How many times have you looked at MLB Player Rankings and wondered why one analyst is so high on a particular player while others are not? When you publish consensus rankings, as you will see here in the 2021 version of the Jim Bowden MLB Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide, we get the questions pretty often. In an effort to help answer those questions, we felt it was important to give you an inside look into what our analysts are thinking here in the all-new Player Debates.

As our player profiles roll out, free agents sign with their new teams and spring training begins, you will see a series of podcasts start to populate this page. Each of those podcasts will feature at least two of our analysts debating the value of players for the 2021 MLB season. You will get the pros and cons of a variety of players, including where they are being valued in fantasy drafts for a variety of leagues and scoring systems.

Fantasy baseball analysts arguing? What could be better?

How about you, the reader/subscriber, picking the topics? Yes, that’s right. You will start to see a number of preliminary debates listed below as we head into spring training, but, more importantly, we want your specific questions to be answered. After all, this is YOUR Draft Guide.

If you want to know why Adam Ronis likes Randy Arozarena so much more than Howard Bender does, just ask and they will hash it out on a podcast for you. Why does Greg Jewett have Trent Grisham ranked so much lower than Jim Bowden does? Ask them and we will have a podcast delivered right here in a timely fashion.

Simply submit your questions and player debate topics to howard@fantasyalarm.com and we’ll start the ball rolling.   

First Base
Eric Hosmer
Second Base
Ozzie Albies
Byron Buxton
Craig Kimbrel