Looking at stats in tandem is a crucial lense that many fantasy players sometimes ignore. Three of my favorite pitching metrics are strikeouts per nine innings, ground ball percentage, and hard hit rate. Excelling in one of these metrics is a good indicator of success. Strength in all three areas will usually equate to excellence, however. Here are the qualified pitchers with a K/9 over 8, a GB% above 47%, and a Hard% (almost all) below 40%.

  • Charlie Morton and Luis Castillo have been two of the best pitchers in baseball. They miss plenty of bats and when they don’t the contact is weak and the ball is on the ground. This is the prototype we’re looking for.

  • What a surprise Yu Darvish has been (to some). First, the strikeouts came back. Then he got rid of the walks. Now the blow ups are thinning, though not gone. If he can keep the 4+ run outings limited he’s a very valuable pitcher.

  • Sonny Gray always seems to have good peripherals so it’s nice...