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There’s nothing like getting ahead of things, especially in fantasy baseball. The Weekly Planner is your one-stop shop for seeing who's playing who, how those match-ups break down, and who’s hot or struggling. This should help you be able to set up your lineups the way you like and watch the success follow. The planner will be updated on Thursday for the weekend series match-up breakdowns as well.

Team Schedules

Team# of Games# at Home# AwayOpponents
NL East
Braves633vs. NYM (3), @WAS (3)
Marlins707@STL (4), @PHI (3)
Mets707@ATL (3), @CHC (4)
Phillies734@WAS (4), vs. MIA (3)
Nationals770vs. PHI (4), vs. ATL (3)
NL Central
Cubs660vs. CWS (2), vs. NYM (4)
Reds734vs. HOU (3), @MIL (4)
Brewers743@SD (3), vs. CIN (4)
Pirates550vs. DET (2), vs. SD (3)
Cardinals770vs. MIA (4), vs. LAA (3)
NL West
Diamondbacks660vs. COL (3), vs. SF (3)
Rockies606@ARI (3), @LAD (3)
Dodgers770vs. SF (4), vs. COL (3)
Padres633vs. MIL (3), @PIT (3)
Giants707@LAD (4), @ARI (3)
Team# of Games# at Home# AwayOpponents
AL East
Orioles707@OAK (3), @SEA (4)
Red Sox633@MIN (3), vs. TOR (3)
Yankees770vs. TB (3), vs. HOU (4)
Rays707@NYY (3), @OAK (4)
Blue Jays743vs. LAA (4), @BOS (3)
AL Central
White Sox505@CHC (2), @TEX (3)
Indians734@TEX (4), vs. DET (3)
Tigers505@PIT (2), @CLE (3)
Royals743@SEA (3), vs. MIN (4)
Twins734vs. BOS (3), @KC (4)
AL West
Astros707@CIN (3), @NYY (4)
Angels707@TOR (4), @STL (3)
Athletics770vs. BAL (3), vs. TB (4)
Mariners770vs. KC (3), vs. BAL (4)
Rangers770vs. CLE (4), vs. CWS (3)

Inter-league Schedule

Away TeamHome TeamGamesDH?Player(s) Impacted
AstrosReds3NoYordan Alvarez , Yuli Gurriel , Tyler White
TigersPirates2NoNicholas Castellanos , John Hicks , Miguel Cabrera
White SoxCubs2NoYonder Alonso , Welington Castillo
AngelsCardinals3NoJustin Bour , Albert Pujols , Shohei Ohtani

Who’s Hot

The following tables show the top-five in each category over the last seven games and who has the longest active hit streaks.

AverageOBPSLG Hit Streaks
1Charlie Blackmon 0.5291Yordan Alvarez 0.6091Scott Kingery 1.182  PlayerLengthAVGAt Bats
2Manny Machado 0.4762Charlie Blackmon 0.5432Yordan Alvarez 1.176 1Christian Yelich 120.47948
3Ian Desmond 0.4763Kris Bryant 0.5423Charlie Blackmon 1.147 2Marcus Semien 120.39653
4Yordan Alvarez 0.4714Manny Machado 0.5224Eloy Jiménez 1.045 3Yoán Moncada 110.37845
5Bryan Reynolds 0.4585Alex Bregman 0.5225Manny Machado 1.000 4Carlos Santana 100.30636
wOBAwRC+ISO 5Corey Seager 90.45937
1Charlie Blackmon 0.6831Yordan Alvarez 3431Scott Kingery 0.727 6Mike Moustakas 90.37837
2Yordan Alvarez 0.6722Charlie Blackmon 3182Yordan Alvarez 0.706 7Ian Desmond 90.43832
3Scott Kingery 0.6593Scott Kingery 3183Max Muncy 0.650 8Kevin Newman 80.37135
4Manny Machado 0.6124Eloy Jiménez 2914Eloy Jiménez 0.636 9Garrett Cooper 80.41429
5Eloy Jiménez 0.5995Manny Machado 2895Charlie Blackmon 0.618 10J.T. Realmuto 80.34529

Ozzie Albies , 2B ATL – Albies had himself a solid week after slumping a bit previously as he slashed .345/.406/.828 with three home runs, seven runs, seven RBI, and a steal in 32 plate appearances. Even though he has dropped in the order for the Braves, he is still bringing his bat skills to bear and helping out round out the Braves offense which has been a bit hit and miss this season. The Braves get the Mets and Nationals this coming week and Albies has hit well against those teams in the past.

