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2023 Player Outlook

2023 Recap: His run with Los Angeles came to an end with just 33 games played in 2023. The stat line wasn’t great in that span either with just two HR, 12 RBI, and seven runs while hitting .247/.302/.326. The expected average and SLG were 20 points lower than his actual as well which keeps making things worse. 

2024 Outlook: Now that he’s in Atlanta, is there any value here? Well, to be honest, only if another infielder is injured. It’s not great to root for injuries clearly but that’s the only real way he’ll be able to post stats. His value comes from being able to play multiple spots around the infield defensively, even if the offense doesn’t match. If he does get a good run though, there are several steals and a solid average for his managers. 

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