Welcome to the 2019 NFL Draft Guide Coaches Corner!

For years, we at Fantasy Alarm have preached the value of knowing every NFL team's coaching hierarchy as well as the systems, both offensive and defensive, they employ. A player's talent could be off-the-charts, but if he doesn't fit well with his coach's offensive scheme, he is unlikely to produce at a level commensurate with his talents. Remember when Steve Sarkisian took over as the offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons, changed their blocking scheme and Devonta Freeman went from being one of the most productive running backs in fantasy to just run-of-the-mill? Conversely, you could take a running back with an average skill-set and turn him into a fantasy superstar if he plays in the right system. The Pittsburgh Steelers saw both DeAngelo Williams and James Conner fill in for Le'Veon Bell and become star players in their system. Or how about C.J. Anderson taking over for Todd Gurley last year? Coaches matter. Systems matter. And as a result, we've dedicated a section of our Draft Guide to the men in charge. Below, you will find a list of the coaching articles you will receive here in the Guide with their expected release dates.

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