Trea Turner , SS WAS – Now that Turner has been back from his broken finger for a few weeks, he’s really starting to round into form with a .440/.500/.960 slash line in 28 plate appearances with two home runs, eight runs, four RBI, and two steals. The Nationals offense has started to surge with Turner back in the lineup as the table setter and he’s keeping up a pace the reflects why he was a first-round pick in drafts this year.

Ketel Marte , SS ARI – Marte is seeing a big power surge this year with 19 homers already and five of those coming in the last seven games prior to Sunday. His .367/.424/.900 slash line represent the solid week he had too. The only downside to his counting stats this week was the fact that he only had five RBI and no steals meaning the only runs he drove in were himself on five solo homers. His stellar season is really boosting the rest of the Arizona lineup as the season reaches the summer months.

Who’s Not

Austin Meadows , OF TB – Meadows had quite possibly the worst week of any qualified hitter this week as he slashed .083/.048/.130 with just two runs accounting for his counting stats. He also struck out 39.1-percent of the time in his 23 plate appearances. He was smoking hot the other week and has absolutely come crashing back to earth but that is the nature of baseball sometimes. Overall, he is having a very good year for the Rays, so this is likely just a bump in the road for the young outfielder.

Randal Grichuk , OF TOR – If there is a hitter with a worse week than Meadows, it was Grichuk. He slashed .100/.050/.095 with one RBI and a whopping 47.6-percent K-rate in 21 plate appearances for the Blue Jays. Grichuk has always been a streaky hitter in his career and this is just one of those cold snaps he’s entered. The swing certainly generates a nice amount of power and can hit for a decent average, but it doesn’t take much to knock him off his game.

Paul Goldschmidt , 1B STL – Goldschmidt has gone cold for the slumping Cardinals offense as he slashed .192/.250/.269 with just two runs scored on the ledger. He has been taking some time to get his normal numbers rolling this year as he makes the move from the NL West to the NL Central and this week certainly didn’t help his cause. If the Cardinals want to get hot and really challenge the Cubs and Brewers for the NL Central race, they are going to need Goldschmidt to find his all-star caliber stroke once more.

Weekly Match-Up Breakdowns

Each of the match-ups for the start of the week will be broken down over 17 stat categories and how each team is performing in those categories. The teams in the left side of each match-up have their stats showing for road games this season while the teams on the right side are showing their stats for home games this season. This section will be updated on Thursday morning to account for the weekend series for each team so make sure to check back on Thursdays to see the updates.

Weekend Match-ups (Thursday/Friday-Sunday)

