Milwaukee Bucks vs Detroit Pistons

Milwaukee Bucks: -13

Game Total: 220.5


Here is what we pretty much know and have known well before this series began, the Bucks are going to win and likely win by 10+ points. They are up 3-0 in the series and they have an average margin of victory in each of those wins totaling 24 points. That right there is the issue, these games just aren't competitive and with a much tougher series against the Boston Celtics on the horizon I worry that if the Bucks go up big once again that the starters take a seat on the bench. Giannis has played 23, 30 and 28 minutes in the three games and averages 46 FP against the Pistons. I just do see how we can afford to pay up for him knowing he is likely playing less than 30-minutes tonight. It's not just Giannis we need to worry about however as Eric Bledsoe  and Khris Middleton  are also averaging less than 30 minutes a night during this series. Middleton has played the most minutes of the trio but...