Johnny Cueto, Clayton Kershaw, Chris Sale... we all know what those guys are at this point. But what about the guys that round out your staff? I'm not talking about the Corey Kluber's and Ervin Santana's of the world either, I'm talking about the guys who are your last starter in mixed leagues, the guys you add off waivers to help out as streaming options. In this piece I will be reviewing those type of arms, the guys that often make the difference between winning and losing. 

(image) Jacob deGrom of the Mets had a nice outing last time he took the bump with seven shutout innings. The effort lowered his ERA to 3.75 and his WHIP to 1.42. And that should tell you a lot about this guy. He goes out and tosses a shutout and he's still not Continue...

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Ray Flowers 

Bryan Shisler - My rankings come out on the first of every month. A week away. Will say this, Wood is a nice talent. Iv'e said previously that he's an SP4/5 type in mixed leagues. Could even creep higher if things break right. He's a nice talent. He fits right into the mix you listed. That's the right tier.

Ray Flowers 

Michael Magid - Cain should rebound with health. Still think he's a nice buy low, but he's not far off this group right now. I've wrirtten about all the guys you noted many times before - Duffy I dont trust. Hammel likely to refgress. Niese most stable of group, but he too is likely to pull back more than to maintain.

Bryan Shisler 

Alex Wood is all over ESPN Karabell's articles. What are your thoughts on him? I have room for just 2 of the following: Heaney, Paralta, Burnett or A Wood... what's your rank going forward?

Michael Magid 

Ray, a few other guys that may fall into the same category? Duffy, Hammel, Neise. Also does Cain now fall into this unsavory group? Say it ain't so!

Kory dumond 

My mistake, appeticiate the advice I will hold on and hopefully get some stats down the stretch when it matters.. Thanks

Ray Flowers 

Kory dumond - Well, first of all, dynasty implies you keep all your players. This is a keeper lg, not dynasty. Secondly, all depends on who your keepers are (seems like you got some great ones). Hahn, Locke, Cosart cannot touch Salazar's talent. He's in a whole other zip code from those guys. I'd hold if you can.

Kory dumond 

Ray what do I do with Danny Salazar? Im in a dynasty league but have guys like Bumgardner Gray Harvey who I would likely keep over him next year. I am doing well and can continue to allow him to sit on my bench, so my question is do I cut him lose for Jeff Locke, Hahn, Cosarts, someone like that or do I continue to hold and hope he finds him form and can contribute in August/Sept

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