New York at Chicago Atlanta at Washington Miami at Philadelphia
4.42Runs / Gm4.81 4.88Runs / Gm4.92 3.74Runs / Gm5.16
8.9Hits / Gm8.08 8.94Hits / Gm8.64 8.18Hits / Gm7.89
1.15HR / Gm1.35 1.29HR / Gm1.53 0.85HR / Gm1.38
9.43K / Gm8.51 8.24K / Gm8.47 8.71K / Gm8.14
0.249Batting Avg.0.25 0.252Batting Avg.0.259 0.238Batting Avg.0.244
0.724OPS0.781 0.747OPS0.784 0.655OPS0.769
0.160ISO0.190 0.171ISO0.195 0.124ISO0.192
23.80%K %22.70% 20.80%K %22.60% 23.10%K %22.00%
8.20%XBH %8.70% 8.10%XBH %9.00% 6.80%XBH %8.90%
4.9ER against / Gm3.11 3.97ER against / Gm4.78 4.32ER against / Gm4.24
8.6K/9 (pitchers)8.87 8.83K/9 (pitchers)9.44 8.78K/9 (pitchers)8.31
1.49HR/9 (pitchers)0.84 1.07HR/9 (pitchers)1.29 1.56HR/9 (pitchers)1.52
5.47R/game allowed3.49 4.35R/game allowed5.06 4.56R/game allowed4.54
9.57H/game allowed7.86 7.82H/game allowed9.14 7.79H/game allowed9.03
1.45HR/game allowed0.86 1.06HR/game allowed1.31 1.5HR/game allowed1.54
8.35Opp. K / Gm9.11 8.74Opp. K / Gm9.56 8.41Opp. K / Gm8.41
0.274Opponent Avg.0.231 0.234Opponent Avg.0.258 0.241Opponent Avg.0.258
San Diego at Pittsburgh Houston at New York Toronto at Boston
5.18Runs / Gm4.52 4.95Runs / Gm5 4.22Runs / Gm5.35
9Hits / Gm9.12 8.95Hits / Gm8.26 8Hits / Gm8.88
1.65HR / Gm1.03 1.59HR / Gm1.53 1.16HR / Gm1.32
10.32K / Gm7.45 6.81K / Gm8.61 9.24K / Gm7.88
0.256Batting Avg.0.263 0.257Batting Avg.0.255 0.237Batting Avg.0.262
0.774OPS0.751 0.795OPS0.767 0.703OPS0.796
0.201ISO0.166 0.208ISO0.185 0.157ISO0.193
26.60%K %19.50% 17.30%K %23.70% 24.40%K %20.50%
9.20%XBH %9.00% 9.70%XBH %7.80% 7.70%XBH %9.80%
5.24ER against / Gm5.55 3.43ER against / Gm3.16 4.32ER against / Gm4.56
9.4K/9 (pitchers)8.32 9.4K/9 (pitchers)10.18 7.9K/9 (pitchers)10.19
1.62HR/9 (pitchers)1.39 1.24HR/9 (pitchers)1.19 1.07HR/9 (pitchers)0.93
5.68R/game allowed6 3.68R/game allowed3.53 4.76R/game allowed4.91
9.41H/game allowed9.7 6.65H/game allowed7.34 8.32H/game allowed8.26
1.56HR/game allowed1.42 1.22HR/game allowed1.18 1HR/game allowed0.94
9.06Opp. K / Gm8.55 9.19Opp. K / Gm10.16 7.41Opp. K / Gm10.35
0.271Opponent Avg.0.267 0.206Opponent Avg.0.219 0.256Opponent Avg.0.24
Detroit at Cleveland Chicago at Texas Cincinnati at Milwaukee
3.74Runs / Gm4.3 4.2Runs / Gm5.74 3.79Runs / Gm5.14
7.91Hits / Gm7.27 8.29Hits / Gm8.62 7.58Hits / Gm8.97
1.11HR / Gm1.19 1.14HR / Gm1.44 1.18HR / Gm1.89
10.71K / Gm8.32 9.6K / Gm8.62 8.53K / Gm9.26
0.229Batting Avg.0.227 0.243Batting Avg.0.258 0.222Batting Avg.0.266
0.689OPS0.701 0.693OPS0.793 0.664OPS0.821
0.164ISO0.158 0.150ISO0.201 0.155ISO0.214
27.90%K %22.70% 25.90%K %22.80% 22.70%K %24.40%
8.50%XBH %7.20% 7.40%XBH %9.40% 7.40%XBH %9.00%
