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FURIA (World rank: #13) vs. Eternal Fire (World rank: #29) – 9:45 A.M. ET

Moneyline Odds: FURIA (-215) | Eternal Fire (+175)

Map Handicap: FURIA -1.5 (+160) | Eternal Fire -1.5 (-200)

This is a best-of-three on LAN for ESL Pro League Season 16 - Group D

FURIA - Rating at event: N/A

FURIA - Rating past three months: yuurih 1.03 | KSCERATO 1.03 | saffee 1.03 | arT 0.93 | drop 0.89 

Eternal Fire - Rating at event: N/A 

Eternal Fire - Rating past three months: XANTARES 1.24 | woxic 1.16 | imoRR 1.05 | MAJ3R 1.05 | paz 1.01

H2H Data:

These rosters have never faced each other.

Prediction: FURIA wins 2-0.

Eternal Fire have been a very solid team since adding MAJ3R & paz. The Turkish roster has a 23-9 W/L record across 32 maps played, though they haven’t played any teams within the top 20 rankings. Eternal Fire have managed to win three series in a row against top 30 teams: Entropiq, 1WIN, Sprout, and forZe and they look to be in good form at the moment. Meanwhile, FURIA have cooled off in recent months but have still managed a 45-42 W/L record across 87 maps played with this lineup. FURIA have played a much tougher schedule than Eternal Fire, and their record improves to 16-9 when we look at just the results against opponents outside of the top 20. We can expect to see FURIA ban Dust2 to start, which will take away one of Eternal Fire’s strongest maps (7-0 W/L record with this lineup). The obvious choice for Eternal Fire at that point would be Nuke considering FURIA have lost six in a row on it while EF have managed an impressive 6-1 W/L record. Thus, Nuke would be the most likely opening for Eternal Fire to steal a map. Still, I expect FURIA to come out on top and likely sweep. I anticipate that FURIA have likely been working on their Nuke, and if EF do pick it, then FURIA will have the luxury of starting CT and they could just dominate. Even if FURIA lose on Nuke, they should still have a decent floor from the CT start. FURIA also have plenty of strong maps that they can turn to here (12-4 W/L on Vertigo, 6-2 W/L on Overpass, 6-5 W/L Ancient) and they should be set-up for a 2-1 victory if they don’t sweep. Despite some poor performances from FURIA in recent months, I expect them to get back on track at ESL Pro League Season 16 and I think they should be the clear favorites in this spot against an Eternal Fire roster that is unproven against elite teams. On Draftkings, arT is the aggressive, high upside guy if you think FURIA will stomp EF, but he carries a ton of risk if this series stays closer. 

  • In the past three months, arT leads FURIA with 0.17 opening kills per round and 34.6% opening duel attempts.

Favorite Draftkings Plays (In order of priority): 

KSCERATO ($7,200) | arT ($6,400) | yuurih ($8,000) | saffee ($9,000) | XANTARES ($8,200) | drop ($5,400) | woxic ($7,400) 


Liquid (World rank: #3) vs. Movistar Riders (World rank: #5) – 1:30 P.M. ET

Moneyline Odds: Liquid (-415) | Movistar Riders (+315)

Map Handicap: Liquid -1.5 (-105) | Movistar Riders -1.5 (-115)

This is a best-of-three on LAN for ESL Pro League Season 16 - Group D

Liquid - Rating at event: N/A

Liquid - Rating past three months: EliGE 1.20 | YEKINDAR 1.14 | oSee 1.12 | NAF 1.10 | nitr0 0.87

Movistar Riders - Rating at event: N/A 

Movistar Riders - Rating past three months: alex 1.13 | Martinez 1.12 | mopoz 1.05 | DeathZz 0.99 | dav1g 0.98

H2H Data:

These rosters have never faced each other. The teams last faced in July at IEM Cologne 2022, prior to Movistar Riders adding Martinez for SunPayus, and Movistar Riders won 2-1 (16-9 Ancient / 14-16 Inferno / Vertigo 16-12). SunPayus led the server with 71 kills and a 1.38 Rating across three maps played. 

Prediction: Liquid wins 2-1.

I expect Liquid to win here, but these odds seem quite steep. Liquid have an impressive 14-6 W/L record across 20 maps played since adding YEKINDAR, and they were the second highest-rated team at the last event we saw them play, BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022, only behind NAVI. However, it might be time to “sell high” considering they are massive favorites against a team that they have lost to twice in a row against. Movistar Riders are undefeated across the two series that they have played against Liquid in 2022, though they are without their star AWPer SunPayus this time around. Still, the Spanish team had alex, mopoz, DeathZz, and dav1g on the server for both wins, and I imagine those players have plenty of confidence even without SunPayus. Also, I think Liquid’s record is a bit inflated as they won some close maps that could have easily been losses, including winning their past three maps that went to OT. As for Movistar Riders, they have certainly struggled since losing SunPayus. This Movistar lineup has a 1-4 W/L record across five maps played against some lower tier teams. Martinez is not the same star player that SunPayus was for Movistar, but I do think he is still a capable AWPer, and this team will find better results eventually. Liquid should be the favorite here considering we haven’t seen much from the new Movistar Riders lineup yet, but I still think MR will give Liquid a run for their money given the history between these players. Movistar Riders had some strong maps with their old lineup including Nuke, Ancient, Mirage, Inferno and Vertigo, and it would not surprise me to see them steal one of those maps in this spot. For Draftkings, Liquid is the logical stack as the biggest favorite on the slate, but I don’t mind the idea of mixing in some exposure to Movistar Riders for value in case this series stays close like I expect it to. I prefer the value on Movistar Riders more so than on Eternal Fire for this slate, regardless of what the oddsmakers think.

  • In the past three months, YEKINDAR leads Liquid with 0.15 opening kills per round and 28.9% opening duel attempts across 20 maps played.

Favorite Draftkings Plays (In order of priority): 

NAF ($6,800) | YEKINDAR ($8,800) | oSee ($7,800) | EliGE ($9,600) | mopoz ($5,600) | alex ($7,000) | Martinez ($6,200) 


*Top Stacks: FURIA, Liquid

*Favorite Captains: KSCERATO, arT, YEKINDAR, yuurih, saffee, oSee, EliGE, XANTARES

*Favorite Value: NAF, drop, mopoz, alex, Martinez, woxic