Updated: Sunday, 1/22 at 12:40pm ET

Welcome to the NFL DFS Example Lineups for the Divisional Round!

How is your NFL DFS lineup construction going? Are you playing the full four-game slate? The Saturday-only? What about the Sunday-only? Are you playing solely on DraftKings or are you giving FanDuel another shot? Last week's nightmare is hopefully behind us, especially because we're seeing some overlay there again which means we could get better odds on winning if it holds. But regardless of which site you are playing on or which slate you've locked into, we've got you full covered here on Fantasy Alarm.



Couple of things to keep in mind here:

  • I'm only playing GPP tournaments. Too much overlap of players in cash games with just two or four games available 
  • Be sure to read through the NFL DFS Playbook as well as both Dart Boards. Yes, we have one for Saturday and one for Sunday.
  • We will have example lineups for the four-game slate as well as examples for both the Saturday-only and Sunday-only, thought the Sunday only ones won't be available until one hour prior to the kickoff of the Buffalo Bills/Cincinnati Bengals game.
  • Don't blow your bankroll here. These short-slate contests can be tough and you need the nuts to win.
  • Have some fun. Yes, money is on the line, but if you're playing and the potential of losing money freaks you out too much, you probably shouldn't be playing.

All set? Great.

Again, these lineups are meant to serve as examples for you; a sounding board, as I said. They are not meant for you to plug in as your own. That's the lazy way and we don't condone it. We are trying to teach you how to be a better DFS player; we aren't lineup-sellers. You should be creating your own lineups using all the information we provide you throughout the week and then coming here to see if there is anything you may have missed or simply for an alternative perspective.

Best of luck to you this weekend, let's have some fun and let's make some money!



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