signings and a list of the best available remaining free agents, to player predictions and the fantasy impact of each move.

The 2023-24 MLB free agent class is absolutely loaded, with the reigning NL Cy Young winner (Blake Snell) and AL MVP (Shohei Ohtani) both available. This class will change the face of baseball for the next few years - and it can change the face of your fantasy baseball teams, too.

So follow our 2024 MLB Free Agent Tracker for all of the news and signings, big and small, from the first signings at the Winter Meetings all the way through the latest signings in spring training. And, of course, for more in-depth coverage for the upcoming fantasy baseball season, be sure to check out the upcoming MLB Draft Guide or chat with our analysts in the MLB discord channels.


Without further ado, here's the updated list of 2024 MLB free agents and signings: