Fandom in sports can be an amazing thing. It can bring people together from all different walks of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor, a construction worker, a teacher, a waitress or a banker. If you root for the same team, you’re all part of the same family, celebrating with a group hug when you win or crying on each other’s shoulders when you lose. Rooting for the same team can forge unbreakable bonds.

But while fandom certainly has its merits, there is no place for it in fantasy football.

Why? Because your objectivity is tainted. Not only do you have difficulty looking at your own team’s players without bias, but you also start looking at the players of your team’s rivals with the same disdain in fantasy as you do in real life.  

If you’re a Cowboys fan, are you remembering the problem Amari Cooper had with drops in recent seasons or are you just looking at the guy who had 10 catches for 217 yards and three touchdowns against the Eagles in Week 14? Do you even...