4.17ER against / Gm4.05 4.11ER against / Gm4.72 3.45ER against / Gm4.69
8.53K/9 (pitchers)10.03 8.11K/9 (pitchers)8.4 9.73K/9 (pitchers)10.25
1.28HR/9 (pitchers)1.55 1.18HR/9 (pitchers)1.48 1.09HR/9 (pitchers)1.53
4.63R/game allowed4.32 4.4R/game allowed5.05 3.5R/game allowed4.97
8.49H/game allowed7.97 7.89H/game allowed9.59 7.61H/game allowed8.23
1.23HR/game allowed1.54 1.09HR/game allowed1.51 1.05HR/game allowed1.57
8.2Opp. K / Gm9.97 7.46Opp. K / Gm8.62 9.42Opp. K / Gm10.54
0.254Opponent Avg.0.236 0.25Opponent Avg.0.269 0.234Opponent Avg.0.235
Minnesota at Kansas City Los Angeles at St. Louis San Francisco at Arizona
6.64Runs / Gm4.19 5.08Runs / Gm4.67 4.31Runs / Gm4.34
10.5Hits / Gm8.25 8.97Hits / Gm7.92 7.5Hits / Gm8.09
2.25HR / Gm0.83 1.32HR / Gm1 1.14HR / Gm1.16
8.03K / Gm7.94 6.15K / Gm7.56 8.33K / Gm8.5
0.288Batting Avg.0.247 0.258Batting Avg.0.245 0.224Batting Avg.0.237
0.887OPS0.707 0.76OPS0.712 0.681OPS0.717
0.253ISO0.151 0.170ISO0.140 0.163ISO0.172
19.90%K %21.50% 15.70%K %20.40% 22.50%K %22.30%
11.40%XBH %8.20% 8.10%XBH %6.70% 8.30%XBH %8.70%
4.5ER against / Gm5.28 4.92ER against / Gm3.44 4.92ER against / Gm4.12
8.34K/9 (pitchers)7.57 8.21K/9 (pitchers)8.42 8.41K/9 (pitchers)9
1.53HR/9 (pitchers)1.05 1.68HR/9 (pitchers)1.21 1.86HR/9 (pitchers)1.14
4.97R/game allowed5.53 5R/game allowed3.81 5.19R/game allowed4.25
8.5H/game allowed9.42 8.18H/game allowed7.61 8.42H/game allowed8.94
1.47HR/game allowed1.06 1.6HR/game allowed1.22 1.75HR/game allowed1.19
8.03Opp. K / Gm7.64 7.83Opp. K / Gm8.53 7.92Opp. K / Gm9.38
0.254Opponent Avg.0.266 0.247Opponent Avg.0.227 0.258Opponent Avg.0.251
Tampa Bay at Oakland Baltimore at Seattle Colorado at Los Angeles
4.47Runs / Gm4.51 3.84Runs / Gm4.76 4.58Runs / Gm5.59
8.97Hits / Gm7.97 8Hits / Gm7.71 8.22Hits / Gm9.26
1.33HR / Gm1.46 1.05HR / Gm1.5 1.03HR / Gm1.87
9.14K / Gm6.97 9.49K / Gm10.26 10.25K / Gm7.26
0.257Batting Avg.0.24 0.233Batting Avg.0.229 0.233Batting Avg.0.281
0.763OPS0.744 0.665OPS0.725 0.675OPS0.863
0.176ISO0.191 0.142ISO0.184 0.158ISO0.224
23.30%K %18.70% 25.20%K %27.00% 26.60%K %19.10%
8.40%XBH %8.90% 7.00%XBH %8.20% 8.60%XBH %9.30%
3.03ER against / Gm3.62 4.84ER against / Gm5.45 3.94ER against / Gm2.62
9.84K/9 (pitchers)7.8 8.07K/9 (pitchers)7.84 8.37K/9 (pitchers)8.72
0.8HR/9 (pitchers)0.86 1.75HR/9 (pitchers)1.75 1.3HR/9 (pitchers)1.12
3.33R/game allowed3.92 5.57R/game allowed6.53 4.11R/game allowed3.18
7.06H/game allowed7.86 8.62H/game allowed10.16 7.89H/game allowed7
0.78HR/game allowed0.89 1.68HR/game allowed1.79 1.28HR/game allowed1.13
9.53Opp. K / Gm8.08 7.7Opp. K / Gm8.03 8.25Opp. K / Gm8.82
0.218Opponent Avg.0.229 0.258Opponent Avg.0.275 0.236Opponent Avg.0.209

