Oakland Athletics

The Athletics are getting a massive positive park shift tonight since they are away from home and in Baltimore. They come in with an implied run total set at 5.15, which is second highest on the slate. You want to be targeting them tonight since they have massive power upside but come in very expensive. They are up against Alex Cobb , who is giving up a .330 wOBA to lefties a .363 wOBA to righties, 1.16 HR/9 to lefties and 1.73 HR/9 to righties. Love seeing numbers like that when you want to stack up hitters, due to the home run potential. Khris Davis .294 ISO. Matt Olson .281 ISO. Matt Chapman .257 ISO. Jed Lowrie .218 ISO. Stephen Piscotty .204 ISO. 

Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox are really an option to stack up any night, just really comes down to how much money you have available to spend on hitters since they are so expensive. Tonight, they come in with an implied run total set at 5.86, which is highest on the slate, yes, even higher than the teams at Coors Field. That should tell you enough about how much production is expected from them tonight. They are up against Ryan Borucki of the Blue Jays, who is giving up a 37% fly ball rate and a 33% hard contact rate to righties. That won’t play well vs the Red Sox and their powerful hitters, so if you have the money, stack them all up. Brandon Phillips .444 ISO. Mookie Betts .390 ISO. J.D. Martínez .246 ISO. Steve Pearce .239 ISO. Xander Bogaerts .170 ISO.

Kansas City Royals

The Royals aren’t a team you normally look to for stacking options, but they are up against Dylan Covey , who is giving up a .348 wOBA and 1.35 HR/9 to lefties this season. This isn’t the best hitter’s park and the Royals aren’t too expensive, so you should be able to use them as a filler stack and add them with a more expensive team. Ryan O’Hearn .478 ISO. Salvador Pérez .202 ISO. Hunter Dozier .198 ISO. Alex Gordon .165 ISO. Brian Goodwin .163 ISO.