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In 24 hours I will be in Detroit Michigan covering the Detroit Tigers team fantasy football draft for SiriusXM. In 48 hours I will be in Las Vegas sipping on Maker's Mark while running through every potential outcome for Saturday Night's MLB slate. In 72 hours I will be locking in a lineup that could win me and my Fantasy Alarm brethren $1 million dollars. 

It seems like a real good time to remind everybody that the formula that has gone into this DFS Playbook each and every night is also the one that won us the opportunity that we have this weekend. Its the same that will have us visiting the Playboy Mansion the following week and potentially Atlantis just a few days after that. It is the group of players that you guys see each and every night here on the DFS Playbook. There is no secret formula or lucky stroke here. It's hard work and a commitment to the Playbook system that has gotten us this far and will take each and every one of us as far as we want to go.

Anyways, tonight we have a bunch of similar pitchers in Hisashi Iwakuma, Jordan Zimmermann, Ian Kennedy and Jered Weaver. I will be using Iwakuma on Fanduel, and Iwakuma and Weaver it appears on DraftKings because of the price differential. I included a couple names from the early Rockies/Padres game just in case anybody is playing that slate on another site.

If this DFS Playbook isn't enough daily information for you I strongly recommend you check out some of our other DFS Tools as well. We've got: Ray Flowers Daily Trends articleDaily Fantasy Projections & SalariesBatter Vs. Pitcher dataWeather Report & our entire DFS repertoire. We always welcome suggestions to in order to help us develop the best DFS tools in the fantasy sports industry.  

Here is the DFS Playbook for Wednesday August 13th:

  Player Name Pos DraftKings FanDuel Aces
  Hisashi Iwakuma P 9600 9000 6800
  Ian Kennedy P 8300 7600 6300
  Jered Weaver P 8200 7300 6150
  Jordan Zimmermann P 9200 8700 6600
  Yan Gomes C 4000 3800 4900
  Derek Norris C 3700 3100 4700
  Salvador Perez C 3700 2800 4800
  Travis d'Arnaud 4900 3700 4900
  Anthony Rizzo 1B 4900 3700 4900
  Justin Morneau 1B 4100 3500 5100
  Chris Davis 1B 4700 3200 4700
  Ike Davis 1B 2900 2400 4450
  Chase Utley 2B 4300 3700 5350
  Ben Zobrist 2B 4900 4200 5350
  Jedd Gyorko 2B 3300 2600 4500
  Aramis Ramirez 3B 4300 3300 5000
  Kyle Seager 3B/2B 3900 3200 5100
  Yangervis Solarte 3B/2B 3100 3200 4750
  Asdrubal Cabrera SS 3600 2600 4750
  Ian Desmond SS 3900 3600 4850
  Brad Miller SS 2500 2300 4200
  Ryan Braun OF 5100 4100 5300
  Carlos Gomez OF 4800 4200 5300
  Kole Calhoun OF 3500 3200 4850
  Christian Yelich OF 3900 3500 4800
  Shin-Soo Choo OF 3800 2800 4850
  Matt Joyce OF 3500 2900 4800
  Ezequiel Carrera OF 2100 2200 3500
  Jonny Gomes OF 2600 2200 4250
  Oscar Taveras OF 2500 2200 3850


For more information on how to use the DFS Playbook or how to form your own general DFS strategy, check out our DFS Strategies section of the Fantasy Alarm website. 

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