Early Week Match-ups (Monday-Wednesday/Thursday)

Philadelphia at Washington Detroit at Pittsburgh Tampa Bay at New York
4.67Runs / Gm4.67 3.61Runs / Gm4.42 4.76Runs / Gm4.83
8.7Hits / Gm8.61 7.88Hits / Gm9.1 9.36Hits / Gm8.17
1.06HR / Gm1.42 1.12HR / Gm1 1.45HR / Gm1.49
9K / Gm8.61 10.73K / Gm7.52 9K / Gm8.66
0.244Batting Avg.0.257 0.227Batting Avg.0.262 0.265Batting Avg.0.252
0.717OPS0.771 0.688OPS0.745 0.791OPS0.759
0.161ISO0.186 0.165ISO0.162 0.186ISO0.183
22.60%K %22.90% 27.90%K %19.70% 22.70%K %23.80%
8.70%XBH %8.90% 8.60%XBH %9.00% 8.70%XBH %7.80%
4.4ER against / Gm5.03 4.12ER against / Gm5.58 2.67ER against / Gm3.31
8.88K/9 (pitchers)9.48 8.63K/9 (pitchers)8.18 9.91K/9 (pitchers)10.14
1.76HR/9 (pitchers)1.35 1.26HR/9 (pitchers)1.41 0.68HR/9 (pitchers)1.29
4.76R/game allowed5.3 4.55R/game allowed6 3R/game allowed3.71
8.82H/game allowed9.33 8.42H/game allowed9.77 6.85H/game allowed7.57
1.73HR/game allowed1.36 1.21HR/game allowed1.45 0.67HR/game allowed1.29
8.7Opp. K / Gm9.61 8.3Opp. K / Gm8.42 9.67Opp. K / Gm10.11
0.261Opponent Avg.0.262 0.253Opponent Avg.0.268 0.211Opponent Avg.0.225
Los Angeles at Toronto Houston at Cincinnati New York at Atlanta
4.83Runs / Gm3.65 5.18Runs / Gm4.7 4.38Runs / Gm5.54
8.69Hits / Gm6.85 9.15Hits / Gm7.87 8.78Hits / Gm9.16
1.19HR / Gm1.32 1.68HR / Gm1.6 1.14HR / Gm1.65
6.17K / Gm8.91 6.74K / Gm9.13 9.57K / Gm8.78
0.252Batting Avg.0.208 0.261Batting Avg.0.241 0.246Batting Avg.0.271
0.738OPS0.644 0.807OPS0.751 0.711OPS0.832
0.159ISO0.169 0.213ISO0.191 0.156ISO0.211
15.80%K %24.90% 16.90%K %24.80% 24.20%K %22.70%
7.70%XBH %7.80% 9.80%XBH %8.00% 7.90%XBH %9.40%
4.97ER against / Gm4.94 3.47ER against / Gm3.77 4.78ER against / Gm4.54
8.12K/9 (pitchers)8.89 9.36K/9 (pitchers)9.82 8.66K/9 (pitchers)8.52
1.64HR/9 (pitchers)1.8 1.23HR/9 (pitchers)0.99 1.42HR/9 (pitchers)1.47
5.06R/game allowed5.38 3.71R/game allowed4.07 5.35R/game allowed5.35
8.36H/game allowed9.21 6.56H/game allowed7.93 9.54H/game allowed9.19
1.56HR/game allowed1.85 1.21HR/game allowed1 1.38HR/game allowed1.49
7.72Opp. K / Gm9.15 9.21Opp. K / Gm9.93 8.43Opp. K / Gm8.62
0.251Opponent Avg.0.257 0.203Opponent Avg.0.233 0.273Opponent Avg.0.26
Cleveland at Texas Chicago at Chicago Boston at Minnesota
4.16Runs / Gm5.83 4.27Runs / Gm4.86 5.37Runs / Gm5.21
7.78Hits / Gm8.69 8.27Hits / Gm8.06 9.24Hits / Gm8.27
1.19HR / Gm1.42 1.12HR / Gm1.31 1.58HR / Gm1.64
8.72K / Gm8.53 9.64K / Gm8.46 8.84K / Gm7.3
0.232Batting Avg.0.26 0.243Batting Avg.0.249 0.26Batting Avg.0.255
0.701OPS0.795 0.688OPS0.779 0.781OPS0.814
0.161ISO0.199 0.145ISO0.188 0.182ISO0.225
23.00%K %22.60% 26.00%K %22.50% 21.90%K %19.90%
7.60%XBH %9.30% 7.20%XBH %8.60% 8.00%XBH %10.60%
