We think we know, but we really don’t. The truth is that there is very little consistency in baseball, even if you think there is.

Adrian Gonzalez has driven in 90 runs in 10-straight seasons.

Robinson Cano has scored and driven in at least 75-runs in 8-straight seasons.

Max Scherzer has produced at least 230 strikeouts in 5-straight seasons.

Runs of consistency like this are very rare, we all know that. What makes them even more difficult to discern is the fact that we likely misunderstand what the term consistent actually means?

Gonzalez has been extremely effective at driving in runs. However, he is at the mercy of his teammates as well, is he not? He can only drive them in if they are on base. Therefore his “consistency” has a component of personal production but there’s also a dependence on his teammates.

Cano can only score if he’s driven in by his teammates. He can only drive in teammates that are on base. You get it.

Starting to see what I’m getting at...

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