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Fantasy Alarm MLB Draft Guide Testimonials

I previously sent you an email asking about which pitcher Lester or Felix. I meant to thank you in the previous email for helping me this year with the draft guide and several emails. I've managed to get all the way to the finals unblemished and can't thank you enough for your help, the Guide, and the daily updates that I get from your emails on the fantasy alarm. I'll definitely be back next year to purchase the guide again, and like I mentioned to you in several e-mails back I brought at least one guy with me who will be ordering the guide after hearing what I told him about it. 
-    Darrell S.

Ray-I appreciate the sage advice this year. I blew my league away, winning with the second highest point total ever in our almost 30-year-old league. (we began in 1987, doing stats by paper and pencil using the SportingNews and then Baseball Weekly). 
-    Keith

@BaseballGuys Ray thanks for another W this season. Although because of your site I was thrown out of league for always winning. LOL
- @sirotogenius

@BaseballGuys 3 titles in 3 years since listening to you#fantasybaseball
- @TheFantasyKid

@BaseballGuys The Oracle: just as you called Kluber's CY season, you called for Kyle Hendricks to be your Kluber this year. Thanks! Best in Biz.
- @DerekKramolis

@BaseballGuys After losing in the championship 4 times, I finally won this year! Owe ya a beer for the assist. Thanks for all the advice!
- @PierceOFarrill

@RealJerryColvin I owe you, @BaseballGuys and the rest of @FantasyAlarm a lot of thank for my season. Best in the biz!
- @ChrisJungwa

@BaseballGuys won my championship today. Thanks to your website and advice throughout!
- @MSnyder38

@BaseballGuys I started listening to you two yrs ago and have gone back to back in my 12 Tm ??dynasty lg. Coincidence? I think not thanks.
- @dlstaifer

@BaseballGuys thx so much for the help in winning another title and answering so many questions from your followers #theoracle
- @bobwalp

@BaseballGuys Ray thank you so much, you helped out tremendously this year. Beat the guy that has won the league the last five years.
- @charliestrike99

@BaseballGuys just won my fantasy baseball championship. Thanks for all the feedback and analysis. - @bradroy

@BaseballGuys Operation: Championship was a success. Thank you for all you do and all the questions you answer, you're a good man.
- @cody_lott

@BaseballGuys Won my two fantasy baseball leagues thanks to you Ray! Thank you for everything, hope you have a nice evening!
- @GzzPato7

@BaseballGuys My 3 winning leagues had Cano & Marte who you were higher on than most. Thanks for the help. 
- @fellzy33

@BaseballGuys Owe my title to you with your solid articles man. Thanks”
- @stevenbozzer

@BaseballGuys I won! Thanks again for everything this season Ray!!!
- @cjtyrrell136

Shout Out to @BaseballGuys for all of the help this season. Won 1st place in 2 out of my 4 fantasy baseball leagues this season. #ThankYou
- @JoeyColonna

@BaseballGuys just clinched my league championship in my dynasty baseball lg. This is back 2 back for me Thanks for all ur info
- @dlstaifer

@BaseballGuys Another thank you, Ray. Thank you for being so assessable all year on several 50/50 personnel decisions! Money spot in 4 lgs!
- @DooleyMcStitch

@BaseballGuys 2 for 2 in fantasy baseball championships. Thanks for your help Ray. You're the best!
- @AnthonyNorris8

@BaseballGuys In the Championship using your baseball guide, thanks!
- @JerryMoore23

@BaseballGuys hey Ray thanks for all the aid this year. 3 years w FA 1st,1st,3rd.. pretty nice run we're on #oracle#inthemoney 
- @MrSack4

@BaseballGuys Ray I won my baseball championships!!!! Without your advice, I would only be half as good. Thank you for everything #rayrules 
- @fastfillwill

@BaseballGuys on the eve of winning my H2H championship!! Thanks for all the advice Ray (even that I didn't take but should have)! Cheers 
- @kcyates34

Would like to thank @BaseballGuys and @FantasyAlarmfor the help this season. Just locked up the championship#streamcity  --- @EwokFantasyGuru

@BaseballGuys just won 1st place! 2nd year in a row thx to your rankings. I swear by them. I only wish I listened to you on Hendricks though  -- @FantasyAce17

@BaseballGuys last night went great!! Today clinched the championship Thanks again, and know some of us 'understand' your work and advice - Ken Yates@kcyates34


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