3.62ER against / Gm4.61 4.12ER against / Gm3.11 4.13ER against / Gm3.21
9.18K/9 (pitchers)8.41 7.99K/9 (pitchers)8.86 9.91K/9 (pitchers)9.36
1.14HR/9 (pitchers)1.35 1.12HR/9 (pitchers)0.81 1.5HR/9 (pitchers)0.97
4.09R/game allowed4.86 4.42R/game allowed3.51 4.53R/game allowed3.45
7.88H/game allowed9.44 7.85H/game allowed7.83 8.21H/game allowed8.12
1.09HR/game allowed1.39 1.03HR/game allowed0.83 1.47HR/game allowed0.97
8.81Opp. K / Gm8.64 7.33Opp. K / Gm9.11 9.71Opp. K / Gm9.39
0.24Opponent Avg.0.266 0.249Opponent Avg.0.229 0.242Opponent Avg.0.237
Miami at St. Louis Colorado at Arizona Baltimore at Oakland
3.87Runs / Gm4.88 4.44Runs / Gm4.47 3.97Runs / Gm4.15
8.29Hits / Gm8.15 7.94Hits / Gm8.07 8.32Hits / Gm7.76
0.87HR / Gm1 1.03HR / Gm1.2 1.12HR / Gm1.36
8.74K / Gm7.39 10.53K / Gm8.63 9.68K / Gm7.03
0.241Batting Avg.0.252 0.226Batting Avg.0.236 0.24Batting Avg.0.234
0.666OPS0.729 0.663OPS0.724 0.687OPS0.718
0.125ISO0.143 0.158ISO0.180 0.150ISO0.174
23.10%K %20.00% 27.30%K %22.60% 25.50%K %18.90%
6.70%XBH %6.90% 8.50%XBH %9.10% 7.50%XBH %7.80%
4.55ER against / Gm3.58 4.06ER against / Gm3.97 4.74ER against / Gm3.85
8.74K/9 (pitchers)8.49 8.48K/9 (pitchers)9.22 8.23K/9 (pitchers)7.78
1.63HR/9 (pitchers)1.26 1.34HR/9 (pitchers)1.15 1.68HR/9 (pitchers)0.9
4.77R/game allowed3.94 4.21R/game allowed4.07 5.26R/game allowed4
8.03H/game allowed7.67 7.85H/game allowed8.67 8.47H/game allowed8.18
1.55HR/game allowed1.27 1.32HR/game allowed1.2 1.62HR/game allowed0.94
8.32Opp. K / Gm8.55 8.35Opp. K / Gm9.63 7.91Opp. K / Gm8.09
0.249Opponent Avg.0.229 0.236Opponent Avg.0.244 0.254Opponent Avg.0.236
Kansas City at Seattle Milwaukee at San Diego San Francisco at Los Angeles
4.03Runs / Gm4.83 5.03Runs / Gm3.66 4.55Runs / Gm5.57
8.06Hits / Gm7.63 8.63Hits / Gm7.08 7.85Hits / Gm9.2
1.18HR / Gm1.51 1.63HR / Gm1.32 1.18HR / Gm1.86
9.74K / Gm10.37 10.06K / Gm9.24 8.27K / Gm7.34
0.237Batting Avg.0.226 0.241Batting Avg.0.224 0.233Batting Avg.0.28
0.709OPS0.722 0.756OPS0.679 0.702OPS0.859
0.168ISO0.186 0.190ISO0.166 0.168ISO0.222
25.80%K %27.30% 24.70%K %26.40% 22.10%K %19.40%
7.90%XBH %8.30% 8.40%XBH %7.30% 8.50%XBH %9.20%
4.53ER against / Gm5.43 4.57ER against / Gm4 4.76ER against / Gm2.8
8.23K/9 (pitchers)7.8 8.27K/9 (pitchers)8.61 8.52K/9 (pitchers)8.66
1.36HR/9 (pitchers)1.76 1.26HR/9 (pitchers)1.33 1.8HR/9 (pitchers)1.18
4.71R/game allowed6.6 4.91R/game allowed4.21 5.06R/game allowed3.34
8.32H/game allowed10.17 9.37H/game allowed8.05 8.21H/game allowed7.23
1.26HR/game allowed1.8 1.26HR/game allowed1.34 1.7HR/game allowed1.2
7.68Opp. K / Gm8 8.26Opp. K / Gm8.66 8.03Opp. K / Gm8.77
0.26Opponent Avg.0.275 0.27Opponent Avg.0.236 0.253Opponent Avg.0.214