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EC Kyiv (World rank: #51) vs. yodagus (World rank: Unranked) – 5:00 A.M. ET

Moneyline Odds: EC Kyiv (-860) | yodagus (+585)

Map Handicap: EC Kyiv -1.5 (-195) | yodagus +1.5 (+160)

This is an online best-of-three series for Elisa Invitational Fall 2022 Contenders - Swiss round one.

EC Kyiv - Rating at event: N/A

EC Kyiv - Rating past three months: s4ltovsk1yy 1.14 | uQlutzavr 1.10 | byr9 1.05 | Smash 1.02 | Flarich 0.92

yodagus - Rating at event: N/A

yodagus - Rating past three months: AcilioN 1.00 | abbelol 0.84 | hugilago N/A | redzy N/A | LUMSEN N/A

H2H Data:

These rosters have never faced each other. 

Prediction/Narrative:.EC Kyiv wins 2-0.

The lopsided odds tell the story on this one. EC Kyiv just added Flarich to their roster in July after dropping amster, but the rest of their core is established having played 253 maps together. Meanwhile, yodagus is a new roster that was thrown together with AcilioN, who is currently benched by Apeks. Nobody on yodagus is an established pro outside of AcilioN, so it would be difficult to have expectations of any kind for them. I watched AcilioN’s Twitch stream from last week to see how yodagus looked in open qualifiers, and the brief highlights I saw were not very impressive either, particularly on Inferno, where they barely squeaked out a win against a no name opponent. EC Kyiv have favored Dust2 in the past, but they have now lost seven in a row on that map, so they may look to switch things up in the map veto. Either way, we have no reason to give yodagus any credit to take a map against an established team like EC Kyiv, so I am expecting a sweep. EC Kyiv have a fairly deep map pool with a win rate of at least 50% on Inferno, Vertigo, Mirage, Dust2, and Overpass in 2022 with their core, and they should be able to get the job done against yodagus, who are unknown quantity with seemingly limited upside. 

  • uQlutzavr leads this EC Kyiv lineup with a 1.18 Rating, while s4tltvosk1yy leads with a 1.25 K/D ratio across 11 maps played.
  • uQlutzavr leads this EC Kyiv lineup with 0.13 opening kills per round and 24% opening duel attempts across 11 maps played.

Favorite Draftkings Plays (In order of priority): 

uQlutzavr ($10,000) | s4ltvosk1yy ($10,600) | Flarich ($6,600) | byr9 ($8,800) | Smash ($7,600) | hugilago ($4,400) | AcilioN ($6,200) 


B8 (World rank: #70) vs. 777 (World rank: #95) – 8:00 A.M. ET

Moneyline Odds: B8 (-195) | 777 (+160)

Map Handicap: B8 -1.5 (+150) | 777 +1.5 (-185)

This is an online best-of-three series for Elisa Invitational Fall 2022 Contenders - Swiss round one.

B8 - Rating at event: N/A

B8 - Rating past three months: r1nkle 1.22 | cptkurtka023 1.20 | alex666 1.20 | amster 0.97 | Hkta 0.95

777 - Rating at event: N/A

777 - Rating past three months: SLY 1.08 | mikki 0.98 | Trax 0.94 | H4RR3 0.93 | akex 0.92

H2H Data:

These rosters have never faced each other.

Prediction/Narrative: B8 wins 2-1.

B8 just announced the addition of amster & alex666 last week, and we haven’t seen their lineup in action yet. The core of their team (cptkurtka023, Hkta, and r1nkle) have played 72 maps within this organization and they have actually had pretty good success with a 23-14 W/L record in the past three months, including wins against BLUEJAYS, Iron Branch, Anonymo, Nexus, Entropiq Prague, Coalesce, EC Brugge and 0to100. The key to their success has been Nuke as they have dominated with a 9-1 W/L record on that map in the past three months, including an 83.2% 5v4 conversion rate and 33% 4v5 conversion rate. We don’t know what to expect from their new lineup, but the old lineup showed a lot of signs of promise, particularly with the two-headed monster of r1nkle & cptkurtka023, so I do have faith that they can find success with those two pieces still in place. As for 777, they added their IGL, Trax, and star rifler, SLY, at the end of April, but the team has only managed a measly 5-10 W/L record across 15 maps played so far. 777 typically ban Vertigo to start, which means that B8 should be able to pick Nuke. B8 would appear to have a massive edge on Nuke on paper, while the rest of the map pool could be a bit more contested. I have a feeling that 777 have more to show, but they haven’t impressed thus far so it's impossible to feel confident in them. If there is one player to target on 777, it would be SLY. He’s the only member of this 777 lineup with a K/D ratio and Rating above one, and he would likely be the guy to pop off if this series stays close. Mikki could also be another decent option since he will have the AWP in his hands. However, my main focus for this slate will be with S8 because I think they are the superior team and I believe in the direction of their project. The map pool also looks to be in their favor, so I’m not that concerned that they just added two new members. 

  • r1nkle leads B8 in the past three months with a 1.22 Rating and 1.36 K/D ratio across 37 maps played.
  • cptkurtka023 leads B8 in the past three months with 0.14 opening kills per round and 26.4% opening duel attempts.

Favorite Draftkings Plays (In order of priority): 

r1nkle ($9,600) | cptkurtka023 ($7,800) | SLY ($7,400) | alex666 ($8,400) | mikki ($6,400) | amster ($6,800) | Hkta ($6,000) |  H4RR3 ($5,200) 


*Top Stacks: EC Kyiv, B8

*Top Captains: uQlutzavr, r1nkle, s4ltovsk1yy, cptkurtka023, alex666, byr9

*Top Value: Flarich, SLY, Smash, mikki, amster, hugilago, Hkta, H4RR3, AcilioN