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Here is what you need to know. (1) Players are ranked for 10-team, 12-team and 15-team mixed leagues, NL-only & AL-only leagues. (2) Auction values are based on standard 5x5 roto leagues with a $260 budget and assuming a 65/35 split in favor of hitting. These values are a guideline for what price we would expect to pay to receive equal return value. What you may actually pay varies from league to league but should be in-range of our listed value. (3) Players are listed color coded for the tier that they are in. Players listed on the same tier are expected to be roughly equivalent in overall value. That doesn’t mean they will produce the same numbers in each category but that their overall value will be similar. (4) You can download the rankings to your device by clicking on the Excel tab. (5) The rankings will be updated daily until the first pitch of the regular season. After that time they will be updated the first day of each month throughout the season.

Updated: Dec 31 2017 11:29 am
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