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DFS Playbooki is here to get your ready for the Sunday action.  Sunday's can always be a bit tricky with platers getting rested so please make sure everyone you use are in the their team's lineup.  I will try to update the playbook as lineups become available.  Good luck and feel Free to post any comments below or hit me up on twitter @tedschuster.  If you prefer DM on twitter, shoot a tweet to follow you back so that can be done.

UPDATED AT 11EST***********

Weather - All of the midwest games except Detroit do have some weather risks.  I don't see them not being played but worth checking on.

Here is the DFS MLB Playbook for Sunday April 19th:

Matt HarveyP7400105009900
Stephen StrasburgP7300980010100
James PaxtonP600066007200
Shane GreenP525084006000
Travis D'ArnaudC465031003800
Robinson ChirinosC420028003500
Eric KratzC380022003000
Carlos Santana1B/C495033004600
Miguel Cabrera1B560051005300
Ryan Zimmerman1B485036004700
Billy Butler1B475032004300
Jason Kipnis2B470033003800
Brian Dozier2B/SS490031004300
Rickie Weeks2B/OF380025003400
Troy TulowitzkiSS565049004600
Ian DesmondSS460039004600
Erick AybarSS445029003700
Josh Donaldson3B535043005000
Chris Johnson3B435027003600
Matt Carpenter3B490043004500
Brock Holt3B440026003100
Rajai DavisOF475033003900
Jonny GomesOF400026003400
Lorenzo CainOF485042004700
Kole CalhounOF475037004700
Mike TroutOF585061005700
Ender InciarteOF445034003500
AJ PollockOF475035004000
Angel PaganOF475032003900
Paulo OrlandoOF350030002800