If you were planning on walking into your fantasy football draft thinking that the 2019 season was going to be similar to last year, you may as well consider your entrance fee a donation and take the year off. With eight new head coaches, 16 new offensive coordinators and 10 new defensive coordinators there are bound to be massive changes. We are already familiar with most, if not all, of the names, but their impact on their new teams is likely to cause some serious ripple effects on the personnel and therefore change how you should be viewing a number of players.

As we get further into the summer and training camps open, we will be diving much deeper into the specific offensive and defensive systems each team will run, but it doesn’t hurt to take a preliminary look at the list of new coaches and coordinators and speculate on what we expect to see from the new bosses and their teams this season.

New Head Coaches

Brian Flores, MIA – The former Boston College player has...